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Greenhouse Gas News

New reactor converts greenhouse gas into liquid fuel

Scientists have demonstrated how a common greenhouse gas can be repurposed into an efficient and environmentally friendly liquid fuel through the use of an electrolyzer.

EPA efforts to rollback methane regulations facing opposition

Washington - The Trump administration on Thursday proposed rolling back Obama-era limits on emissions of methane at oil and gas operations.

The growing list of countries with a net-zero carbon goal

The 2015 Paris Agreement set a global goal to reach net-zero emissions in the second half of the century. While a number of strategies have been suggested, the one simple answer many countries have agreed upon is setting a net-zero emissions target.

EPA plans to trash Obama-era tailpipe pollution standards

The Trump administration has decided to loosen Obama-era limits on exhaust from cars made from 2022 to 2025. A draft declaration is under review at the Office of Management and Budget, and it must be made official by the end of the week.

Unexpected discovery leads to new strategy for carbon fixation

Scientists in Japan and China announced last week they had discovered an "unexpected" approach to the capture and storage of carbon dioxide away from the atmosphere while working toward the elusive lithium-air battery.

Scientists develop an alternative to wasteful methane flaring

Methane is the primary component of natural gas and is considered a by-product of oil drilling. Methane is also a greenhouse gas 34 times more potent than carbon dioxide over the course of a century.

Ways to strengthen Canada's methane emissions rules

The deadline has passed for public input into the methane emissions rules proposed by Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC). A number of organizations and investors have urged the ECCC to address critical weaknesses in the regulations.

The remains of hundreds of huge methane domes found on sea floor

Huge craters on the floor of the Arctic Ocean are the remains of collapsed methane domes that exploded at the end of the last Ice Age, some 12,000 years ago as the glaciers retreated. But even now, methane gas is still seeping out of the seafloor.

Canada fears U.S. repeal of methane rule will hurt competition

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), reacted to the US House of Representatives' vote on Friday to repeal the Obama Administration's rule that limits methane emissions, saying the repeal will be harmful to the Canadian energy industry.

Why is so much carbon dioxide produced from streams?

Stockholm - Running water is a contributor to carbon dioxide. However, precisely why rivers and streams send so much of the gas into the atmosphere has confused scientists. A new study sheds some light.

Fertilizer produces high levels of greenhouse gases

With an overload of fertilizer, soil microbes on farms produce high levels of nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas with 300 times as much heat-trapping power as carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide hits record level

Geneva - Carbon dioxide levels have hit a landmark in the Northern Hemisphere. Half the world has seen a full month at or above the symbolic 400 parts per million (ppm) CO2 level.

Bacteria can combat gas leaks

Norwich - Bacteria can combat dangerous gas leaks, according to a new study. Scientists suggest that bacteria could mop up naturally-occurring and human-made leaks of natural gases before they are released into the atmosphere.

Volcanoes a contributory factor in global warming 'pause'

Livermore - In the climate-change debate, skeptics have made much play of the so-called “pause” in the rise in global surface temperatures over the last 15 years or so.

Texas takes top spot in nation’s greenhouse gas emissions

Washington - Coal-fired power plants and oil refineries in Texas generated 294 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions in 2010, greater than the next two states - Pennsylvania and Florida - combined, according to new federal government data.

Study: Climate change to escalate even if we cut emissions

A new study predicts that climate change will cause a global disaster within the next 1,000 years, even if we cut all greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale.

Ecuador comes up with unique oil plan - leave it in the ground

Quito - Ecuador has as-yet untapped crude oil resources, and an estimated 846 million barrels lie below a very special place called the Yasuni National Park.

Oil industry attacks California Greenhouse Gas legislation

California put greenhouse gas legislation into place in 2006, aiming to cut greenhouse gas emissions 1990 levels by the year 2020. The law will not be in effect until 2012, but naysayers are hoping to defeat the legislation in this fall's election.

Oceans undergoing massive changes, human survival at risk

Brisbane - A survey of research on how climate change is impacting the Earth's oceans has concluded that the oceans are changing rapidly, leading to irreversible changes that could impact humans in a very bad way.

UCLA researchers find way to save the world while creating fuel

Researchers at the UCLA have successfully engineered a bacteria to eat carbon dioxide -- a gas thought to be a major contributor to global warming.

Debate ends on central cause of earth's cooling and warming

As the carbon dioxide management bill - aka cap and trade - looms in Congress, a new study emerges that ends the scientific debate on the central causes of ice ages and warming periods on Earth.

McAfee: Spam email is killing the planet

Anti-virus company McAfee claims the energy used to send spam email worldwide could provide power for 2.4 million homes. The company also claims that energy use releases as much greenhouse gas as 3.1 million cars.

Termite Killer Lingers as a Potent Greenhouse Gas

Fumigant pumped into tented houses to kill pests remains in atmosphere six to 10 times longer than previously thought, Scripps-led study shows.

Study Claims Ocean Food Chain Threatened by Greenhouse Gas

A study by Australian scientists has found rising concentrations of acid in the Southern Ocean caused by greenhouse gases are damaging the ability of some sea creatures to form shells.

NASA weather satellite crashes in Antarctica

A $278-million NASA satellite has crashed near Antarctica. The launch in California went as planned. However after the launch, the weather satellite's fairing failed to disengage. This was the first US weather satellite to record greenhouse-gases.

Termite insecticide acts as potent greenhouse gas

An insecticide used to fumigate termite-infested buildings is a strong greenhouse gas that lives in the atmosphere nearly 10 times longer than previously thought.

Global Methane Levels Rise

After eight years of near-zero growth in atmospheric methane concentrations, levels have again started to rise. Methane is the second most important greenhouse gas in the atmosphere after carbon dioxide.

Six Companies, Including Toyota, Accept UN Plan to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The European branch of the world’s largest car maker, Toyota, today became one of six companies to join the Climate Neutral Network (CN Net), a United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) initiative.

Flat Screens Emit Greenhouse Gas

A chemical used in the manufacturing of flat-screen televisions could rival some of the world’s most potent greenhouse gases in its harmful effects on the environment.

Technological Breakthrough in Greenhouse Gas Battle

Scientists at Newcastle University have pioneered breakthrough technology in the fight to cut greenhouse gases- team developed a highly energy-efficient method of converting waste carbon dioxide (CO2) into chemical compounds known as cyclic carbonates.
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Factory emissions 
Thorold  Ontario  Canada
Factory emissions, Thorold, Ontario, Canada
Human-caused climate change is already evident.
Human-caused climate change is already evident.
Methane hydrate looks like a piece of ice when it is brought up from the sea floor. This piece is fr...
Methane hydrate looks like a piece of ice when it is brought up from the sea floor. This piece is from the "hydrate ridge" off the coast of Oregon.
World Ocean Review
The Portland sewage treatment plant covers 100 acres and employs 150 people.
The Portland sewage treatment plant covers 100 acres and employs 150 people.
Portland, Oregon
The Columbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment Plant
produces 600 million cubic feet of biogas every ye...
The Columbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment Plant produces 600 million cubic feet of biogas every year. Biogas is a wastewater treatment by-product.
Portland, Oregon
The engine-generators (shown) supply about 40 percent of the plant s electrical needs.
The engine-generators (shown) supply about 40 percent of the plant's electrical needs.
Portland, Oregon

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