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Affair site AshleyMadison hacked; worse online threats loom

AshleyMadison confirmed hackers accessed the company's adulterer database, but has managed to remove leaked information. Government and business leaders are unprepared for even greater cybersecurity threats in the future, security experts say.

New York Post and UPI twitter accounts hacked

It was a scenario worthy of the latest Hollywood movie. The plot? Hackers breaking into news media accounts and planting a story about China firing on a U.S. warship, starting World War III.

JP Morgan the victim of an 8-week long cyber attack

New York - This summer's hackers discovered a way into the servers of mega-bank JP Morgan Chase, exposing the backdoor vulnerability to access copious amounts of customer and company data.

Houston Astros hacked, trade data stolen

The Houston Astros have become the latest victims in the growing cybercrime epidemic. Sensitive data related to purposed trades, some of which were actually executed, has been stolen and leaked online.

EBay hacked, tells users to change passwords

Online auction giant eBay was hacked recently, compromising the passwords of their millions of customers. They found out two weeks ago, and claim no other personal info was stolen.

Yahoo admits some customers have usernames and passwords stolen

Usernames and passwords of some of Yahoo's customers have been compromised and used to gather personal data on users those Yahoo mail account holders have recently corresponded with, the company admitted on Thursday.

Apple's TouchID fingerprint scanner hacked by Chaos Computer Club

Just 48 hours after getting their hands on the new iPhone 5S, hackers over at Chaos Computer Club in Europe have found a way to bypass Apple's TouchID fingerprint security scanner.

E! Online's Twitter account gets hacked

Erroneous news alerts about Angelina Jolie and Justin Bieber were recently Tweeted from E! Online's Twitter account, but E! says that hackers were responsible for the Tweets.

AP's Twitter account hacked, tweeted about White House attack

On Tuesday an @AP tweet caused panic and hit the stock market, by broadcasting that the White House had been the subject of two explosions, and that President Barack Obama had been injured. AP's Twitter account had been hacked. back online after getting hacked is back online after getting hacked during the week. The hack involved malware that was in the form of a trojan.

Facebook victim of 'sophisticated' zero-day Java attack

Facebook has reported that some of the laptops used by employees were hacked last month in a "sophisticated" zero-day attack. The social network says that no user data was compromised in the exploit.

Blizzard Entertainment warns of password breach for online gamers

Blizzard Entertainment has warned customers its internal network was breached. This exploit exposed user email addresses and the passwords (scrambled) of online gamers.

Major League Baseball teams' Facebook pages hacked

You can imagine the jaws dropping when fans read on the New York Yankees official Facebook page that Derek Jeter had undergone a sex change or that the Washington Nationals are heading back to Montreal.

Liberal group sabotages, redirects to other URLs

Des Moines - Interested in learning more about former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and his bid for the presidency? Well, don't head on over to because it has been sabotaged by liberal pranksters.

Internet security firm SplashData lists 25 most-hacked passwords

Los Gatos - Is your password "password?" Well, SplashData, an Internet security firm, has published its Worst Passwords of the Year. According to the list, general terms such as "password," your name or a series of numbers are commonly used.

Servers at Virginia Commonwealth University hacked

Richmond - Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) has announced the educational establishment has suffered an information security related incident.

Second San Francisco BART website hacked, Anonymous denies attack

San Francisco - The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Police Officers Association website was hacked and a database containing personal information was posted online. Anonymous went to Twitter and denied responsibility for the hacking.

Hackers tweet Conservative Party's online donors' information

Ottawa - Following the hacking of the Conservative Party website, which led to false reports of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper choking on a hash brown and being rushed to the hospital, hackers accessed the party's online donors' information.

Reports of Canadian PM choking on food are false, website hacked

Ottawa - On early Tuesday morning, several reports surfaced indicating Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was sent to the hospital after choking on hash browns. The PM's Office later confirmed the Conservative Party website was hacked, and the news was fake.

PBS Newshour website hacked

In response to a Frontline documentary on Wikileaks, a hacker group hacked into the PBS Newshour website, posting a fake story as well as posting information for staffers, the network, and password info for stations on its Twitter account.

Lockheed Martin hit by hackers

Bethesda - The world's largest military contractor has become the latest victim of hackers after their computers were subjected to a "significant and tanacious" cyber attack.

70 million Sony PlayStation accounts exposed in security breach

For over a week more than 70 million users of the Sony Playstation Network, 3 million in the UK alone, have been unable to access their accounts and yesterday the reason became apparent.

Online dating site Plenty of Fish hacked

Vancouver - Plenty of Fish, one of the world's largest online dating sites, has been hacked resulting in the passwords of its users to be compromised.

Op-Ed: Hacking Zuckerberg's Facebook page

Amid growing mutterings from security mavens, the Zuckerberg fan page on Facebook received a surprise when a post from Zuckerberg seemed to be saying that Facebook should become a “social business”.

Oh tweet! Twitter hacker causes pop-up messages, porn links

Earlier in the day, Twitter was hacked and caused excessive pop-up messages and users were re-tweeting links to pornographic websites simply by putting their mouse over the hacked tweets. Users worldwide were affected.

Blog giant WordPress crashes, slowly coming back online

Blog giant has crashed and then later reappeared. Users were given no explanation at the time of writing but CEO Matt Mullenweg tweeted: “The vast majority of blogs are back up...”

British Teenager's Mutilated Remains Found in Suitcase in Brazil

The remains of 17-year-old Cara Marie Burke have been found in a suitcase in Brazil. The British citizen had gone to Brazil three months ago with her boyfriend. He has been arrested in conjunction with the murder.

OpenSocial's First Application Hacked In Less Than An Hour

In less than one hour, (45 minutes to be exact) a hacker comprised RockYou's first OpenSocial application for Plexo. Plexo says they were not hacked but no one is convinced. The hacker demo'd his process on more Plexo accounts hacking each one quickly.

Chinese military hacked into Pentagon

The Chinese military hacked into a Pentagon computer network in June in the most successful cyber attack on the US defence department, according to American ­officials. The Pentagon acknowledged shutting down part of a computer system.

Teen Who Cracked iPhone Trades it For Car and Job, As Potential Lawsuit Looms

When a 17-year-old cracked the iPhone so it would work on more than just AT&T's network, tech junkies talked about it as though he had cured cancer. Hotz has now traded his hacked iPhone for a new car and a job, but some now say a legal battle is looming.
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UPI s tweet about the hacking of their account.
UPI's tweet about the hacking of their account.
AP s twitter account was hacked.
AP's twitter account was hacked.
Message put out by New York Post.
Message put out by New York Post.

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