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Recent flu vaccine efficacy estimate higher in Canada than Spain

Canadian researchers estimate that this season's flu vaccine is about 70 percent effective so far, which is much higher than the recent 24 percent estimate reported by a Spanish team.

Calgary vet school confirms pet cat died of H1N1 virus

Vaccines for the H1N1 virus running rampant across North America this season has thus far proven to be effective against Swine flu. Canadian researchers released a report on Wednesday saying the HiN1 flu virus has changed little over the last 5 years.

CDC says 25 states in U.S. now reporting widespread flu

The flu season has started with a bang, and the number of states reporting seasonal flu activity spread from 10 to 25 states in just one week, according to the CDC's latest report on Friday. The flu season usually peaks in January or February.

Swine flu fear quarantines Air France flight

Toulouse - When several passengers on an Air France flight from Nice to Toulouse started showing symptoms resembling those of the H1N1 flu virus, the plane was quarantined at Blagnac airport near Toulouse.

Unknown respiratory infection hospitalizes 7 in Alabama, two dead

An unknown respiratory infectious pathogen has hospitalized seven people in southeast Alabama and killed two, sending health officials scrambling to identify the bug.

Swine flu returns to Mexico

In January Mexico registered a resurgence in flu of all types, including the H1N1 strain (also known as swine flu), with more cases in one month than in all of 2011, according to Health Secretary Salomon Chertorivski Woldenberg.

Luke's story highlights the importance of flu shots for kids

On October 7, 2009 the world changed for Luke Duvall's family. Their healthy son who had just days before played a game for his high school football team was battling for his life.

CDC: New influenza strain from H1N1 pandemic found in 2 children

Two young children were reported to have contracted a new 'hybrid' influenza virus, a gene 're-assortment' that appears to have successfully jumped from pigs to humans and again from one human to another.

Nations work to share virus samples to help avert global pandemic

With the ongoing threat of a global influenza pandemic as a backdrop, the World Health Organization announced that it is working with a large pool of nations to more readily share viral samples to help avert more widespread infection.

Swine flu spreading more rapidly across UK than rest of Europe

The H1N1 swine flu virus - responsible for 36 of the 39 flu deaths across the UK - is spreading more rapidly in Britain than elsewhere in Europe.

Autism Speaks awards research grants, virus link to be explored

Worldwide science and advocacy concern Autism Speaks awarded 21 new research grants, including 3 Trailblazer Awards meant to explore 'out of the box' angles - including the link between autism and common viral infections.

H1N1 swine flu is back: 14 dead, infected numbers doubling in UK

Fears of a more virulent return of last year's H1N1 swine flu pandemic emerged in the United Kingdom this week as nearly 200 patients struggle to stay alive. Fourteen people have already lost their lives.

Nova Scotia flu vaccination campaign begins

Halifax - The Nova Scotia government is reminding residents that flu season is fast approaching and is encouraging everyone to see their health care provider to get immunized.

The swine flu pandemic is now officially over

Geneva - In press conference today, WHO director general Dr Margaret Chan has announced an end to the H1N1 pandemic that had been declared on June 11, 2009. He added that we're now in the post-pandemic phase and that the virus has largely run its course.

Op-Ed: Are the new H1N1 cases in Thailand an attempt at crowd control?

News makes the rounds that a journalist and a member of Bangkok's Red Shirt demonstrators have come down with A (H1N1). As the so-called protester turns out to be employed by the government, this can look like a convenient way to end to the protests.

Medical reviews conclude influenza immunizations ineffective

Two separate reviews of medical data on the effectiveness of vaccinating people to prevent influenza showed there were no benefits to being vaccinated for the flu.

Op-Ed: H1N1: A 'false pandemic' designed to quell political unrest?

The recent pandemic coincided with growing civil unrest in several "failing states" such as Mexico and Ukraine. This is health scare manufactured to pacify the population?

Canada will give H1N1 vaccine to WHO

As the demand falls across the country, the Canadian federal government plans to donate five million doses of the vaccine to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Did the WHO and pharma-giants manufacture H1N1 crisis?

