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Leftist rebels deny plot to attack Colombian capital

Apo - National Liberation Army (ELN) rebels on Thursday denied planning an attack on Colombia's capital Bogota, despite a warning from Cuba.But the leftist guerrillas insisted they would not renounce "military action" against the state.

Bogota taking rebel attack threat 'very seriously': mayor

Apo - Bogota's mayor said Wednesday that she is taking "very seriously" an alleged plan by left-wing guerrillas to carry out an attack on the Colombian capital.

Cuba tipped off Colombia about looming left-wing ELN rebel attack

Apo - Cuba has tipped Colombia off about a plan by the left-wing ELN guerrilla group to attack Bogota in the "next few days," Colombia's defense minister said Monday. "The Colombian government received from the Cuban ambassador...

Tribunal charges former FARC members with war crimes

Apo - Eight high-ranking members of Colombia's now-defunct FARC guerilla movement, including serving politicians, are being charged with war crimes for kidnapping more than 21,000 people during a decades-long civil conflict, a court said Thursday.

ELN accuses supporters of Colombian ex-president of massacres

Havana - Faced with an escalation of murders in the territories where it operates, Colombia's Marxist National Liberation Army (ELN) rebels blame the violence on right-wing paramilitaries reacting to the house arrest of former president Alvaro Uribe.

Colombia's ELN rebels propose ceasefire during pandemic

Apo - Colombia's leftist National Liberation Army (ELN) rebels have proposed a three-month ceasefire to the government of right-wing President Ivan Duque.

Colombia's ELN rebels scrap ceasefire

Apo - Colombia's last active rebel group said Monday it will resume its guerrilla war on May 1, ending a one-month unilateral ceasefire over the coronavirus pandemic.

Colombia puts military on alert after guerrilla threat

Apo - Colombia has put its armed forces on maximum alert following the announcement of a nationwide three-day "armed strike" by left-wing guerrillas, the government said on Monday.

Colombian ex-rebels leave danger zone following murders

Medell - More than 100 Colombian former left-wing guerrillas and their family members have left an area designated for them following the murder of 12 fellow ex-rebels elsewhere in the country, the FARC said Friday.

Colombian FARC leader wants peace deal respected to undercut dissidents

Apo - An ex-FARC guerrilla leader is calling on the Colombian government to fully implement its 2016 peace plan to undercut rebel dissidents who have again taken up arms against the government of President Ivan Duque.

Colombia's FARC rebels announce political movement

Apo - The former second-in-command of the FARC rebels announced Wednesday the creation of a political movement, a week after announcing he was taking up arms once more.

Colombia's FARC: from war to peace and back again

Apo - Senior commanders of dissolved Colombian rebel group FARC announced they were resuming their armed struggle Thursday.

Former Colombian rebel leader announces return to arms

Apo - A former senior commander of the dissolved FARC rebel army in Colombia announced Thursday he is taking up arms again along with other guerrillas who have distanced themselves from a historic peace accord signed with the government.

Former Colombian rebel leader says taking up arms againĀ 

Apo - A former senior commander of the dissolved FARC rebel army in Colombia announced Thursday he is taking up arms again along with other guerrillas who have distanced themselves from a historic peace accord signed with the government.

Leftist ELN rebels release Colombian soldier

Apo - Marxist guerrillas the ELN have released a Colombian soldier kidnapped a month ago on the border with Venezuela, the body tasked with protecting human rights in the country said Thursday.

Ten killed in Colombia clash with FARC splinter group

Apo - Colombia's armed forces clashed Saturday with FARC dissident rebels, killing 10 from the group that split from the 2016 peace process.

85 FARC members killed in Colombia since peace accord: UN

Apo - Since Colombia signed a peace deal with left-wing FARC rebels two years ago, 85 members of the former guerrilla movement have been murdered, the United Nations said on Monday.

Colombian ELN rebels announce Christmas ceasefire

Apo - Colombia's ELN Marxist guerrilla group announced Monday a Christmas ceasefire as peace talks with the country's government have been on hold since August.

Two Colombian soldiers killed in bomb attack blamed on ELN

Apo - Two Colombian soldiers were killed and another two wounded Friday along the country's border with Venezuela in a bomb attack blamed by the military on rebels from the National Liberation Army.

FARC official makes contact with Colombia special court

Apo - The man who negotiated FARC's peace agreement with the Colombian government emerged from hiding Wednesday to comply with a demand that former guerrilla leaders reaffirm their commitment to the 2016 peace agreement that ended decades of conflict.

Colombian guerrillas want peace talks before suspending fight

Havana - Marxist rebels in Colombia said on Monday they will not suspend their insurgency until President Ivan Duque names a new team of peace negotiators to restart Cuban-hosted talks.

Dissident Colombian rebels murder three geologists, army says

Apo - Suspected dissident FARC guerrillas murdered three geologists working for a Canadian gold mining company in northwestern Colombia, the army said on Thursday.

Colombia guerillas release kidnapped minor

Apo - Leftist ELN guerillas freed a teenager on Wednesday who was kidnapped two weeks before in northwestern Colombia, the country's ombudsman said.

Five questions on Peru's Shining Path answered

- Earlier this week, Abimael Guzman, the leader of Peru's Shining Path guerrillas, was handed a second life sentence for a 1992 car bombing that killed 25 people, alongside nine fellow leaders.

Colombia's Duque waiting until last moment for ELN peace decision

Apo - Colombia is waiting until the last minute to see if ELN Marxist rebels release their remaining hostages before deciding whether or not to restart stalled peace talks, President Ivan Duque said on Friday.

Left-wing ELN guerrillas release captured Colombian soldiers

Apo - Marxist ELN rebels have released three soldiers kidnapped a month ago, just two days before a Colombian government deadline on deciding whether or not to resume peace talks with the guerrillas, the country's ombudsman said on Wednesday.

Colombia's Duque again orders ELN rebels to release hostages

Apo - Colombia President Ivan Duque reiterated on Thursday his call for ELN Marxist rebels to release hostages as a prerequisite to restarting suspended Cuban-hosted peace talks.

Colombia's ELN says will free hostages after pressure from president

Apo - Colombia's ELN guerrilla force announced Tuesday it would release nine hostages to comply with a demand by new President Ivan Duque in order to continue peace talks with his government.

Colombia president Duque warns ELN rebels over hostages

Apo - Colombia President Ivan Duque warned ELN guerrillas on Friday they must release nine hostages taken over the previous 10 days if they want to continue peace talks initiated by his predecessor Juan Manuel Santos.

Colombia's ELN says they are willing to release hostages

Apo - Colombian ELN guerrillas said Saturday they were willing to release the six people kidnapped one day earlier in a lawless jungle area of northern Colombia.
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