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Hack News

Gmail flaw means hackers could have email address of every user

A gaping but now patched security flaw in Google's Gmail email service has been revealed that could have allowed hackers to extract the email address of every single user from Google's database.
In the Media by James Walker - 3 comments

WordPress SEO plugin hijacked, search ratings could be affected

A popular WordPress plugin, All in One SEO Pack, downloaded around 19 million times has received emergency patches to dangerous vulnerabilities that could have allowed hackers to inject malicious code into pages and lower the search ratings for the site.
In the Media by James Walker

eBay login details being sold online in wake of hack attack

An investigation set up by UK newspaper, The Sun on Sunday, claims to have found scammers selling credentials of affected eBay users in the wake of the recent attack against the company where details of over 233 million customers were stolen.
In the Media by James Walker - 1 comment

400,000 users affected in hack of Avast forums

CEO Vince Steckler of security company Avast Software has announced in a blog post that details of 400,000 Avast forum users have been compromised in a malicious attack against the company over the past weekend.
In the Media by James Walker

Op-Ed: Why Target is as much a victim as to blame for cyber attacks

If you were one of those people that got a phone call out of nowhere stating that your account has been compromised, you're well aware that Target has been the victim of recent cyber attacks.
In the Media by Jeffrey Nelson

Las Vegas Sands websites are back online, one week after hacking

Las Vegas Sands Corp. brought its worldwide websites back online on Monday after a hacking attack forced the company to shut its home pages and other online operations last week, a spokesman said.
In the Media by Laila Kearney (Reuters)

Snapchat launches hurried update after attack

Snapchat is set to release a hasty updated version of its app after hackers downloaded usernames and phone numbers for 4.6 million accounts.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 2 comments

Snapchat hack leaves 4.6 million users affected

The usernames and phone numbers for 4.6 million Snapchat accounts have been downloaded by hackers, who posted the data on a website that is now suspended.
In the Media by Samuel Okocha - 2 comments

Op-Ed: The Internet can be used like a drone

Salt Lake City - The military loves drones because without placing a human at risk they can attack targets. Those on the ground can wave and shout they are innocent but no one can hear them.
In the Media by Robert Weller - 2 comments

2 million Facebook, Twitter and Gmail accounts compromised

Around 2 million Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts were compromised by hackers in the past month, according to a new report.
In the Media by Al Boe - 1 comment

Op-Ed: Apple’s new fingerprint security was obsolete in 2004

The Chaos Computer Club is claiming to have already hacked Apple’s TouchID on the new Iphone, which Apple promised would make phone data more secure.
In the Media by Justin King - 3 comments

France to discontinue three-strikes Internet piracy ban policy

Internet piracy and file sharing is on the rise. While each government struggles to combat such an ordeal, France is easing up on their Internet piracy policy.
In the Media by Milton Este

Mozilla sends cease-and-desist to Gamma for Firefox surveillance

Firefox, one of the most popular Web browsers, was recently found to serve as a medium for Gamma Group, a surveillance company of FinFisher, to spy on users using Firefox's brand and trademark to avoid detection.
In the Media by Milton Este - 2 comments

Syrian Electronic Army attacks The Guardian on Twitter

The next target of the Syrian Electronic Army turns out to be some of the Twitter feeds of the popular UK newspaper, The Guardian. Apparently these attacks are ongoing today.
In the Media by Anne Sewell - 5 comments

AP's Twitter account hacked, tweeted about White House attack

On Tuesday an @AP tweet caused panic and hit the stock market, by broadcasting that the White House had been the subject of two explosions, and that President Barack Obama had been injured. AP's Twitter account had been hacked.
In the Media by Anne Sewell - 3 comments

GoDaddy rejects claims they were hacked by Anonymous affiliate

Millions of GoDaddy websites went down on Monday, allegedly taken down by an Anonymous affiliate, AnonymousOwner3r. GoDaddy denies the hacking claims.
In the Media by Anne Sewell - 1 comment