Was the swine a fake pandemic? That is the question being asked around the world. A handful of experts advising the WHO on vaccines are alleged to be linked to giant pharmaceutical companies.

Wave two of swine flu over for now in Canada

Canada's Health Minister Yves Bolduc has announced that the second wave of swine flu has finished in Canada. The good news is followed by the prediction that the flu is expected back later.

France Plans to Sell Surplus Flu Shots

Five million people have been vaccinated in France but the country purchased 94 million vaccines. The government wants to sell off the extra doses.

Op-Ed: Paul Solomon's year in review - 2009

Los Angeles-based writer Paul Solomon looks back on the biggest U.S. news events of 2009. The breach of national security caused by the "Underwear Bomber" tops the list.

WHO: H1N1 swine flu pandemic will stick around for another year

The World Health Organization warned government health authorities to remain vigilant on the H1N1 swine flu pandemic, saying the virus could mutate before vaccines can help it dissipate.

First U.S. case of swine flu reported infecting a New York dog

A dog in suburban New York that was reported to have been infected with the H1N1 virus appears to be the first swine flu canine infection in the United States.

CDC boss: H1N1 five times more lethal for kids than regular flu

U.S. Centers for Disease Control director Dr. Thomas Frieden says Swine Flu was five times more lethal than an average flu season for children and young adults. Nine more pediatric deaths are reported in the latest CDC update. Watch H1N1 video review.

Alberta boy dies from Swine Flu after 43 days in a coma Special

As Mike Gorbous, 16, lay in a coma, his parents went public urging Canadians to get vaccinated against Swine Flu. Mike died early Tuesday morning. His grandmother tells Digital Journal doctors tried their best to save the life of the grade-11 student.

CDC Recalls 800,000 Doses of H1N1 Vaccine

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced a recall today that involves 800,000 doses of the H1N1 vaccine produced by Sanofi Pasteur.

TV and radio ads encourage Canadians to get their H1N1 shot

Despite a drop in the reported H1N1 cases, Canada's first chief public health officer says millions of Canadians need to be vaccinated against the pandemic influenza. To get the word out, a TV and radio ad campaign is being launched.

H1N1: Vaccinations taking money from other health programs

A U of T infectious-disease expert says that now that the second wave of H1N1 has peaked and is dwindling, there's no reason to continue the largest vaccination campaign in Canada's history, which is diverting funds from other public health programs.

To counter flu, CA schools to receive 23 million masks and gloves

As hopeful reports surface that the H1N1 swine flu virus is showing signs of peaking in North America, California is distributing 23 million masks and gloves to combat the spread of the agile virus.
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During the H1N1 (swine flu) outbreak of April 2009  these train passengers in Mexico City wore masks...
During the H1N1 (swine flu) outbreak of April 2009, these train passengers in Mexico City wore masks, while the government closed many public buildings, in efforts to prevent the virus from spreading.
Eneas De Troya/Hello32020/Wikimedia Commons
Men enter the Arlington Convention Center to receive their H1N1 flu vaccinations in Arlington  Texas
Men enter the Arlington Convention Center to receive their H1N1 flu vaccinations in Arlington, Texas
With permission by Reuters / Jessica Rinaldi
The only way they would all be on the same chair -- it was cold in the house  says Matt D  who lives...
The only way they would all be on the same chair -- it was cold in the house, says Matt D, who lives in Minnesota.
Matt D.
Health officials in protective suits put a goose into a sack as part of preventive measures against ...
Health officials in protective suits put a goose into a sack as part of preventive measures against the H7N9 bird flu at a poultry market in Zhuji, Zhejiang province, China
With permission by Reuters
This colorized transmission electron micrograph shows H1N1 influenza virus particles like hemaggluti...
This colorized transmission electron micrograph shows H1N1 influenza virus particles like hemagglutinin and neuraminidase. Surface proteins on the virus particles are shown in black. National Institutes of Health (NIH)
U.S. National Institutes of Health
A new report suggests the pharmaceutical industry played a major role in the 2009 swine flu pandemic...
A new report suggests the pharmaceutical industry played a major role in the 2009 swine flu pandemic declaration.

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