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Gum News

Guam chief pleads guilty in FIFA scandal

New York - The US prosecution of the massive corruption scandal rocking world soccer scalped a new head on Thursday: the football chief on the tiny Pacific island of Guam.

Study: Why chewing gum causes headaches, migraines

An Israeli study found that 87 percent of teens who quit chewing gum experience significant relief from problematic headaches.

Caffeine-enriched chewing gum to stay awake without coffee?

Stuck in a very important meeting and can't keep awake? Frequent trips to the washroom is a no-no so looks like coffee is out. Luckily for all those that need an energy boost, Wrigley's has the solution.

Study: Chewing gum may worsen memory

For years, we've been told that chewing gum improves memory, information that gave hope to students pulling all-nighters after cramming for finals -- not any more.

New non-stick chewing gum developed in UK, available in US

A chewing gum that can be easily removed from clothing, yet has the taste and texture of regular gum, has been developed in the UK and was recently launched in the US.

Chewing gum developed to help fight Vitamin A deficiency

Private companies want to edge into the market of providing nutrients to the world's hungry, and fortifying chewing gum with micronutrients is seen as one way to get a foothold on a huge market.

Treating gum disease can reduce arthritis

Patients suffering from gum disease and rheumatoid arthritis could see an improvement in both medical conditions if they deal with the gum infection say researchers in the United States.

Gum chewing leads to teens’ higher math scores?

If your child has trouble with math, give her some gum and send her to school. Researchers at a Texas medical institution say gum-chewing improves math scores.

Mexican Government Conspiracy Theory? A Sticky Situation

Mexican officials aren't listening to mom any longer. In response to a growing problem that is gumming up the streets in Mexico City, citizens have been told to either throw away or swallow their gum. But is that sound advice?

The Messy Explosive Side Effects of Sugar-Free Gum

Chewing sugar-free gum can indeed cause weight loss, but it also leads to chronic bowel problems and diarrhea, German researchers have discovered. The intestinal complications are caused by sorbitol, a popular artificial sweetener.

British scientists develop 'non-sticky' chewing gum

Scientists said on Friday they had cracked a sticky problem which they have been chewing over for years by inventing gum which is easily removable from shoes, pavements and hair.

When Chewing A Tree Was Good For Your Teeth

Our councils spend an astronomical amount each year getting rid of the stuff on pavements and roads - the infamous chewing gum. So who would have thought we would ever make such a big deal about discovering a chewed up, hardened piece?

Gum-Sharing Exercise Disgusts Parents

Parents of some Maryland school students are disgusted after learning their children participated in a gum-sharing exercise.

Things We learned this Week

Here are somethings we learned from the past week.

Hope over 'obesity-busting gum'

Scientists are looking at whether an appetite-suppressing chewing gum could be used to tackle obesity.

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A woman chewing gum
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