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Gun control News

Ohio pushing for unrestricted concealed carry

A series of proposals by pro-gun lawmakers in Ohio would expand gun rights in the state and eliminate the concealed carry permit.

Op-Ed: "Operation Choke Point" strangles businesses that Obama dislikes

Washington D.c. - President Obama's Department of Justice has allegedly targeted legitimate businesses that the President does not like. Congress began investigating Operation Choke Point on Tuesday March 24, 2015.

Police: Man openly carrying firearm on school property was legal

Ann Arbor - A debate over guns in schools has caught fire in the state of Michigan after an Ann Arbor man legally carried his firearm to an event at his younger sister's school.

Op-Ed: Why are more guns being sold in the United States?

Guns are reportedly flying off the shelves in the United States but some reports indicate that the number of households with guns has been drastically declining over the last several decades.

Op-Ed: Why the ATF's proposed 5.56 ammunition ban is ridiculous

The ATF and White House are proposing a new ban on certain types of armor piercing 5.56 caliber ammunition; but the logic they're using to support their proposal is severely flawed.

Obama administration to ban green tip 5.56 ammunition?

The ATF is proposing a ban on certain armor piercing 5.56 ammunition, citing the increased availability of 5.56 caliber pistols.

New bill would ban magazines with more than 10 rounds in the U.S.

Lawmakers are urging Congress to get on board with a piece of legislation that would ban the sale, manufacture, transfer or possession of magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds.

Lawmakers want to ban children under 12 from gun shows

One lawmaker in the state of New York has introduced a measure to prevent children under the age of 12 from attending gun shows.

9-month-old infant dies after being shot by 5-year-old brother

Elmo - A northwest Missouri family is reeling after a five-year-old boy fatally shot his nine-month-old brother with his grandfather's revolver.

'More guns, less crime' hypothesis not supported by new research

New research suggests that 'right-to-carry' (RTC) laws do not result in less crime in the U.S., contrary to arguments by the gun rights movement.

Op-Ed: Moms Demand Action fight for gun control

Guns don't kill; people do. However, too many guns, irresponsibly used and in the wrong hands, are injuring and killing too many people. A gun license, like a driver's license, should be a privilege, not a right.

Pennsylvania teachers to be allowed to carry firearms at school?

Harrisburg - Teachers in Pennsylvania could soon have the opportunity to legally carry their firearms to work, thanks to a new piece of legislation proposed by Republican lawmakers in the state.

Op-Ed: Sensational stories give gun owners a bad name

Sensational news stories involving crazy and irresponsible people with firearms give real, responsible gun owners a bad reputation.

Op-Ed: Lack of responsibility leads to death of shooting instructor

A 9-year-old girl in Arizona killed her shooting instructor Monday when she accidentally shot him with the Uzi submachine gun she was learning to fire.

How smart guns change the gun control debate forever

Smart guns have ignited a firestorm of debate between both sides of the gun rights conflict. Now tensions are rising and citizens are calling for action on smart gun laws.

Former White House press secretary James Brady dies at 73

Alexandria - Former White House Press Secretary James Brady, who was severely injured in an assassination attempt on US President Ronald Reagan in 1981, died Monday at a retirement home in Virginia, a family spokesman announced.

James S. Brady, symbolized the fight for gun control, dies at 73 Special

Chicago - James Brady, the former Press Secretary under President Ronald Reagan, passed away today at the age of 73. Brady retained the title of Press Secretary throughout the eight years of the Reagan Presidency, after he was shot in the head on March 30, 1981.

NRA's top lawyer was allegedly convicted of gun crimes in 1964

Fairfax - Bob Dowlut has been the general counsel for the NRA across several years. Now the man stands accused of hiding a past of violence. According to reports Dowlut murdered multiple people with a gun during his youth.

Op-Ed: NRA opposes Rep. Robin Kelly on outlawing marketing guns to kids

Chicago - The National Rifle Association (NRA) and its monopoly on the "final word" on guns and the Second Amendment, coming to an end thanks to Rep. Robin Kelly's emergence on the national stage as an articulate national spokesperson for "common sense" gun reform.

