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Guinness world record News

Review: 81-year-old Greek woman sets windsurfing Guinness World Record Special

Kefalonia - 81-year-old Greek woman, Anastasia Gerolymatou, has a major reason to celebrate. She set a Guinness World Record in windsurfing.

Yoga teacher performs for 40 hours non-stop, sets world record

Hong Kong - A 29-year-old yoga teacher performed yoga non-stop over 40 hours in his Hong Kong studio to set a new Guinness World Record.

Management of 'naturalist' town in Spain accidentally bans nudity

Vera - Sometimes "red tape" can go a tad too far. Vera, in Almeria province, southern Spain, is well-known and advertises itself as “the best naturist beach resort in the world." However, the local PP government banned the practice recently.

World's oldest man now 111 years old

Due to the death of the previous record holder for the world's oldest man in New York City, the new record holder, just one day younger, is waiting to be certified by Guinness.

Hunter Hayes tops Billboard country album charts with 'Storyline'

Country singer Hunter Hayes outdoes himself once again. Fresh off his Guinness world record for playing the most shows in a 24 hour period, the 22-year old singer has another milestone to celebrate.

Country star Hunter Hayes breaks Guinness World Record

Atlantic Nashville recording artist Hunter Hayes has a lot to be proud of, especially with his new Guinness world record to add to his impressive resume.

Spanish ham slicer a cut above the rest, wins world record

Paris - Dry-cured ham, or jamón, is an essential food item in Spain and the guys who slice this ham are pretty important too. They have a special name, "cortadores", and they often enter competitions or in this case, beat world records.

Doctor Who gains Guinness World Record

Last night's simultaneous broadcast of program 'The Day of the Doctor', beamed to 94 countries, has been officially named the world's largest-ever simulcast of a TV drama.

Ethiopian man claims to be world's oldest man at 160-years-old

An Ethiopian farmer is apparently able to recount a century worth of African history which may help prove that he is the world's oldest man.

Largest mural in the world to be found in Berlin

An artwork applied on wall is a thing of beauty for everyone who sees it, for it signifies the creativity and power of imagination of the artist who created it. A mural company in France may have taken wall painting into a new level.

Spaniards smash world 'skinny dipping' record all in a good cause

Vera - A town on the Almerian coast of Spain has broken the Guinness World Record for the largest-ever "skinny dip," after 729 naked swimmers jumped into the Mediterranean sea as one on Sunday.

Someone beat the world record as the fastest clapper (video)

Bryan Bednarek has single-handedly... wait, no ... DOUBLE-handedly shattered the world clapping record at 802 claps in one minute, and here is the living video proof.

World Guinness Record for longest 'human chair' goes to Japan

The residents of Onojo City, Japan were informed by the Guinness World Records that they have the title of the world's longest "human chair."

Man bowls record 9 strikes in 60 seconds

Monday, Chad McLean set the world Guinness World Record for most strikes ever bowled in one minute while Rihanna's "We Found Love" played in the background at a Florida bowling alley.

Canadians set Guinness record for longest hockey game

The Guinness World Record for playing the longest hockey game in the world has now been set by forty female hockey players.

Japan's 'Takabisha' becomes the world's steepest roller coaster

Yamanashi - If you're an adrenaline junkie, consider visiting Japan - the new home of the world's steepest roller coaster - 'Takabisha'.

Jed Mildon completes first-ever BMX triple back-flip

Taupo - Jed Mildon has become the first person to complete a triple back-flip on a BMX. The jaw-dropping point-of-view video is currently circulating online.

'Run for Pasig' Awarded World's Largest Race by Guinness

Manila, Philippines -- The Guinness Book of World Records officially declared today the "10.10.10: A Run for the Pasig River" as the largest footrace event in the world.

1,810-pound pumpkin sets new Guinness record

New Richmond - Guinness World Records has confirmed that a massive pumpkin grown in Wisconsin is officially the world's heaviest. The gourd grown this year by Chris Stevens of New Richmond tipped the scales at 1,810.5 pounds.

Wisconsin has world's tallest horse at 6'11

Poynette - The nine-year-old Belgian horse is the Guinness World Record holder for the world's tallest living horse at one quarter inch short of 6-feet 11 inches.

Wyoming man sets Guinness record for body piercings

Many may say to themselves "Why?", but on Sunday afternoon, a Wyoming man laid quietly on a padded massage table while a body piercing artist inserted 1,501 16-gauge needles into his body.

World's Oldest Paper Boy - Read All About It!

Ted Ingram just turned 90-years-old on Valentine's Day this month. He is still delivering newspapers after starting the job sixty-eight years ago!

Guitar Hero Ace shreds his way into the record books again

To celebrate the launch of the second annual Guinness World Records 2009 Gamer's Edition, the nation's best Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock player visited New York City for a mesmerizing, record-breaking shred session.

Couple married for 83 years a Guinness World Record

Clarence Vail married Mayme in 1925 and their marriage is still going strong. They're also going into the Guinness World Records as the longest married couple in the world. They said one of the secrets of a successful marriage is to take vows seriously.

You call that a knife? This is a knife

A special collector-edition Swiss army knife weighing 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg) is officially recognized by the Guinness World Record 2008 for having the most functions on a penknife.

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A screenshot from a Youtube video showing a World record setting Hoverboard journey.
A screenshot from a Youtube video showing a World record setting Hoverboard journey.
Otto the bulldog has now set a Guinness World Record for being the first mutt to skateboard through ...
Otto the bulldog has now set a Guinness World Record for being the first mutt to skateboard through a human tunnel of 30 people's legs.
Baby Hope Diamond is Wendy Diamond s dog and holds the Guinness World Record for the most expensive ...
Baby Hope Diamond is Wendy Diamond's dog and holds the Guinness World Record for the most expensive pet wedding in history!

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