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The Bitcoin blockchain could be spreading malware across the web

A new report has suggested that the core of Bitcoin could be used by hackers to deliver harmful, dangerous malware to unsuspecting users of the cryptocurrency network if malicious files were uploaded instead of transactions to the Bitcoin blockchain.

CIA elevates hackers to a powerful new role inside the government

On Monday, March 9, 2015, the CIA's hackers have just been moved up to a new position, and one of more power. John Brennan, CIA director, called for a "massive reorganization" of the CIA hierarchy and priorities, focusing on its hackers and hacking.

2 'Lizard Squad' members identified, security researcher says

Security researcher and former cybersecurity reporter Brian Krebs says he knows exactly who may be behind the massive attacks that took down both Sony's PlayStation Network and Microsoft's Xbox Live platform for two straight days.

Apple gives Macs security update automatically to combat hackers

Apple updated users' Macs on Monday, December 22, automatically to combat a security issue that would have allowed hackers to take control of any of their computers from a remote location.

MPAA: 'It is a despicable, criminal act'; Obama weighs in, too

In his last press conference of the year, President Obama said he wished Sony had not pulled "The Interview." He and his family head to Hawaii for a holiday break.

James Franco, Seth Rogen cancel public appearances amid threats

New York - Stars of the upcoming comedy The Interview have canceled previously scheduled promotional appearances for the film amid threats of violence from cyber hackers.

Government workers unwittingly cause half of all data breaches

Turns out, the biggest risk to the U.S. government's data collection and storage apparatus isn't activist hackers like Edward Snowden, but rather incompetent bureaucrats unable to distinguish a phishing scam from authentic e-mail.

Classified information at risk after government website hacked

U.S. authorities fear hackers are attempting to gain highly classified information after thousands of user names and passwords were stolen from a government database.

Hackers infect thousands of Australian computers with ransomware

Thousands of Australians have been locked out of their computers and told they must pay a ransom in order to regain access to their computer files. Australian government, corporate and individual computers have all been targeted.

JP Morgan the victim of an 8-week long cyber attack

New York - This summer's hackers discovered a way into the servers of mega-bank JP Morgan Chase, exposing the backdoor vulnerability to access copious amounts of customer and company data.

Hackers crash PSN network, cause Sony execs plane to be diverted

Anyone wanting to play games on the Sony PlayStation Network (PSN) on Sunday were out of luck after the servers were inundated by hackers.

Hacker to highlight risks of commercial airliner cyber hijacking

Las Vegas - A cyber security researcher claims to have figured out how to hijack passenger jets by hacking their satellite communications equipment through their WiFi and inflight entertainment systems.

Anonymous targets, brings down Israeli Secret Service website

The hactivist group Anonymous has escalated their #OpSaveGaza campaign attacks, claiming to have hacked numerous Israeli government websites, including, the official website of the Israeli Intelligence Agency.

Interview: A man who knows how to steal your credit card data Special

Lucas Zaichkowsky is an enterprise defense architect for digital investigation firm AccessData. This month at the Black Hat conference, Zaichkowsky will outline how easy it can be to steal your credit card data from big and small businesses.

A team of VR hackers create a shocking DIY electric chair Special

Irvine - During an all night hackathon in Orange County, a group of hackers developed an electrifying way to scare someone with an Oculus Rift.

Feedly and Evernote suffer cyber-attack

The news site Feedly and popular online notes and web clippings service Evernote have both come under attack from cyber criminals, which is preventing users from accessing its service.

Hackers use weak passwords too

Hackers may seem like the kinds of people who are very well apt with securing their computers, but research shows that they actually are not.

Holes in Android OS create playground for hackers

Security researchers have discovered that Android, Google's mobile operating system (OS) contains a security flaw which hackers could exploit to brick tablets and smartphones that use it.

World's biggest cyberattack detected, 1.25bn email addresses sold

An Internet security firm has detected a cyber crime cache of personal data, said to be the world's biggest cyberattack event ever.

Hackers target Brazil's World Cup for cyber attacks

Brazilian hackers are threatening to disrupt the World Cup with attacks ranging from jamming websites to data theft, adding cyber warfare to the list of challenges for a competition already marred by...

Hackers target Angry Birds

Hackers have defaced the Angry Birds website with an image entitled Spying Birds, featuring an NSA logo. The hack came after the NSA admitted that it had obtained data released by the game's developer Rovio.

Germany says 16 mn email accounts compromised

Berlin - German authorities said Tuesday the digital identities of 16 million online users had been stolen, compromising their email accounts, linked social media and other services.

Snapchat hack leaves 4.6 million users affected

The usernames and phone numbers for 4.6 million Snapchat accounts have been downloaded by hackers, who posted the data on a website that is now suspended.

FBI warns of U.S. government breaches by Anonymous hackers

Washington - The Federal Bureau of Investigation release a memo stating activist hackers connected to Anonymous have secretly accessed and stolen sensitive information for U.S. government computers in multiple agencies.

Map offers cyber attack visualization in real time

Google and Arbor Networks released an online map available free in real time that allows anyone to see a representation of Distributed Denial of Service attacks happening all over the world.

Teen 'super-hacker' netting $600,000 a year arrested in Argentina

Buenos Aires - Police in Argentina have arrested a 19-year-old man who is being accused of heading a gang of hackers who targeted international money transfer and gambling websites.

Wikipedia to block NSA spies

Founder Jimmy Wales announced that Wikipedia would be introducing security measures to protect site visitors, starting from August 21. This comes as the Guardian revealed that the NSA was also monitoring users who accessed web pages for referencing.

Car hacking tricks revealed at Las Vegas hacking conference

Las Vegas - Following their viral video moment two weeks ago, Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek have taken the stage in Las Vegas at Defcon 21 to reveal the tricks they used to hack into a Prius control system.

Smart TV: The next frontier of cybercrime

Who is watching who? After smartphones, the next frontier for cyberfraud could be the smart TV in your family room as it has Internet connectivity, applications, microphone and camera ― researchers say as they find that smart TV could be spying on you.

Hackers expose how to connect to everyday objects

Las Vegas - Daniel Crowley can easily pick a dead-bolt lock without seeing the door. Mr. Crowley can do this from the comfort of his computer.
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Hackers Image

The team who made the electric virtual reality chair experience are seen here busily working on thei...
The team who made the electric virtual reality chair experience are seen here busily working on their prototype at PeopleSpace in Irvine, CA.
Don Hankins
A protester at Occupy Wall Street dons the visage of Guy Fawkes  that has become a universal symbol ...
A protester at Occupy Wall Street dons the visage of Guy Fawkes, that has become a universal symbol of resistance to any perceived tyranny and is associated with the hacking group Anonymous.
David Shankbone
Syrian Electronic Army tweets after hacking @AP
Syrian Electronic Army tweets after hacking @AP
Twitter screen capture
Anonymous hacker group s photo
Anonymous hacker group's photo
Anonymous hacker group/facebook
Members of Anonymous protest a Scientology  church
Members of Anonymous protest a Scientology "church"
The  mascot  for the hacker group Lulz Boat
The 'mascot' for the hacker group Lulz Boat
Lulz Boat logo
Voice of America website hacked by Iranian Islamists
Voice of America website hacked by Iranian Islamists
Screen Capture
Lap computer top with clear screen.
Lap computer top with clear screen.
A. Magill
Overcrowding in California State Prison.
Overcrowding in California State Prison.
California Department of Corrections
Anonymous with Guy Fawkes masks at Scientology in Los Angeles.
Anonymous with Guy Fawkes masks at Scientology in Los Angeles.
Vincent Diamante