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A deep dive into the SolarWinds attack Special

The SolarWinds Orion network management platform became a targeted attack vector towards the end of 2020. With this, attackers injected malware into the SolarWinds application and this spread through many business and US government applications.

How will cybersecurity evolve during the course of 2021? Special

How sophisticated will cyberattacks become and what can companies do to minimize the growing number of attacks and the developing sophistication of the attacks.

Beware cold calling, the follow-up to ransomware Special

As more companies seek out backup and disaster recovery solutions due to the rise in cyber-attacks, hackers have moved on to cold-calling victims directly. This new kind of threat requires new business tactics, explains Russell Reeder.

Has the U.S. government been victimized by Russian cyberattacks? Special

Several U.S. government networks, including the Treasury, Commerce and Homeland Security Departments, have each been hit by a major cyberespionage campaign operated by Russian hackers.

It's time to put a cybersecurity professional on the board Special

If companies do not yet have a cybersecurity lead at the executive table, then now is the time to bring such a person on-board. This is in light of an expected increase in threat activity in 2021.

Future of ethical hacking in balance as the Supreme Court debates Special

The Supreme Court is continuing to hear arguments on Nathan Van Buren vs. United States. This is an important case that ethical hackers are closely watching as it could lead to far-reaching amendments to computer hacking laws in the U.S.

Trump's legacy: What 2021 means for cybersecurity Special

In the context of a growing number of cyber-threats, organizations need to carefully evaluate tooling and options, and choose the right solutions for today and the near-term future.

REvil: Looking behind the new ransomware threat Special

Managed web hosting provider has taken their servers and web hosting systems offline as they struggle to recover from a weekend REvil ransomware attack. We take a look at the form of the attack.

No such thing as a false positive when it comes to cybersecurity Special

What was supposed to be the exciting start of a new decade quickly became one of the most unpredictable years of this century, as the coronavirus pandemic sent ripples through the cybersecurity sector. What can we expect next year?

Millions of RedDoorz user records found for sale online Special

Following a hacking incident in September 2020, some 5.8 million RedDoorz user records are now reportedly on sale on hacking forum. This includes information that relates directly to clients.

How security researchers should view the Voting Systems Act Special

The U.S. legislature recently approved a new legal framework termed ‘The Defending the Integrity of Voting Systems Act. This Act could make hacking federal voting systems a crime, according to analyst Casey Ellis.

Are IT Pros ready for Halloween? Scary Security Stats revealed

Be afraid. Be very afraid...if you are an IT professional. Each year, cybersecurity companies publish a number of research reports focusing on different aspects of cybersecurity and breach trends. Here are the most interesting.

Key points for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Special

Each October, the coming of autumn, brings a renewed focus on cybersecurity, especially in the U.S. where 'National Cybersecurity Awareness Month' is marked. What lessons are there to learn for 2020's incarnation?

Cybersecurity: FBI calls out Advanced Persistent Threat 39 Special

The U.S. FBI has released a new cybersecurity advisory to academic, public, and private sector partners across the country about previously undisclosed malware attributed to Iranian nation state actors publicly known as Advanced Persistent Threat 39.

Top tips for staying ahead of the ransomware threat curve

Businesses face increased threats from ransomware. Standard measures may no longer be effective as attacks become more sophisticated. Security experts offer some tips and techniques for the business community.

New data: Increase in email scams hitting U.S. businesses

August has seen a high number of data breaches taking place. A number of these have been analysed by Breach Clarity and a risk assessment score provided. Some of the more serious examples are examined.

Hacker extracts thousands of databases from cybersecurity firm Special

A cybersecurity firm is where businesses go to protect their data, so it comes as a surprise that a hacker is claiming to have breached the backend servers belonging to DataViper. If proven, what does this mean for the sector?

Digital banking app Dave suffers from hacking incident Special

Hacker group ShinyHunters has claimed another victim in digital banking app Dave, this time compromising the personal information of 7.5 million users.

Telecom Argentina hit with $7.5 million ransom Special

It has been reported that REvil (Sodinokibi), the ransomware cyberattack group, have targeted Telecom Argentina, which is one of the South American country’s largest internet service providers.

Russian hackers target COVID-19 vaccine research Special

It has been announced by the NCSC that Russian hackers are targeting organisations trying to develop a coronavirus vaccine. This attempt at global disruption raises a number of concerns.

Premier league soccer club targeted in 100 million BEC scam Special

News has broken that an unnamed premier league football (soccer) club in the U.K. has been targeted in a £100 million ($130 million) BEC scam, based on emails intended to defraud the club of money.

