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Trump rallies NRA 'friends' on eve of 100-day milestone

Atlanta - Ninety-nine days into office President Donald Trump rallied his "friends" from the National Rifle Association on Friday, telling the hugely powerful US gun lobby the "assault" on their right to bear arms is over.

Trump to address NRA on eve of 100 days in office

Washington - Ninety-nine days after taking office, President Donald Trump on Friday is set to address the National Rifle Association, the hugely powerful US gun lobby that will surely give him a triumphant welcome.The event will be heavy with symbolism.

A person is shot by a toddler each week in U.S.

Toddlers have shot, on average, on person each week during the course of 2015 and 2016, according to newly reported statistics.

Chicago 2016: 762 murders, 3,550 shootings

Chicago - The numbers are in and Chicago recorded the most murders in 2016 since 1996. The number of people murdered in the Windy City during 2016 stands at 762, the highest number since 796 homicides were recorded twenty years ago.

Trump suggests Clinton's Secret Service agents disarm

Washington - Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump raised the threat of violence against his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton again on Friday, suggesting her Secret Service guards voluntarily disarm and "see what happens to her.

Orlando victim's mom brings Democratic convention to tears

Philadelphia - The mother of a man killed last month in a mass shooting at a Florida nightclub pleaded for stronger gun laws Wednesday in a moving address to the Democratic National Convention.

White House decries Senate 'cowardice' for rejecting gun control

Washington - The White House on Tuesday denounced the "cowardice" of US senators who failed to pass gun control legislation taken up following the Orlando nightclub massacre.

US Supreme Court lets stand state assault weapons bans

Washington - The US Supreme Court on Monday effectively upheld state bans on military-style assault weapons, declining to hear a challenge to bans on guns like the one used to kill 49 people in Orlando earlier this month.

US Senate to vote on gun control as Trump softens stance

Washington - US Democrats claimed victory Thursday after a nearly 15-hour filibuster persuaded the Senate to vote on legislation barring terror suspects from buying firearms, as Donald Trump signalled he could modulate his gun rights stance and back such a move.

Trump signals could bar gun sales for terror suspects

Washington - Republican White House hopeful Donald Trump signalled Wednesday he could support banning people on terror watch lists from purchasing guns, a move that would place him in opposition to members of his own party.

U.S. gun industry thrives but challenged by demographics

Washington - Driven by fears of tighter regulation, gun sales in the United States have prospered during the Obama presidency and after mass killings, even as few new customers enter the market.

UN rights chief urges U.S. to introduce arms controls

Geneva - The UN's human rights chief on Tuesday called on the United States to bring in "robust gun regulation" in order to prevent the kind of mass killing seen in Orlando, Florida over the weekend.

Gun rights group NRA endorses Trump for US president

Washington - The National Rifle Association on Friday endorsed Donald Trump for US president, saying it was time to unite behind the Republican or "kiss your guns goodbye" if Hillary Clinton is elected.

Americans split on allowing guns on campus

Washington - Should university students and professors be allowed to bring guns on campus? Americans are divided on the issue with no end in sight to the deadly shootings that regularly rock the nation.

Ruling puts Pacific islanders in gun debate crosshairs

Hagatna - America's heated gun debate has extended to a remote Pacific territory, with a court overturning a ban on handguns in the Northern Marianas after ruling it breached the US Constitution's Second Amendment.

No guns allowed at Republican convention: Secret Service

Washington - No guns will be allowed into the Republican National Convention, the US Secret Service says, refusing to bow to pressure after nearly 50,000 people signed a petition urging a no-firearms policy be overturned.

America's passion for guns intact as shooting toll rises

Washington - A rifle as new state symbol. A bill that lets young children use handguns under supervision. As mass shootings shatter lives, the fascination with firearms among many Americans shows little sign of fading.

University of Texas allows guns in classrooms

Chicago - The University of Texas at Austin begrudgingly agreed Wednesday to allow students to carry guns into classrooms, months after state lawmakers passed a bill outlawing gun bans at public universities.

