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Guinness world records News

Astronaut sets record, throws football more than 500,000 yards

Houston - It was “sort of a record” and there are a lot of “buts” associated with it. The ball was thrown by Astronaut Tim Kopra while orbiting the Earth on the ISS and it travelled 564,664 yards. The distance was measured relative to the Earth.

Review: Niels Duinker juggles at Guinness World Records headquarters Special

New York - On January 6, world renowned juggler Niels Duinker, from the Netherlands, performed at Guinness World Records headquarters, which was streamed live.

Op-Ed: China sets (odd) record for most choreographed dancers

Okay so it's not the kind of record most of us would aspire to holding, or be a part of holding, and it doesn't have the sex appeal of, oh, say, most goals at the World Cup of Soccer. But it is a world record and it took a lot of effort to achieve it.

18th-century clock design wins Guinness World Record for accuracy

Greenwich - A clock based on a design first proposed in the 18th century by John Harrison, a carpenter and clockmaker, has left experts stunned after keeping accurate to the second during a 100-day trial at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich.

Pub owner fined after Irish 'nuns' are caught drinking illegally

Listowel - A charity event in Listowel, Ireland, combined raising funds with a record-breaking attempt. The trouble began after pub closing-time when police raided the pub full of "nuns" illegally drinking.

Review: Philippines — Breaking world records for Guinness in 2012

The Philippines, which had hogged the headlines for setting the global record for impeaching a Supreme Court justice, snared some of the most colorful world records that found their way into the Guinness World Records (GWR).

World Guinness Record for longest 'human chair' goes to Japan

The residents of Onojo City, Japan were informed by the Guinness World Records that they have the title of the world's longest "human chair."

'Gangnam Style' sets a Guinness World Record

South Korean rapper PSY's galloping dance moves, as seen in the popular single 'Gangnam Style' turned him into an online sensation when the music video came out just three short months ago. But now, the rapper can also add a world title to his success.

Two-faced cat sets longevity record in Guinness Book of Records

Frank ‘n Louie is a cat that has just set the world record for being the longest living cat with two faces. The feline, which has two noses, three eyes and two mouths, one brain and one stomach, has just celebrated turning 12 years old.

777lb hamburger sets new world record at Alameda County Fair

Alameda - In another impressive feat overseen by officials from Guinness World Records, the world’s largest hamburger was prepared by grill chefs at the Alameda County Fair this past weekend.

Doctor Who gains two more world records

Guinness World Records have awarded Doctor Who, the BBC's long-running science-fiction drama series, two new world records.

Guinness World Record for Doctor Who Magazine

Guinness World Records has named Doctor Who Magazine the world’s “Longest Running Magazine Based on a Television Series”.

World's Shortest Man Dies at Age 21

The beloved Guinness World Record holder of 'world's shortest man', He Pingping, died on Saturday in Rome where he was to take part in a television show.

New Guinness World Record: US Tallest Man is 7-Foot-8

George Bell, a Norfolk, Virgina sheriff's deputy, has been recognized by the Guinness World Records as the tallest man in the United States. He stands taller than the NBA's tallest current player, Yao Ming.

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