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Guantanamo News

'We needed to get him out': Hagel defends Bergdahl operation

Kabul - US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Sunday an operation to free soldier Bowe Bergdahl in exchange for Taliban prisoners was undertaken to save his life, as the insurgents' leader hailed the swap as a "big victory".
In the Media by Mushtaq Mojaddidi (AFP) - 1 comment

Released U.S. soldier Bergdahl in 'good' condition

The American soldier released Saturday by the Taliban after nearly five years in captivity is in "good" condition and undergoing medical treatment at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan, officials said.
In the Media by AFP

Guantanamo ordered to stop detainee's forced feeding

Washington - A US federal judge has ordered President Barack Obama's administration to temporarily stop force feeding a Syrian detainee at Guantanamo Bay prison and hand over videotapes of his treatment.
In the Media by AFP

Op-Ed: Guantanamo inmates could be sent to U.S. and jailed indefinitely

Washington - The legal team at the White House has produced a document that is designed to assure members of Congress that existing U.S. laws provide protection against anyone being released.
In the Media by Ken Hanly - 1 comment

Guantanamo's Camp 7, shrouded in secrecy

Santiago De Cuba - Everyone knows it exists and yet officials clam up at the mere mention of Camp 7, the most secure and secretive area of the US military prison in Guantanamo Bay.
In the Media by Chantal Valery (AFP)

Sun and terror suspects: Welcome to Guantanamo Bay

Santiago De Cuba - Under the searing Caribbean sun, iguanas lounge and the golf course is parched. "RoboCop" plays at an open-air movie theater and Big Macs are on sale at McDonald's.But this is no vacation hotspot.
In the Media by Chantal Valery (AFP)

Judge's order on CIA secret prisons released in full

Fort George G Meade - The US government must turn over information on secret CIA interrogation centers connected to the trial of the alleged mastermind of the 2000 USS Cole bombing, a military judge said in an order released in full Tuesday.
In the Media by AFP

Spanish Judge enforces torture probe against Bush and Cheney

On Tuesday, Judge Pablo Ruz at the Spanish National Court defied pressure to scrap a probe into alleged torture in the United States prison camp in Guantanamo Bay which targets former U.S. president George W. Bush.

Uruguay seeks US release of jailed Cubans

Montevideo - Uruguay's President Jose Mujica said Friday he has asked Washington to release Cuban prisoners held in the United States in return for his country taking Guantanamo detainees.Mujica on Thursday said his government had agreed to receive detainees from t...
In the Media by AFP

U.S. transfers Guantanamo detainee to Algeria

Washington - The Pentagon said it had transferred an inmate from the Guantanamo prison back home to Algeria, after holding him at the facility for 12 years without a trial.The move brought the number of detainees at the military prison down to 154, as President Bar...
In the Media by AFP

Retired US generals urge Guantanamo closure

Washington - Thirty-one retired US military officers urged President Barack Obama on Tuesday to make good on his promise to close the Guantanamo prison by speeding up efforts to transfer detainees.
In the Media by AFP

9/11 mastermind says Koran 'forbids' violence to spread Islam

Washington - The self-proclaimed mastermind of the September 11 attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, has released a manifesto claiming that the Koran forbids the use of violence to spread Islam.
In the Media by AFP - 1 comment

Review: 'The Book Thief' — War is a crime Special

It is undeniable that Nazi Germany had one of the worst, if not the worst, government in history. This is not a movie about the German Government. "The Book Thief" is an honest look at the human spirit that will grip your heart from start to finish.
Digital Journal Report by Ruth Hull - 2 comments

Op-Ed: Open letter to Obama — Visit Guantanamo on your next prison tour

Dear President Obama,: Your visit to Nelson Mandela, and his former prison cell, was the right thing to do as guest head of state. The same may be expected of future leaders paying tribute to the closing of Guantanamo Bay detention center.
In the Media by Craig Boehman - 5 comments

Op-Ed: Don’t bomb the interview: job tips for terrorists

If you find yourself changing careers, out on the streets looking for a new job, you probably will learn what other job seekers have discovered: it is a cruel and ugly world out there.
In the Media by John David Powell - 1 comment

Op-Ed: U.S. House Defense Bill blocks Guantanamo closure

Washington - In the U.S. the Armed Services Committee has drafted a bill that would bar the Obama administration from either transferring terror suspects to the United States or to a foreign country such as Yemen.
In the Media by Ken Hanly

Op-Ed: As N. Ireland nears G8 lockdown — the case for a permanent G8 HQ

Enniskillen - Next month, G8 leaders and their entourages descend on County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland for the 39th G8 summit, on June 17-18. Like earlier summits, an agreeable location will host the event, on the shores of picturesque Lough Erne.
In the Media by Robert Myles

