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Grenade News

Four killed, including child, in Burundi grenade attacks

Nairobi - Four people, including a child, were killed in grenade attacks in Burundi's capital Bujumbura, which has been wracked by political violence, an official and witnesses said Sunday.

Man who sent gag grenade gift to sheriff won't face charges

Beaver Falls - It looked real — and scary, but a grenade that spurred authorities to evacuate a county courthouse was actually a gag gift intended for the newly-elected sheriff, officials said Thursday. Beaver County Sheriff Tony Guy ordered the evacuation Wednesday.

One dead, a dozen hurt in Malaysia grenade blast: police

Kuala Lumpur - One man was killed and a dozen other people wounded early Thursday when a hand grenade exploded in a tourist section of Malaysia's capital in what police suspect was related to a gangland turf battle.

Grenade thrown into Swedish apartment explodes, family survives

A hand grenade was thrown through a window of an apartment in Malmö, Sweden on Saturday night where children were sleeping. Luckily their father managed to close their bedroom door before the explosion, saving the children.

Video: Aussie girl brings grenade to school for show-and-tell

Newcastle - A school in Newcastle, Australia, with about 450 students, was evacuated after an 11-year-old girl brought a hand grenade to class for show-and-tell. The pupil thought the grenade was a money box.

Singer Wayne Coyne packs grenade, shuts down Oklahoma airport

Oklahoma City - The latest antic of Flaming Lips singer Wayne Coyne caused TSA to shut down Oklahoma City Airport, as he thoughtlessly decided to travel with an "unexplodable" hand-grenade in his luggage.

Man carrying a grenade enters Detroit police station

Detroit - A man walked into a police station on Friday carrying a grenade in a flower pot. The man claims he found the grenade under his mother's porch. Police decided to evacuate the entire Eastern District as a precaution.

Video: Soccer player throws away bomb moments before explosion

Isfahan - Captured on video, a local Iranian soccer match was disrupted by a bomb explosion. One of the players unsuspectingly tossed the grenade-like device off the pitch a few seconds before it exploded.

Video: Watch 'Grenade Fishing Gone Wrong' in Russia

Watch this unbelievable video showing Russian fishermen using a grenade to catch fish in water. The fishermen decided that fishing with hand grenades was more effective than using a fishing rod and reel, or a fishing net.

Grenade-shaped ornaments sold by museum spark controversy

Stockholm - The Swedish Army Museum has decided to sell grenade-shaped Christmas tree ornaments in an effort to raise money for charity. Proceeds will go to Christian Aid, a charity that aids in disaster relief and those affected by poverty.

Rwandan opposition parties condemn grenade attacks in Kigali

On the morning of February 20th, 2010, the coalition of opposition parties condemned the previous night's deadly grenade attacks in Kigali and called them "an attempt to instill fear in the population" prior to Rwanda's August presidential election.

Live Grenade Found Outside Home of Football Legend Kenny Dalglish

Police in Merseyside, UK, were today investigating the discovery of a live hand grenade found on a wall outside the home of football legend, Kenny Dalglish.

Grenade attack in Kiev railway station injures 7

An attack occurred at the main railway station in Ukraine's capital, Kiev this morning at about 12:30 p.m. An unidentified person threw a grenade into an office linked to the station.

Grenade Found In Washington D.C. Neighbourhood Park

Several homes in northwest Washington D.C. were evacuated after a maintenance worker found a grenade at Rock Creek Park Wednesday morning.

Grenade attack kill 16 police at Chinese border

At the Chinese border with Central Asia, two men in a dump truck hit a group of policemen and tossed grenades into their barracks killing 16 police officers.

Woman Finds New Grenade in Back Yard

Imagine walking out in your back yard one morning, cup of coffee in hand, waking up to the day and spotting an unusual package laying in the yard. Imagine your surprise if that packaged turned out to contain a stolen hand grenade.

U.S. Soldier throws grenade at sheeps in Iraq

A YouTube video shows soldier or soldiers throwing grenades at sheep grazing in a field in Iraq. This video was posted on

Elementary School Evacuated When 8 Yr. Old Brings A Grenade For Show and Tell

The Ezra Baker School, an elementary school in Dennis, Massachusetts, evacuated about 400 students from pre-K through third grade after an 8 year old boy brought a grenade to school for show and tell.

Woman Innocently Brings Grenade Into Police Station

A woman in Corpus Christi, Texas walked into a police station with a live grenade, leading to an evacuation and deployment of the bomb squad. The woman had found in it her relative's belongings.

Small Washington Airport Locked Down As Military Man Tries To Fly With Grenades

A 20 year old military member attempted to board a plane with two training grenades at Yakima Air Terminal in Washington Sunday evening. He was arrested as he tried to get through airport security.

7 Children Dead In Ivory Coast After Playing With Grenade

On Wednesday, January 2, the police in Ivory Coast explain that seven children between the ages of four and fifteen have been killed after they were playing with a hand grenade that exploded. The country’s disarmament had begun recently.

Grenade With Pin Already Pulled Found In Manchester Homeowners Garden

A live hand grenade with it's pin already pulled was found in a homeowners garden in Manchester. An Army bomb disposal unit was dispatched to figure out what to do. The solution? Evacuate the neighborhood and blow up the garden.

Man smuggles grenade in pot of honey

Border guards in Kazakhstan have arrested a man for trying to smuggle a home-made grenade in a pot of honey, local media reported on Friday.

Want a Grenade up your rear?

An inmate at an El Salvador jail was caught with a hand grenade stuffed up his backside -- a novel attempt to disguise his apparent escape plans.

Granny Finds Live Grenade In Sack of Potatoes

When 74-year-old grandmother Olga Mauriello purchased a sack of potatoes at her local market in San Giorgio a Cremano, Italy, little did she think there would be a real bomb amidst the spuds.

Grenade Found In Burger King

If you tossed a grenade into Burger King this morning the police would like a word with you

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Grenade Image

File photo: A hand grenade
File photo: A hand grenade
This is the gag gift that caused the courthouse to be evacuated.
This is the gag gift that caused the courthouse to be evacuated.
YouTube screen grab WTAE
The pond at the Blind Gardens  Stevenage where workmen had unearthed a grenade.
The pond at the Blind Gardens, Stevenage where workmen had unearthed a grenade.
A grenade exploded on a soccer field in Iran
A grenade exploded on a soccer field in Iran
YouTube screenshot

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