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UK Guardian group's digital revenues surpass print

London - The British newspaper group that owns The Guardian said Tuesday that its digital revenues had outstripped print for the first time.

Guardian newspaper avoids a paywall but bets on reader support

London - The Guardian newspaper has grown its membership program to 800,000 supporters within a year and a half. It shifted from offering tote bags, tickets to events and other incentives to concentrating on emotional, service-based requests.

Financially strapped Atlantic City considers gamblers' way out

Atlantic City - East Coast gambling mecca Atlantic City, N.J., is almost out of chances to save itself from looming financial catastrophe.

Top PR firms publicly rule out working with climate deniers

Public relations firms have played a major role in fueling the climate change debate, from pushing solutions to the problem, to disinformation campaigns. Recently though, there has been a shift in this multi-million dollar industry.

China blocks The Guardian

The Guardian newspaper's website has been blocked in China without warning or any clear indication as to why. However, some claim they can access the website without any problems.

Op-Ed: Guardian editor defends paper before UK House committee

Yesterday( Dec. 3) in the UK, Alan Rubridger editor of the Guardian newspaper said that he had published only one per cent of all the material given to him by whistle-blower and former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

Op-Ed: Distrust in politicians and silicone valley following NSA leaks

Whilst many people may have suspected that governments were spying on them online, few in the west could have realised the extent of the surveillance. At least one positive has come out of this sordid affair and that is debate, but at a price — distrust

Princess Diana movie gets hostile reception from critics

A film about Diana, Princess of Wales – the tragic UK princess killed in a Paris road tunnel in 1997 – has got a cool reception from critics.

Obama reassures America everything is under control

President Obama announced the first broadcast review of the US surveillance programs since September 11, 2001 on Friday, in what appears to be the President’s first response to the mounting public concern relating to disclosures by Edward Snowden.

Spain train crash: Driver blamed for going 'too fast'

Santiago De Compostela - Within seconds, everything changed when the ill-fated train hurtled off the rails in north-western Spain Wednesday, killing at least 80 passengers and injuring dozens—the worst railway crash in Spain since 1944.

Gay bishops should lie about their sexual activites, says priest

A noted UK Christian thinks gay bishops – now to be allowed to take office in the Church of England – ought to lie about whether or not they will remain celibate.

Guardian releases map showing verified attacks in Gaza and Israel

The Guardian newspaper has created an online Google Map showing all the verified incidents reported by news sources and wires across Gaza and Israel since last week.

Actor Rupert Everett wonders why ‘queens’ want to marry in church

Openly gay British actor Rupert Everett has spoken out against gays who want to be able to marry in church. He’s also said recent comments about same-sex parenthood have made him Public Enemy Number One.

Labour Party fringe meetings kick start conference in Manchester Special

Manchester - The UK Labour Party started its annual five-day conference on Sunday, under the theme 'rebuilding Britain', in the Northwest city of Manchester.

US treatment of Bradley Manning ‘cruel, inhuman and degrading’

Juan Mendez, the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, has formally accused the US government of "cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment" towards one of its soldiers, PFC Bradley Manning.

Archie Comics gay-marriage issue sells out despite boycott call

An edition of the long-running American Archie comicbook series has sold out despite – or perhaps even because of – a call for its boycotting from a conservative Christian pressure group.

Bradley Manning gets support from his mother’s home nation, Wales

Two European Parliament members from Wales have added their names to an open letter protesting about the treatment of Bradley Manning, the US Army analyst alleged to have leaked sensitive government documents to WikiLeaks.

Op-Ed: The Leveson Inquiry - hacks testify

London - Today, the Leveson Inquiry heard from three of the people behind the news; the afternoon testimony of Paul McMullan was both the most enlightening and the most odious.

Ex-homophobe walks 160 miles as ‘repentance’ for his intolerance

A Christian activist is about to complete a 160-mile walk as repentance for his former homophobia. Symon Hill says he also wants to encourage the church to support equality.

Guardian to become digital-first publication

London - Guardian News & Media announced it will reorganize its strategy to focus on its digital initiatives. The realignment would "target growth in digital audiences, revenues and engagement, while maximising revenues in print."

Is Greece selling its islands?

An article in the UK-based Guardian has been reprinted internationally, starting the rumour that Greece is actually selling some of its islands, or is offering them for long-term leases by rich individuals. Yesterday, rectification followed.

Toronto's mesh conference of Web start-ups, media leaders Special

Toronto - On May 18 and 19, Toronto will host the annual Web conference mesh, featuring speakers representing companies such as LinkedIn, PayPal, the Guardian, CBC, and more. This year, prominent media analysts will also discuss social media and real-time content.

Woman to receive 300 lashes for having no male escort

A woman has been sentenced to 300 lashings and 18 months jail following a guilty court verdict for filing complaints against court officials and attending court with no male guardian.

Guardian website falls victim to hackers

A jobs website owned by The Guardian newspaper has fallen victim to an attack by computer hackers, it was revealed today.

Video Bloggers On Current.Com Now Vetted By Editors From The Guardian,, the news station launched by ex US Vice President Al Gore, has linked up with the Guardian and to offer a peer-to-peer news and information network to US readers. Its vloggers might be published in these prestigious media.

Guardian Unlimited Gets New Look

Popular on-line news destination Guardian Unlimited unveiled its new look today.

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The map the Guardian calls  Gaza-Israel crisis 2012: every verified incident mapped
The map the Guardian calls "Gaza-Israel crisis 2012: every verified incident mapped"
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