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Brawling in the House? One way to curb legislative violence Special

Midrand - The South African Constitutional Court has said police may not be called into the National Assembly to remove MPs from the House even when they are causing a disturbance.

Warden, guard injured in Alabama prison riot posted on Facebook

Atmore - A prison in Alabama was placed on lockdown Saturday when a riot involving about 100 inmates erupted, according to the state Corrections Department. The warden and a guard were stabbed in the melee at the William C. Holman Correctional Facility.

Man tries to fire cellphones over prison wall with a crossbow

Tavda - If there was a category for the crime that this man allegedly committed, perhaps it would be called the "What was he thinking?" category. That's because he was arrested after trying to launch 18 mobile phones, batteries, and earpieces over a prison wall.

Convicted rapist stands trial for murder of prison guard

Monroe - The trial of a convicted rapist in a Washington state prison for the alleged strangulation murder of a prison guard has begun.

Op-Ed: How to curb cyberattacks

The internet has brought many benefits from communications to accessibility, and even to job creations. However, it has also brought the need to protect ourselves with the latest tools to prevent identity theft, breaches, and more.

Marine guarding school apologizes for posing as marine sergeant

Craig Pusley, a man standing guard outside Hughson Elementary School, Modesto, Calif., claimed falsely that he is a Marine Sergeant, reports say. He admitted that he had only borrowed fatigues from a friend and that he is only a "private first class."

Grinnell's Jack Taylor scores 138 points in game, breaks record

Grinnell - The 5-10 guard playing for Grinnell College in Iowa broke the NCAA record for points scored in a single college basketball game. Jack Taylor racked up an incredible 138 points in 36 minutes of action. His team beat Faith Baptist Bible 179-104.

Video: Malaysian guard watches while a woman is mugged

Petaling Jaya - A security guard at a gated community in Petaling Jaya, Malay, stood back watching while a female resident of the community was robbed in broad daylight. The video was captured by surveillance camera, and uploaded to YouTube by the victim's husband.

Female prison guard strangled to death at Washington state prison

Seattle - A female corrections officer who was the only guard in a chapel in a Washington state prison was found strangled to death and an inmate serving a life sentence is the primary suspect.

Bears found guarding marijuana crops in BC

When police went to a property to search for marijuana crops they found something they weren’t expecting: about a dozen black bears wandering around the area.

Canada sends ex-SS guard to Italy

Michael Seifert is an 83-year-old former Nazi prison camp guard and he arrived in Italy where he will serve a life sentence for murder. An Italian military tribunal convicted him in absence in 2000 of 11 murders at a prison camp in the city of Bolzano.

Coast Guards Seize Record Amount of Cocaine

The United States Coast Guard seized a record 355,000 pounds of cocaine over the past year. This tops the previous record of 303,000 pounds in 2005. The estimated street value of the cocaine seized is $4.7 billion.

Saudis set up force to guard oil plants

Saudi Arabia has begun setting up a 35,000 man security force to protect its oil infrastructure, amid growing concern about its oil installations after threats from al-Qaeda to attack facilities in the Gulf, & rising tensions between Iran and the US.

Guard uses Taser on man holding newborn

A hospital security guard fired a stun gun to stop a defiant father from taking home his newborn. Man and child both went crashing to the floor. Now the father says his baby suffers from head trauma.

Prison Guard Charged in Bible Beating

A Blue Earth County Jail guard was suspended and faces charges for hitting an inmate with the bible.

Coast Guard Rescues Three Off Coast Of Port Canaveral

Coast Guard Rescues Three Off Coast Of Port Canaveral.

Pentagon May Send National Guard Troops to Iraq

Several brigades of National Guard Troops may be notified soon that they'll be sent to Iraq.

Afghan Villagers Stand Guard To Protect Schools

Communities have formed neighborhood watch programs to keep education running in Afghanistan - especially for girls.

Calderón decries fatal shooting of migrant by U.S. border agent

Mexican President Felipe Calderon condemns shooting of a Mexican immigrant by US border guard

Pentagon abandons active-duty time limit

The Pentagon has abandoned its limit on the time a citizen-soldier can be required to serve on active duty.

National Guard Overrun at US-Mexico Border

On Wednesday night a National Guard Site was overrun when gunmen attacked a checkpoint between the Mexico-Arizona border.

National Guard helicopter carrying Guard members and border agents crashes in Calf.; 9 injured

A California National Guard helicopter ferrying Border Patrol agents crashes

Guards Let Down

After Losing Contract, Security Firm Refuses To Let Its Workers Stay At ESPN

Patriot Guard Riders honor fallen soldiers

These are the Bikers who honor the fallen!

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Cops stand guard in front of Pomona City Hall awaiting the arrival of NSM members.
Cops stand guard in front of Pomona City Hall awaiting the arrival of NSM members.
Close-up of the monument and a Chinese soldier
Close-up of the monument and a Chinese soldier
A strange creature guards the Summer Palace while throngs of people enter
A strange creature guards the Summer Palace while throngs of people enter
A Turkish soldier guards Anitkabir  memorial to Ataturk in Ankara  Turkey
A Turkish soldier guards Anitkabir, memorial to Ataturk in Ankara, Turkey
The Presidential Guard in Potchefstroom
The Presidential Guard in Potchefstroom
An Air Force sergeant stands guard during the service.
An Air Force sergeant stands guard during the service.

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