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Canadians hit with multitude of guidelines for safe Thanksgiving

Canada's Thanksgiving holiday is just around the corner, and with COVID-19 cases on the increase in most of the country, an avalanche of information has created some confusion with the public.

Arizona State University says it won't 'pause' COVID-19 modeling

Tucson - Arizona State University will continue to provide COVID-19 models to the public despite instructions from the Arizona Department of Health Services to "pause" the work, the university confirmed.

Int. Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses tasked with naming virus

It has infected thousands of people, closed borders and put parts of China into lockdown. But the virus causing the illness does not have a proper name. That will soon change. The International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses will come up with a name.

FDA works to make CBD legal while sending out warning letters

Washington - U.S. regulators say they’re exploring ways CBD could be used legally in foods and dietary supplements and will hold a public hearing on the cannabis compound next month. At the same time, warning letters have been sent to several companies.

Botched measles campaign kills 15 children in South Sudan

Fifteen young children have died in a measles vaccination campaign that saw kids as young as 12-years-old administering the vaccines, according to the South Sudan government.

What the EU wants: Brexit guidelines

Brussels - Twenty-seven EU leaders will formally meet without Britain for the first time on Saturday to rubberstamp their guidelines for Brexit negotiations.

New guidelines out for treating hypertension

Blood pressure can be difficult to understand because it means more than just a set of numbers. We have been told for years that a measurement of 120/80 is the ideal that is considered normal. But now, there are new guidelines for clinicians to follow.

Lack of national guidelines on AEDs puts Canadians at risk

Having a heart attack or going into cardiac arrest is something we all fear, but technology has given us the Automated External Defibrillator, or AED. A life saving device such as the AED should be readily available in most public places, but it's not.

Malaysian ministry denies endorsing 'guidelines' for gay symptoms

Kuala Lumpur - The Malaysian Education Ministry has denied reports that, worried about the spread of the "unhealthy phenomenon " of homosexuality and "working to curb the problem," it endorsed guidelines to help parents identify "symptoms" of gay orientation.

Another mammography study, another controversy

Philadelphia - It seems as if every new study on mammography or breast cancer screening guidelines fuels yet another controversy about the right approach to this process for many women.

Canada to decrease exercise guidelines

In an effort to create more active Canadians, experts at the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) are developing a new set of fitness guidelines that will make it easier to follow.

Op-Ed: A new set of guidelines for Filipino state workers?

Manila - The President of the Philippines had approved a simple list of do’s and don’t’s in the code of conduct for state workers in the Philippines.

Texas approves new guidelines to social studies curriculum

After months of debate, the Texas State Board of Education has approved new guidelines to their Social Studies Curriculum.

Canada releases guidelines for prescription painkillers

The Canadian Medical Association has issued national guidelines to assist the prescription of pain medication. The aim is to ensure that proper assessment and treatment are conducted to prevent abuse, addiction and overdose of opioid painkillers.

Kids, parents 'uncomfortable' with teachers on Facebook

Many students and parents are 'weirded out' about teachers being on the popular social-networking websites Facebook and MySpace after grade-school kids Tweeted about their teachers being on the websites.

UK government sets guidelines for civil servants' Twitter use

The British government has published guidelines for its departments on how best to use the microblogging service Twitter.

Pharmaceutical group adopts moratorium on gifts to doctors

New guidelines banning purely promotion gifts to physicians were adopted by pharmaceutical and biotech companies and took effect January 1. Will it make a difference?

Toy Safety ABC's Of This Holiday Season

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has released a toy safety guideline to help consumers make smart choices while they shop for those perfect gifts for children. (A) awareness, and knowing the (B) benefits, for (C) consumers.

Digital Journal Editorial Guidelines

In an effort to strengthen the news reportage found on Digital Journal, here are editorial rules for the type of articles that should be published on our news network. If you're a writer on the site, this is your handbook.

Busy Parents Scoff At Lunch Box Guidelines

Should the school executive be telling busy parents what they should be packing in their kids lunch boxes?

Study reveals homesickness guidelines for the young

Almost everyone experiences occasional homesickness, but many young people suffer from a particularly intense form that interferes with normal activities, according to a new study by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Global Stem Cell Research Guidelines Created by Expert Panel

VOA - A confusing variety of laws governing stem cell research in many nations has led to a global effort by scientists, ethicists, lawyers and others to set principles by which stem cell investigations should proceed. The effort is devoted in part to...

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Tropical smallholder farmers do not always use protective gear while handling pesticides.
Tropical smallholder farmers do not always use protective gear while handling pesticides.
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