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Police: Man openly carrying firearm on school property was legal

Ann Arbor - A debate over guns in schools has caught fire in the state of Michigan after an Ann Arbor man legally carried his firearm to an event at his younger sister's school.

New bill would allow some teachers in Arkansas to carry guns

Republican-sponsored legislation that would allow some teachers in the state of Arkansas to carry firearms to work is now one step closer to being passed.

Idaho & South Dakota pushing for concealed carry without a permit

Lawmakers in the states of Idaho and South Dakota are trying to change their respective state's laws on concealed carry, making it legal for citizens to carry concealed firearms without a permit.

Lawmakers want to ban children under 12 from gun shows

One lawmaker in the state of New York has introduced a measure to prevent children under the age of 12 from attending gun shows.

Pennsylvania teachers to be allowed to carry firearms at school?

Harrisburg - Teachers in Pennsylvania could soon have the opportunity to legally carry their firearms to work, thanks to a new piece of legislation proposed by Republican lawmakers in the state.

Target publishes letter asking customers to not shop with guns

Executives at Target have decided that new laws on carrying guns do not fit with the image of their store. A short letter recently laid out their stance and mildly asked shoppers to refrain from bringing guns into their stores.

NRA blasts group for restaurant gun displays

Fort Worth - Tactics used by Open Carry Texas are being outlawed by six national restaurant chains and criticized by the original pro-gun National Rifle Association following recent demonstrations by the group's San Antonio chapter at local Chili's and Sonic chains.

Chipotle says no to guns

Chipotle is asking customers not to bring guns into its stores after it says gun rights advocates posted a picture of military-style assault rifles inside one of its restaurants in Texas. The two men started an entire movement in the Denver based chain

Oakland may soon be able to make its own rules on gun control

Oakland - Oakland, plagued with escalating gun violence, may become the only city in California to be able to make its own laws on the licensing and registration of guns, if Governor Jerry Brown signs AB180 by midnight Sunday.

Arizona the best state for gun owners

According to a report released by Guns & Ammo magazine, Arizona is the best state for gun owners in 2013, with states like Vermont and Alaska following close behind.

A military veteran's view on proposed gun restrictions Special

In the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting, calls for stricter guns laws have echoed throughout the United States, prompting the President to announce his plan to curb gun violence.

Op-Ed: Arming teachers, a law enforcement and educators' perspective Special

Shortly after the Sandy Hook School shooting, some gun advocates suggested having teachers carry guns in the classroom, a prospect some educational organizations, teachers and law enforcement officers don't support.

Oregon sheriffs, US lawmakers fight Obama's gun control measures

After Obama signed 23 executive orders for stricter gun control measures, with proposals to Congress, opposition to his proposals is growing among state law enforcement officials and lawmakers.

Op-Ed: Guns in classrooms — Bad idea

Many things do not mix well with guns. Classrooms full of students is one of them. Should it be the responsibility of educators to safeguard students with lethal force?

Piers Morgan says he'll 'seriously consider deporting myself'

Piers Morgan's comments about gun laws led to a petition drive to have the CNN anchor deported, but Morgan says he will save the government time by deporting himself if gun laws don't change.

Fischer: 'God didn't protect the children because was not wanted'

So why didn't God protect the schoolchildren of Newtown Connecticut? Because he was not wanted there. That's according to Bryan Fischer, a prominent ranking director of the American Family Association, a right wing Christian Evangelical movement.

Japan vs U.S. — Can stricter gun laws reduce shooting deaths?

Intense debates in the United States revolve around how strict firearm regulations should be. Currently, the U.S. leads the world on gun violence, yet support for tougher gun laws is like a yo-yo - unlike Japan and their strict gun laws.

Two in Florida claim they seek right to shoot illegal voters

The source of this story suggests now the two men in the midst of it were pulling a hoax, as the article below and the original source noted may be the case. it is unknown who the men really were.

Trayvon Martin's mom releases video on pro-gun laws

Sybrina Fulton, the mother of slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin, stars in a Mother's Day video calling for the reexamination of the Stand Your Ground act, the self-defense law at the heart of George Zimmerman's defense.

Blair wants gun crime age reduced

Britain's Prime Minister wants the age that you can receive long sentences for gun crime reduced to 17.

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