FBI has 12 million iPhone and iPad IDs, AntiSec claims

Hacking group AntiSec has published 1 million Apple unique identifiers online early this morning from a trove of 12 million that it allegedly stole from an FBI agent’s laptop.
In the Media by David Silverberg - 5 comments

Reuters blog platform and Twitter account hacked

On Friday, Reuters blog platform was hacked with false posts and on Saturday, the @ReutersTech account on Twitter was taken over and renamed @TechMe. False tweets were sent before it was taken down.
In the Media by Anne Sewell - 1 comment

Texas college researchers hack US government surveillance drone

Researchers at Austin's Radionavigation Lab. demonstrated the risk in the plan to open up US airspace to drone flights by using a "spoofer" to hack a drone and causing it to make a crash landing dive, showing how a drone could be turned into a weapon.
In the Media by JohnThomas Didymus - 4 comments

The Pirate Bay hit by DDoS attack — Anonymous not responsible

The Pirate Bay was hit by a DDos attack and has been largely unavailable for 24 hours. They say that Anonymous are not responsible.
In the Media by Anne Sewell

Twitter hacked? Thousands of user names & passwords on Pastebin

Twitter has allegedly been hacked and tens of thousands of user names and passwords were published on Should you be worried?
In the Media by Anne Sewell - 8 comments

Op-Ed: Nissan recently hacked, corporate hacking a growing issue

Nissan Motor Company fell victim to a hack incident close to two weeks ago, but waited about a week to go public with the information.
In the Media by Leigh Goessl - 2 comments

'Anonymous' hacks Stratfor clients credit cards, gives to charity

The hacking group "Anonymous" on Sunday Christmas claimed it has stolen thousands of credit card numbers and personal information of clients of the U.S. based security think-tank Stratfor and pilfered funds it gave away as Christmas donations to charity.
In the Media by JohnThomas Didymus

Sony shuts down 93,000 accounts after massive attack

Earlier this year Sony experienced one of the largest data breaches of all time, and now the company has announced their networks have been attacked again.
In the Media by Leigh Goessl

Hacker group LulzSec takes down Murdoch-owned news sites

Notorious hacking community LulzSec claimed responsibility for the Monday night attack on UK's The Sun and Times Online. They also posted a fake story on the Sun homepage about Rupert Murdoch's death before it was removed.
In the Media by David Silverberg

Virgin Mobile hacked, personal info posted online Special

The personal information of over 1,000 Canadian cellphone users has been posted online after being attained by a hacker in a cyber attack.
Digital Journal Report by Graeme McNaughton

Op-Ed: Al Qaeda bomb formula replaced with cupcakes by MI6

In a worthy example of spirit, MI6 hackers have improved the quality of life for Al Qaeda members by replacing their bomb-making formula with a useful recipe for rum cupcakes. Cupcakes are believed to be healthier, and do less collateral damage.
In the Media by Paul Wallis - 3 comments

New Sony hack attack exposes personal info of 24.6 million users

Once again, Sony is warning more gamers their personal information may have been stolen by the same thieves who first breached the PlayStation Network, the company said Monday. Close to 24.6 million Sony Online Entertainment users may have been affected.
In the Media by David Silverberg

Did Anonymous take down Bank of America's online banking today?

Customers are reporting Bank of America's online banking service is extremely slow or not working at all. The bank's spokesperson claims the disruption occurred because of routine upgrades, while others believe the hacking group Anonymous attacked BoA.
In the Media by David Silverberg - 1 comment

Thousands of passwords exposed in Ontario school board hack

London - A 15-year-old Lucan, Ontario, teen has become a bit of a celebrity after hacking into the Thames Valley District School Board website last week. Now the board must upgrade their computer security, a process that may take up to two weeks.
In the Media by Ken Wightman - 1 comment
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The message left to MIT on their website.
The message left to MIT on their website.
Israeli military website hacked by Anonymous
Israeli military website hacked by Anonymous
The Syrian Electronic Army infiltrated The Guardian s Twitter feeds - fair use
The Syrian Electronic Army infiltrated The Guardian's Twitter feeds
Screen capture of hacked website
Screen capture of hacked website
Screen capture of hacked website

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