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Pot grower posts weekly grow reports on YouTube and gets arrested

Las Vegas - Police in Las Vegas raided a marijuana grow house with help from the grower, who was posting weekly updates on YouTube showing off his crops.

NASA will grow plants on the moon by 2015

NASA announced that it will grow plants on the moon by 2015. The project is designed to further humanity's chances of colonizing space.

Police uncover marijuana garden at Catholic convent

Masaka - Police discovered marijuana plants growing at a convent in Uganda. Two nuns are being questioned about the plants and two porters have been arrested. Police are demanding to know who was growing the plants and if the nuns have a secret bad habit.

Police bust mushroom grow-op in Saskatoon

A psilocybin (mushroom) grow operation was busted by the Saskatoon Integrated Drug Unit on Wednesday. Three individuals face a number of charges.

Op-Ed: Kanye West Needs to Grow Up

By now millions of people have heard or seen Kanye West interrupting and dissing Taylor Swift during the MTV Music awards show.

Men's bra survives recession

While retail business has been seriously affected by the global recession, WishRoom, a Tokyo-based online lingerie shop, has been attracting more and more customers, especially male customers, who are interested in its funky Men's Bra Collection.

Obama's grow their own

It's been announced that the new First Lady Michelle Obama is to create an organic garden. It will be situated on the south lawn and will provide food for the White House kitchen.

SMIT's GROW Project: Solar and Wind Power in One

Sustainably Minded Interactive Technology (SMIT) has created a novel project that is able to generate both solar power as well as wind power from the same source. The inventor said she got the inspiration from ivy growing on a building.

Vitamin C helps plants grow

Vitamin C is not just healthy for humans, it helps plants grow too, scientists have learned. The discovery could have major implications for agriculture and lead to improved crop yields.

Clinics to grow human eggs

A major advance in fertility treatment is signalled today as doctors now unveil details of a technique that will allow human eggs to be grown in the laboratory from ovarian tissue samples.

Hydroponics Not Just for Pot Anymore

You want to grow some of your own food or few herbs but don't have the land? Don't let that stop you. You can set up your own indoor vegetable garden and have a steady supply of greens all year round.

UK Kids Are Encouraged To Get Down To Earth

School children in the UK are being encouraged to grow their own fruit and vegetables not to promote good health, but to get them into being in the countryside

Herpes may cause Alzheimer's says new study

New research supports growing concerns that herpes plays a role in the development of Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia.

British scientists grow human liver in a lab

Finally,I can stop worrying about that extra glass of wine.

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