Missouri Governor doesn't want teachers packing heat

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon recently vetoed legislation that would have allowed teachers and other school staff members to carry firearms on campus.

Target publishes letter asking customers to not shop with guns

Executives at Target have decided that new laws on carrying guns do not fit with the image of their store. A short letter recently laid out their stance and mildly asked shoppers to refrain from bringing guns into their stores.

Boy suspended for toy gun

New Kensington - A local schoolboy was suspended after telling teachers that he accidentally bought a toy gun to school. He would have been expelled, but just faces a suspension after a hearing today.

Popular firearms manufacturer relocating because of gun control

A popular handgun manufacturer is moving forward with its decision to relocate following the passage of strict gun control legislation in New York.

Op-Ed: Many factors contributed to Rodger's massacre

Santa Barbara - Whenever a mass murder occurs in America, the tragedy is politicized before the bodies of the victims reach the morgue. Instantly the cause of the massacre is simplified, by wrongfully placing the blame on a single entity.

Georgia passes 'carry anywhere' bill expanding gun rights

Defying other states that are moving to increase gun control in the wake of recent shootings, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed a bill Wednesday that will expand licensed gun owners' rights to carry.

New York gubernatorial candidate wants to repeal 'SAFE Act'

Albany - One candidate running for Governor of New York is assuring gun owners and gun rights advocates in the state that he will repeal the New York 'SAFE Act' if he is elected.

Arkansas girl, 15, pulls prank, shot to death by homeowner

Little Rock - A group of Little Rock teenagers decided to play a prank at the home of a friend who played a prank on them. According to police, the friend's father came out of the house and fired several shots at the car they were in, killing one of the teens.

Gun control: Federal court guts California concealed carry rules

San Francisco - A federal appeals court struck down California rules requiring citizens who wish to obtain concealed carry handgun permits to prove they have "good cause" to do so.

Op-Ed: Guns in America

As the gun control debate continues to rage across the United States, it is important for the average American to obtain a look at the various points that are often discussed and manipulated by the special interest groups involved.

Detroit police chief suggests residents should get guns

Detroit - The police chief of Detroit, a city plagued by gun violence, recently suggested that crime could decrease if more residents armed themselves.
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Gun control Image

President Barack Obama speaking with Vice-President Joe Biden about the new gun control measures the...
President Barack Obama speaking with Vice-President Joe Biden about the new gun control measures the White House proposed
White House screenshot
Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX)
Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX)
Gage Skidmore/Flickr Creative Commons
Since Robin Kelly was elected on April 9  2013  she has kept to her promise to work with families of...
Since Robin Kelly was elected on April 9, 2013, she has kept to her promise to work with families of the victims of gun violence. Here she meets with (from left to right) Tommy Bosley, Pam Bosley, Annette Holt, Glen Brooks (Chicago Police Department CAPS Area Coordinator), Tonya Byrch, Rep. Robin Kelly, Ron Holt, Cleo Pendleton, Yolan Corner and Joy McCormack.
(Robin Kelly government facebook page)
A gun control demonstration taking place in Washington DC.
A gun control demonstration taking place in Washington DC.
Piers Morgan debates Alex Jones on gun control
Piers Morgan debates Alex Jones on gun control
CNN / Screengrab
Keith Ratliff - found shot to death in Georgia
Keith Ratliff - found shot to death in Georgia
 If babies had guns  they wouldn t be aborted   tweeted Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX)
"If babies had guns, they wouldn't be aborted," tweeted Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX)
A Houston  TX gun show
A Houston, TX gun show
Flickr user M Glasgow
President Obama signing executive orders relating to U.S. gun control
President Obama signing executive orders relating to U.S. gun control
White House screenshot
John Ratliff  36-years-old killed in car accident - one day after Keith Ratliff of FPSRussia is foun...
John Ratliff, 36-years-old killed in car accident - one day after Keith Ratliff of FPSRussia is found murdered.
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