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Gun rights News

NRA stokes COVID-19 fears in lawsuit against California

The National Rifle Association (NRA) and other pro-gun groups filed a lawsuit against California on Friday after the state forced gun stores to close under Gov. Gavin Newsom's shelter-in-place order amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Vince Vaughn speaks out in support of gun rights

Actor Vince Vaughn recently spoke about his support for the second amendment and his belief that guns help to deter crimes.

Maine constitutional carry bill headed to House for vote

Maine could be the next state to legalize a system known as constitutional carry, which allows anyone legally able to own a firearm to carry it concealed without a permit.

Texas legislature legalizes open carry of handguns

Austin - Gun owners in the state of Texas could soon be able to open carry their handguns, which is something that has previously been illegal in the usually gun-friendly state.

Op-Ed: "Operation Choke Point" strangles businesses that Obama dislikes

Washington D.c. - President Obama's Department of Justice has allegedly targeted legitimate businesses that the President does not like. Congress began investigating Operation Choke Point on Tuesday March 24, 2015.

Constitutional carry bill doing well in Maine legislature

A new bill introduced in Maine would allow residents to carry a concealed firearm without a permit; and the bill is already garnering quite a bit of support from both chambers of the legislature.

Gun rights advocates rally for open carry in the state of Texas

Austin - In Texas, activists are rallying for open carry, an issue still causing quite a bit of controversy in both the political world and daily life in America.

Op-Ed: Why concealed-carry on campus won't end college rape culture

The news cycle is abuzz with news that 10 states are proposing an end to banning firearms on college campuses. Some proponents of allowing concealed-carry on campus argue that it will help fight rape culture and protect women. Why they're wrong.

Op-Ed: Moms Demand Action fight for gun control

Guns don't kill; people do. However, too many guns, irresponsibly used and in the wrong hands, are injuring and killing too many people. A gun license, like a driver's license, should be a privilege, not a right.

Texas man shoots and kills home invader

Houston - A Harris County man shot and killed one of three home invaders early Friday morning while his mother was trying to make breakfast.

Georgia man sues daughter's school for not allowing guns

Douglasville - A Georgia man is suing his daughter's school after the principal told him he was not allowed to carry his firearm on school property.

How smart guns change the gun control debate forever

Smart guns have ignited a firestorm of debate between both sides of the gun rights conflict. Now tensions are rising and citizens are calling for action on smart gun laws.

Two armed Georgians have showdown over 'guns everywhere' law

Valdosta - Two armed men had a tense standoff when one demanded identification from the other. Things nearly turned ugly when one owner removed his gun from a holster and the incident ended with an arrest.

Shoplifter stopped by man with concealed carry permit

Roseville - A violent shoplifter who stabbed a guard several times with a contaminated needle was stopped by a man with a legal concealed weapon Monday.

The man with the gun tattoo

Call it whimsy or nostalgia when a Maine man decided to have a replica of a 9mm handgun he once owned tattooed onto his stomach. The life-sized image is so realistic it looks as though he has the weapon tucked into his waistband.

Op-Ed: The right to have and bear arms

There are few things that incite more passion than the debate around gun control. The tragic shooting at Columbia Mall, has thrust the conversation into the headlines and legislature once more.

Police raid Adam Kokesh's home

Iraq war veteran and political activist Adam Kokesh was arrested Tuesday night after a SWAT Team invaded his home, allegedly using excessive force on those who were present and leaving the property in shambles.

Op-Ed: Fatal shooting stirs debate about parental responsibility

Burkesville - Parents across the country are asking, Why was a child allowed to play with a loaded rifle unsupervised in the first place?

Op-Ed: Gun Right advocates need to stop invoking Godwin's Law

The push for gun control has taken the political center stage in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre. Hopes for reform took a setback when the Senate failed to pass new gun control bill.

Op-Ed: Colt firearms under fire and feeling unwelcome in Connecticut

Colt is the manufacturer of the Colt 45 revolver known as "The Peacemaker" and is facing a hostile environment in Connecticut, a place they called home for 175 years. Generations of family members have a solid history working at Colt.

Child welfare officials raid NJ home over photo of boy with gun

A child welfare official accompanied by numerous police officers in tactical gear conducted a warrantless raid on a New Jersey home after a father posted a Facebook photo of his son safely holding a .22 caliber rifle fitted to resemble an assault weapon.

Op-Ed: Gun owners should relax

"America... just a nation of two hundred million used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns and no qualms about killing anybody else in the world who tries to make us uncomfortable." – Hunter S. Thompson

Review: National Rifle Association releases new ad

Gun control has become the center of attention in America in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings. People all over the country have cried out for stricter gun control measures, while others have called out for gun rights.

NRA launches 'NRA - Practice Range,' an ages 4+ iOS game

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has launched a shooting range simulation game for the Apple iOS called "NRA: Practice Range" in which the ratings are 4+.

Ohio School Board: We'll arm the janitors to protect the school

Montpelier - The school board of Montpelier, Ohio, in a 5-0 vote, decided to allow school custodians to undergo firearms training and carry concealed weapons. In short, the school board's response is to arm the janitors.

Utah lawmaker: All households in town should have a gun

Spring City - Councilman Neil Sorensen of Spring City, Utah has proposed a requirement that all households in town have a firearm and be able to use it effectively.

US VP Biden: Sorry, no 'silver bullet' for gun violence problem

Washington - United States Vice President Joe Biden, meeting with people that represent different lobby groups and industries, said that there's no "silver bullet" that can remedy gun violence.

Ann Coulter draws a 'parallel' between gun and abortion rights

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter, when speaking on Fox News with Sean Hannity, decided to draw a comparison between gun ownership rights and abortion rights.

UK to US on Piers Morgan: Sorry, no returns accepted

British citizens, in response to the pro-gun advocates' petition wanting Piers Morgan to be deported from the US, are begging the UK government not to take him back.

US gun control talks draw many crossing ideological lines

The debate on both sides of gun legislation has turned into debates such as: armed guards vs. armed educators, mental health, states rights vs. federal mandates, etc.
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A gun control demonstration taking place in Washington DC.
A gun control demonstration taking place in Washington DC.
A gun with holster
A gun with holster
Takeshi Mano
These young people in an Idaho restaurant talk loudly against Obama s takeover of the government and...
These young people in an Idaho restaurant talk loudly against Obama's takeover of the government and their concern about losing their gun rights.
Sandra Marquiss  Central Nebraska
Sandra Marquiss, Central Nebraska

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