Pakistan's thin red line: Armed teachers in classrooms

Peshawar - Headmaster Naveed Gul walked past the armed guard at the gate into his office. As primary school pupils studied their morning lessons outside, he reached beneath his warm woolly sweater, and pulled out a gun."This is an M20 pistol," he said.

Texas BBQ restaurant offering discount to people who bring guns

Houston - To celebrate the recent passage of open carry laws in the state of Texas, one barbecue restaurant owner is offering an incentive to customers who bring their firearms.

Obama will not campaign for opponents of new gun laws

Washington - US President Barack Obama vowed not to campaign or vote for any candidate, including Democrats, who opposes tighter gun laws, as he publicly challenged critics of his policies.

Tearful Obama pleads for 'urgency' on gun control

Washington - President Barack Obama shed tears Tuesday as he announced limited measures to tackle rampant US gun violence and called on Americans to punish lawmakers who oppose more meaningful reforms.

Obama to announce gun control measures Tuesday: White House arb/

Washington - President Barack Obama will introduce a raft of executive actions to tackle US gun violence on Tuesday, the White House said, a move designed to bypass the staunchly opposed Congress.

Obama to force through gun control measures

Washington - President Barack Obama will introduce a raft of executive actions to try to reduce US gun violence Tuesday, bypassing Congress and launching a bitter 2016 election year fight.

Obama to hold public meeting on gun control

Washington - President Barack Obama will take part Thursday in a town hall-style meeting to discuss new efforts to stem what he has called an epidemic of gun violence across America.

President considers tightening gun control laws without Congress

Washington - President Barack Obama plans to meet with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Monday to devise strategies for tightening gun control without the help of ideologically deadlocked U.S. lawmakers.

Obama to tackle 'unfinished business' of gun violence in 2016

Washington - President Barack Obama made fighting gun violence his chief resolution for 2016 in a New Year's Day address, calling it a major piece of "unfinished business" for his White House administration.

America's penchant for guns stronger than ever after attacks

Randolph - The Paris and San Bernardino attacks have fueled a surge in US gun sales, as Americans seek to protect themselves -- and stock up in case lawmakers finally act to tighten firearms controls.

NY Times, in rare front-page editorial, urges gun control

Washington - The New York Times has published an editorial on its front page for the first time since 1920, using the rare, prominent placement to urge gun control following the latest mass shooting in the United States.

Brazil eyes 'Wild West' gun ownership law

Rio De Janeiro - Brazil, which has one of the highest murder tolls on the planet, could soon end most restrictions on gun ownership, risking what one critic called a "Wild West" scenario.
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A Code Pink protester at the NRA press conference
A Code Pink protester at the NRA press conference
Glock models 26  17  19 and 21
Glock models 26, 17, 19 and 21
President Barack Obama  with Vice President Joe Biden  delivers a statement and takes questions abou...
President Barack Obama, with Vice President Joe Biden, delivers a statement and takes questions about the Administration’s gun policy process in the wake of the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut
White House photo
Toronto guns seized
Guns in America
Toronto police
Assault rifle
Assault rifle
A trigger of a gun
A trigger of a gun
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Apple has launched a series of more than 100 new and updated emojis. It s replaced the gun with a wa...
Apple has launched a series of more than 100 new and updated emojis. It's replaced the gun with a water pistol and put out new designs it hopes will be more inclusive.
Treyvon Martin  George Zimmerman  President Bill Clinton signs Brady Gun Law into law. Drug busts un...
Treyvon Martin, George Zimmerman, President Bill Clinton signs Brady Gun Law into law. Drug busts uncover 100s of guns. Gun retailers.
Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum & NAA Mini .22 LR
Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum & NAA Mini .22 LR
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Reenactors representing WWII soldiers with guns used in the war  both German and Canadian guns.
Reenactors representing WWII soldiers with guns used in the war, both German and Canadian guns.
A Houston  TX gun show
A Houston, TX gun show
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Guns pictured in the Democratic Republic of Congo forest.
Guns pictured in the Democratic Republic of Congo forest.
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A replica firing squad in Manila
A replica firing squad in Manila
by Kevn
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