Babylon Health hit by major data breach Special

Digital health provider Babylon Health acknowledged that its video appointment application, aimed at general practitioners, suffered a data breach. The issue raises some concerns for telehealth.

FT: Hackers for hire ‘targeted hundreds of institutions’ Special

It has been revealed that a hackers-for-hire group dubbed “Dark Basin” has targeted thousands of individuals and hundreds of institutions around the world.

Knoxville, Tennessee hit with ransomware attack Special

Knoxville - Knoxville, Tennessee was hit with a ransomware attack that took place between June 10 and June 11. In response to the attack, IT staff shut down affected servers and took down the city's network from online.

ShinyHunters hacker: Mathway data breach reported Special

ShinyHunters hackers have hit the education site Mathway, causing a data breach. As a result of the hack, more than 25 million emails and passwords have been stolen. Many of these are most likely to belong to children.

Insight into ShinyHunter hacking activities, as data goes on sale Special

Hacker group ShinyHunter is selling over 73 million user records on the dark web for just $18K, which they claim to have stolen from ten companies around the world.

Q&A: How hackers are seeking to 'supply' online backorders Special

As more people resort to online shopping and panic buying, e-commerce scams will become more common. While the rest of the world is standing by waiting for things to return to normal, hackers are not taking a break, says Neill Feather, of SiteLock.

Cryptocurrency YouTube tutorials trigger hacking risk

New research has uncovered the easiness of owning malware. As many people are losing their main source of income, there is a very real threat of a spike in the number of active hackers, especially in relate to the use of platforms like YouTube.

Examples of how hackers are exploiting COVID-19 Special

In the UK, ackers are reportedly exploiting HMRC’s coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Also the NCSC has had to take down hundreds of scam coronavirus online stores. Will LaSala, Senior Director of Global Solutions at OneSpan looks into the issue.

Q&A: How you hold your phone can help protect it from hackers Special

How someone holds their phone is becoming a criteria for securing their identity from hackers. If you usually hold it with your right hand, and a left-handed hacker is trying to gain access to your phone, they can be stopped because of that difference.
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Syrian Electronic Army tweets after hacking @AP
Syrian Electronic Army tweets after hacking @AP
Twitter screen capture
Air Force Cyber Command Center
Air Force Cyber Command Center
U.S. Air Force
Overcrowding in California State Prison.
Overcrowding in California State Prison.
California Department of Corrections
United Airlines has awarded two hackers one million frequent-flier miles each for finding bugs in th...
United Airlines has awarded two hackers one million frequent-flier miles each for finding bugs in the company's computer systems.
The  mascot  for the hacker group Lulz Boat
The 'mascot' for the hacker group Lulz Boat
Lulz Boat logo
Thomas Samson, AFP/File
Cybercriminals can find a  safe  space to operate in dark web marketplaces  according to researchers
Cybercriminals can find a "safe" space to operate in dark web marketplaces, according to researchers
Robyn Beck, AFP/File
Conventionable X-Ray of an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator.
Conventionable X-Ray of an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator.
Wikipedia (CC BY 3.0)
New technology is allowing predators to share information and abuse more easily  a report says
New technology is allowing predators to share information and abuse more easily, a report says
Thomas Coex, AFP/File
Anonymous with Guy Fawkes masks at Scientology in Los Angeles.
Anonymous with Guy Fawkes masks at Scientology in Los Angeles.
Vincent Diamante
This image shows two different kinds of devices used for the remote monitoring of pacemaker patients...
This image shows two different kinds of devices used for the remote monitoring of pacemaker patients. The one on the left, the gray device, is the more advanced device that actually communicates with the pacemaker through the peripherial that is placed over the pacemaker in the patient's chest. The device on the right is an older version of remote monitoring device. It requires the use of a telephone handset.
A Russian national accused of hacking into US retail computer systems was arrested and ordered to fa...
A Russian national accused of hacking into US retail computer systems was arrested and ordered to face criminal charges, officials said Monday
Thomas Samson, AFP/File
Screen Capture
Thomas Samson, AFP/File
An artificial pacemaker (serial number 1723182) from St. Jude Medical  with electrode.
An artificial pacemaker (serial number 1723182) from St. Jude Medical, with electrode.
Steven Fruitsmaak
A protester at Occupy Wall Street dons the visage of Guy Fawkes  that has become a universal symbol ...
A protester at Occupy Wall Street dons the visage of Guy Fawkes, that has become a universal symbol of resistance to any perceived tyranny and is associated with the hacking group Anonymous.
David Shankbone
Photo by Jefferson Santos on Unsplash

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