Inside Guantanamo Bay: New photos released

New photographs have now been released of the facilities at the United States Military's infamous Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp.
In the Media by Alex Allen - 3 comments

Op-Ed: Obama's shame — Hunger strikes and the human rights record

During his 2008 presidential campaign, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Barack Obama campaigned on a promise to close Guantanamo Bay; the infamous Caribbean prison often associated with George W. Bush's War on Terror policies.
In the Media by Ryan Donnelly - 10 comments

The Guantanamo Game: No strikes and you're out

Washington - Perhaps the game might be better described as, no strikes and you're in, in jail indefinitely even though you have been found not to be a threat and are on a list to be freed.
In the Media by Ken Hanly

Op-Ed: In response to US Magnitsky list Russia bans 18 Americans

Moscow - The main intention of the Magnitsky act was to punish Russian officials thought to be responsible for the death of Sergei Magnitsky, by banning them from the United States and use of the US banking system.
In the Media by Ken Hanly - 1 comment

Yemeni protesters demand release of Guantanamo detainees

Activists and relatives of around 90 Yemeni prisoners held in Guatanamo Bay have demanded outside the U.S. embassy in Sanaa, Yemen’s capital, the detainees’ release after being imprisoned for more than a decade.
In the Media by Raluca Besliu - 2 comments

Guantanamo Bay prisoners on hunger strike over loss of Qur’ans

Lawyers for inmates at Guantanamo Bay have stated that "all but a few men" in a camp at Gitmo are on a hunger strike after their Qur’ans and other personal belongings have been taken away from them and prayer time is not being respected.
In the Media by Anne Sewell - 7 comments

Op-Ed: Evidence that could exonerate Guantanamo terror suspect blocked

Wali Mohammed, after a long stay in Guantanamo Bay, will have his day in "court", or at least before a military tribunal. However, evidence that might exonerate him from the allegations that he was a financier for Al Qaeda will not be allowed.
In the Media by Ken Hanly - 4 comments

Op-Ed: $631 billion defense spending bill passes U.S. Senate 98 to 0

Washington - On December 4, the U.S. passed the massive National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). As well as authorizing $631 billion in spending, the bill included new sanctions against Iran and a permanent ban on transfer of Guantanamo detainees to the U.S
In the Media by Ken Hanly - 9 comments

Op-Ed: Yemeni prisoner dies at Guantanamo

Washington - Adrian Latif died in confinement at Guantanamo prison on September 5. The cause of death is under investigation. Latif had a history of mental illness but also of consistent challenges against his confinement.
In the Media by Ken Hanly - 1 comment

Guantanamo Bay: US to spend $40 million on renovation (video)

Despite promises by President Obama to close Guantanamo Bay, it seems the U.S. is planning to spend a lot of money on upgrading the facility.
In the Media by Anne Sewell - 4 comments

Assange 'The World Tomorrow' — Ep. 5: Surviving Guantanamo Bay

London - This week's episode features an interview between Julian Assange, a former Gitmo prisoner and a human rights campaigner fighting for those still imprisoned.
In the Media by Anne Sewell - 2 comments

Op-Ed: American shame — 10 years of Guantanamo

The Guantanamo Bay detention camp was established in 2002 by the Bush Administration to hold detainees from the war in Afghanistan (and later Iraq). It hosts hundreds of persons imprisoned, interrogated and held without charge or trial.
In the Media by Alessio Fratticcioli - 5 comments

Obama still wants to close Guantanamo ‘as quickly as possible’

Washington - The Obama administration announced on Tuesday it is doing everything “as quickly as possible” to shut down its US prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, a move which will likely lead to increased objections over the facility’s closure.
In the Media by Lynn Herrmann - 1 comment
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Guantanamo Image

In this photo  reviewed by the U.S. military  a Guantanamo guard stands inside a doorway at Camp 6 d...
With approval by Reuters / Brennan Linsley
In this photo, reviewed by the U.S. military, a Guantanamo guard stands inside a doorway at Camp 6 detention facility at Guantanamo Bay U.S. Naval Base, Cuba
Diane Beaver  a major subject in the film The Guantanamo Trap
Hot Docs
Diane Beaver, a major subject in the film The Guantanamo Trap
In this photo  reviewed by the U.S. military  a Guantanamo guard stands inside a doorway at Camp 6 d...
With approval by Reuters / Brennan Linsley
In this photo, reviewed by the U.S. military, a Guantanamo guard stands inside a doorway at Camp 6 detention facility at Guantanamo Bay U.S. Naval Base, Cuba

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