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'Critical' Windows bug could let hackers take complete control

Microsoft has released an emergency update to nearly all versions of Windows. It fixes an issue that could allow hackers to hijack and take complete control of Windows computers and should be installed immediately through Windows Update.

What hackers could do to the Jeep Cherokee: Anything they want to

Two security researchers have found a way to gain total control of the Jeep Cherokee in a way that gives complete remote access to all of its systems from any location, across the Internet. That includes the throttle, brakes, engine and much more.

Smartwatches expose contacts, email and health data to hackers

Researchers have found that it is "not very difficult" to access personal data including contacts, emails and sensitive health information from smartwatches made by LG and Samsung because neither brand encrypts the user's data.

Data breaches could cost the global economy trillions by 2019

Juniper Research has concluded that data breaches could cost the global economy as much as $2 trillion in the next five years, and has pointed the finger at weak corporate and network security as the reason for the breaches.

98% of UK firms have no cyber-attack insurance

A new UK government report has found that nearly all large firms do not possess any form of insurance that would help them to recover from a major cyber-attack, despite 81% of those surveyed having experienced a security breach in the past 12 months.

New Cryptolocker variant targets gamers by encrypting game files

A new version of the Cryptolocker malware has found its way onto the Internet. Named TeslaCrypt, this time gamers are the target as files of several major games are encrypted and locked down with players held to ransom for their unlock.

Canada denies asylum, deports alleged Anonymous hacker to U.S.

Ontario - A former U.S. soldier who fled to Canada in the face of criminal charges filed after he was accused of computer hacking for the group Anonymous has been deported from Canada.

BMW patches flaw that could have allowed hackers to unlock cars

German car manufacturer BMW has patched a flaw in software used across its product family of cars that would have allowed hackers to unlock the doors of other peoples' cars. Over 2.2 million cars have been affected.

2 'Lizard Squad' members identified, security researcher says

Security researcher and former cybersecurity reporter Brian Krebs says he knows exactly who may be behind the massive attacks that took down both Sony's PlayStation Network and Microsoft's Xbox Live platform for two straight days.

Sneak Peak of LA’s STEAM Carnival will be at a Hacker Preview Day

Los Angeles - An entertainment engineering company called Two Bit Circus will hold the world’s 1st “Carnival from the Future.” A Hacker Preview day will be held beforehand to show what types of experiences will be seen at the carnival.

Norway's massive cyber-attack the work of one lone teenager

Bergen - Recently we heard that Anonymous Norway had taken responsibility for what was thought to be the country's biggest-ever network attack. However, police now have in custody a 17-year-old hacker, who claims he was the one that did it.

Op-Ed: Is Target responsible for the major cyberattack?

Target has been named as a defendant in over 90 lawsuits with plaintiffs ranging from banks to customers. The plaintiffs are citing negligence on the part of the big box retail giant and are seeking various amounts in compensatory damages.

College student gets jail for changing grades to A's

Roy Sun, 25, was sentenced to 90 days in jail last week for computer tampering after he and two undergraduate classmates were accused of hacking into Purdue University's data system to change their grades to A's.

Germany IT watchdog knew for weeks of mass cyber theft

Berlin - Germany's cyber crime watchdog said Wednesday it learnt last month of the mass theft of 16 million digital identities through a criminal probe but needed weeks before alerting the public.

Anonymous hits MIT website in honor of Aaron Swartz

The Anonymous collective staged at least one high-profile website attack on Friday. The day marked the one-year anniversary of Aaron Swartz’s suicide.

Hammond court documents show no reduced sentence for cooperating

Today is hacktivist Jeremy Hammond’s birthday. The Anonymous affiliated hacker made headlines with a massive leak of documents from Stratfor and his subsequent arrest. Recently, some have questioned whether Hammond cooperated with the federal government

2 million Facebook, Twitter and Gmail accounts compromised

Around 2 million Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts were compromised by hackers in the past month, according to a new report.

Dutch digital activist discusses Anonymous in depth Special

As the Anonymous collective branches out into public street-level operations and gains momentum, a digital activist discusses some of the philosophy and strategy behind the online activities of the movement.

