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H5N1 News

New method to track Avian flu

With various cases of Avian flu appearing in several regions of the world, scientists have honed in a new technique to help track the spread of the diseases across different territories and populations.

Scientists call for caution over 'dangerous' bird flu research

A group of scientists has called on the European Commission to evaluate the risks and benefits of research that could make deadly viruses more transmissible.

Authorities find three lethal viruses circulating simultaneously

In the backdrop of two emerging outbreaks of H7N9 bird flu and the SARS-like novel coronavirus, the H5N1 strain has re-emerged, ushering in a third viral threat to health authorities in several countries.

H7N9 bird flu confirmed in Taiwan, first case outside China

Taipei - With 6,000 Chinese travelers arriving in Taiwan every day, the inevitable has happened. After a visit to Shanghai, a Taiwanese business man was found to be infected on his return. Taiwan has upped surveillance of flights from several Chinese provinces.

Second bird flu fatality in China

Guiyang - A 31 year old man died of avian influenza in a hospital in Guiyang, a city in the Southwest of China. This is the second bird flu fatality reported this year in China.

Research on deadly flu to be released, fear terrorists may use it

Research on a deadly flu that does not often infect humans, and that does not often transmit between them when it does, will be published in the coming months. The publication will come despite fear the information could be used by terrorists.

Mutated H5N1 virus created in Netherlands research lab

Rotterdam - The University of Rotterdam researchers in the Netherlands have created a mutated H5N1 bird virus. Made in the lab, the virus could not only go pandemic but is considered lethal to over 50% of those it affects.

Deadly man-made strain of H5N1 bird flu virus raises controversy

A group of scientists are trying to publish a paper on how they created a new flu virus that could wipe out all humanity. The study that produced the virus is the subject of raging controversy, with some scientists saying it should never have been done.

Nations work to share virus samples to help avert global pandemic

With the ongoing threat of a global influenza pandemic as a backdrop, the World Health Organization announced that it is working with a large pool of nations to more readily share viral samples to help avert more widespread infection.

Vaccine maker predicts rise in incidence of deadly bird flu virus

One of the most virulent and deadly influenza species, H5N1 - known commonly as bird flu - is on the rise, according to markers identified by a vaccine producer implementing unique predictive modeling.

Bird flu outbreak reported in five countries

Reports are coming from Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Vietnam of bird flu outbreaks resulting in the deaths of thousands of birds thus far. Egypt is reporting more human cases of illness caused by the disease.

Research discovers compound to safely counter deadly bird flu

University of Wisconsin-Madison study suggests a new compound may be more potent and safer for treating "bird flu" than the antiviral drug best known by the trade name Tamiflu.

New antiviral drugs coming to fight influenza threats

With shortages in H1N1 swine flu vaccines causing widespread concern, and with an ongoing threat from the prospect of mutations in other influenza viruses, new antiviral drugs are on the horizon.

H5N1 avian flu virus linked to onset of Parkinson's disease

The H5N1 avian flu virus - aka bird flu - does not usually infect humans, but at least one strain has shown that when it does it leaves us significantly more susceptible to the risk of developing Parkinson's disease.

H5N1 Avian Virus Adapting to Pigs, Closer to Human Variation

The deadly H5N1 virus, a scourge among avian species in Asia, appears to have adapted to operate in swine populations, a report in the Archives of Virology finds.

Avian Flu H5N1 More Invasive Than Previously Believed

Studies of the post-mortem tissues of one man and one pregnant woman as well as testing the fetus of the woman have revealed that HVN1 bird flu is more invasive than previously thought.

Deadly H5N1 Avian Flu Strain Found in Germany

The H5N1 virus has killed a number of birds at a poultry farm in Southern Germany. As a result over 160,000 birds will be killed as a precaution. This is not the first time this deadly strain of avian flu has been detected in Germany.

Spanish Flu Helping Researchers Understand H5N1

Researchers are turning to past bird flu pandemics to help them gain a better understanding of the threat that H5N1 may pose.

Vietnamese Lab Produces Human Vaccine for H5N1 Bird Flu

The Nha Trang Institute of Vaccines and Biological Products has produced 5000 doses of the vaccines according to the Vietnamese News Agency.

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Raw chicken in an outdoor market in Beijing  China. Notice the calculator laying atop the pieces of ...
Raw chicken in an outdoor market in Beijing, China. Notice the calculator laying atop the pieces of poultry.
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Snapshot of the H5N1 Mutation at YouTube  Harvard Cell Animation
Snapshot of the H5N1 Mutation at YouTube "Harvard Cell Animation"

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