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Fighting back against stomach bacterium Helicobacter pylori

The bacterium Helicobacter pylori is linked with the formation of ulcers; there is also growing evidence with its connection to stomach cancer. In order to tackle the bacterium scientists have used neutrons to block the bacterium's metabolism.

Essential Science: Why nitrogen is a key driver for gut health

Researchers have moved closer to connecting diets and dieting strategies and a healthy gut. This fits together with the need for having the right balance of microorganisms, and here nitrogen plays a key role.

New drug target designed to attack gut bacteria

Gastroenteritis is caused by some foodborne bacteria. Researchers have designed a new antimicrobial drug to take on one of the world’s most prevalent foodborne bacteria.

Essential Science: Health effects of antibiotic use

A disturbing, newly issued report suggests just one single course of antibiotics can disrupt the microbial composition in the gut sufficiently to trigger a spate of unintended ill-health effects. Digital Journal gets to the bottom of the issue.

Laboratory grown intestines 'a success'

Using stem cells taken from the small intestines of human babies and mice, scientists have grown intestinal linings on gut-shaped scaffolds. The breakthrough adds to other research projects where artificial organs have been created.

Gut bacteria influence Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis

New research suggests that a person’s specific genes influence whether intestinal bacteria will trigger inflammatory bowel diseases. Understanding such causes is provides knowledge to help with prevention and treatment.

Scientists grow human intestines inside a mouse

Scientists have begun growing human intestines in mice. The object of the research is to pave the way for better models of intestinal function and failure.

Vegetable oil extract destroys gut pathogen

To combat infection by a common gut pathogen, scientists have develop a nanoparticle treatment that is based on vegetable oil. The researchers are claiming that the treatment is safe.

Gut immune system linked to body weight

A team of scientists have identified a mechanism that affects the development of obesity and diabetes type 2 in relation to a diet rich in fats. The discovery shows the role of the intestinal immune system in controlling metabolism.

Glucose intolerance linked to gut bacteria

London - Synchronous co-ordination between our bacteria and biological clocks is necessary for preventing obesity and glucose intolerance, according to a new study. This is a further example of the important role gut bacteria play in human health.

Gut microbes affect flu vaccine effectiveness

Atlanta - Researchers have discovered that the composition of the microorganisms in the gut affect effectivity of the seasonal flu vaccine. This potentially means that your gut bacteria affect how effective the vaccine will be within your own body.

Irish rugby players have exceptional guts

Various reports have indicated that exercise and diet impact gut microbial diversity. A new study of Irish rugby players shows that the gut bacteria of athletes are more diverse than other people, and that athletes have a healthier metabolism.

Human metabolism mapped

Scientists have unveiled the most comprehensive atlas of genes underlying human metabolic pathways. This is in order to understand better, and treat, various metabolic diseases.

A healthy gut and good bacteria

Specific gut bacteria appear to be beneficial for maintaining a healthy intestine, according to a new study carried out using fruit flies and mice.

Antibiotics can lead to pathogenic gut infections

Antibiotics can kill ‘good’ bacteria in the human gut leaving pathogenic strains to survive, which poses a risk of causing gut infections.

Caesarean linked to increased child allergies

Children born via Caesarean section are more often affected by allergies than those born in the natural way, according to a new study, due to children having a lower diversity of gut bacteria.

Viruses in the gut may have created ‘superbugs’

Scientists have a new site for treating problem bacteria in the gut: the viruses that also live within our digestive tract.

Killing Salmonella using human feces

Researchers have recently found a novel mode of interaction between Salmonella, a foodborne pathogen, and the gut bacteria, where certain bacteria isolated from human feces can kill the pathogen.

Stomach bug may influence diabetes

A stomach bacterium that is responsible for ulcers may also play a role in people developing diabetes. This is through the bacterium controlling body weight and glucose tolerance.

Fish Guts Found in Wine

Winemakers could be required to label all byproducts on their bottles after fish guts are found to be used in the production of bottled wine.

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