Op-Ed: Anonymous — Behind the Mask Special

Anonymous took over the streets in over 470 cities all over the world as part of the Million Mask March. The mass protest left many wondering exactly who they are and what they want. The answer is as complex and simple as the movement itself.

Apple's TouchID fingerprint scanner hacked by Chaos Computer Club

Just 48 hours after getting their hands on the new iPhone 5S, hackers over at Chaos Computer Club in Europe have found a way to bypass Apple's TouchID fingerprint security scanner.

Anonymous #opINFORM gaining momentum Special

Operation: Inform serves as one of the collective’s intelligence wings. Those within Anonymous subscribe to the various social media accounts of #opINFORM to stay abreast of current events related to some of the organization’s goals.

Hacker set to speak at conference found dead

San Francisco - A hacker scheduled to speak at the recent Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas was mysteriously found dead in his apartment just days before the event was scheduled to take place. His death has prompted some speculation over what happened.

Hackers reveal financial records of 1st Lady, VP and celebrities

Hackers have revealed, and continue to release, the alleged financial records of various US politicians and celebrities including the First Lady Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Kim Kardashian and even Donald Trump. (Update.)

Gamer dad hacks Donkey Kong so daughter can play the Princess

Charlottetown - A gamer dad jumped into action when his three-year-old daughter wondered why she couldn't play as a girl character in her favourite video game, Donkey Kong. Why not? Dad thought. It made sense since she already plays Princess Peach in Super Mario Bros. 2.

Anonymous targets Westboro, releases addresses, phone numbers

The hacker group Anonymous has targeted the website of Westboro Baptist Church after the church announced plans to protest Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Hacker group Anonymous names alleged Amanda Todd bully

New Westminster - The hacker group known as Anonymous has named a person who allegedly drove 15-year-old Amanda Todd to commit suicide on Oct. 10.

U.S. officials: 'Iran's behind cyber attacks'

Defense Department and Pentagon officials believe that Iranian hackers are responsible for the recent rash of cyber attacks on financial institutions in the United States, as well as oil companies in the Persian Gulf.

Twitter hacked? Thousands of user names & passwords on Pastebin

Twitter has allegedly been hacked and tens of thousands of user names and passwords were published on Should you be worried?

FBI admits it is losing the fight against hackers

Anonymous is famous for attacking the FBI on Fridays. Well, now it seems that has changed as the battleground gets bigger. On Wednesday, the FBI openly admitted that they are losing the cyberspace battle.

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange targets Australian Senate seat

Wikileaks' founder Julian Assange is set to run for a Senate seat in the Australian upper house according to an official announcement from the organization he founded six years ago.
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Hacker Image

A still from the film We Are Legion about the Anonymous hacktivists
A still from the film We Are Legion about the Anonymous hacktivists
Courtesy Hot Docs
A still from the film We Are Legion about the Anonymous hacktivists
A still from the film We Are Legion about the Anonymous hacktivists
Courtesy Hot Docs
The logo to represent the hacking community LulzSec
The logo to represent the hacking community LulzSec
LulzSec logo
Traditional Anonymous wardrobe.
Traditional Anonymous wardrobe.
A hacker in action.
A hacker in action.
Davide Restivo
mikael altemark
Hackers announce JAVA security vulnerability
Hackers announce JAVA security vulnerability
Barnaby Jack died at age 35 in San Francisco  Calif. on July 25  2013
Barnaby Jack died at age 35 in San Francisco, Calif. on July 25, 2013
YouTube screen grab
Images from a hacker s website
Images from a hacker's website
David Kernell
David Kernell
david kernell
Digital attack map
Digital attack map
Andrew Auernheimer  24  hacker in AT&T-iPad security situation was arrested by police.
Andrew Auernheimer, 24, hacker in AT&T-iPad security situation was arrested by police.
Washington County Sheriff's Office
Israeli military website hacked by Anonymous
Israeli military website hacked by Anonymous
Iconic Anonymous mask on keyboard with phone displaying some of the location of the upcoming Million...
Iconic Anonymous mask on keyboard with phone displaying some of the location of the upcoming Million Mask March. (5 Nov 2013)
Images from a hacker s website
Images from a hacker's website

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