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Green revolution News

Op-Ed: Iran Elections Approach, but do they mean anything? Special

Iranians will head to the polls on Friday, casting votes for parliament and also the Assembly of Experts, a body of clerics that will choose who the next Supreme Leader is.

Study: Organic food may not be as good as you thought

Organic foods are all the hype these days, but are they really worth the often substantial premiums you have to pay for them in comparison to our conventional "green revolution" grade food? A new study takes a critical look.

Op-Ed: Distinguishing Muslims from Islamists

Two recent news reports involving AG Eric Holder and liberal pundit Allen Colmes show a reluctance on the part of many to call radical Islamists what they are. If we are ever to win the war against the extremists, we must face the truth and name names.

It's green vs. biotech as India promotes organic agriculture

New Delhi - India, at war with itself over the use of biotech agricultural crops, has decided to aim for the global organic food market, worth billions of dollars.

Op-Ed: The Nightmare Story of Jafar Panahi

The Jafar Panahi story is both Hollywood dream and Orwellian nightmare: an internationally renowned filmmaker and icon of Iranian cinema getting the Winston Smith treatment in Evin prison sans charges. Looks bad, but is a Hollywood ending being written?

Organic farming proves viable for Africa

Nairobi - The 'green' revolution is underway in Africa, meeting widespread support from farmers and consumers. Unlike the biotech green revolution envisioned by many, this one is environmentally friendly.

Op-Ed: Why Iran Will Use The Bomb

Today, discussions are raging across the globe as to Iran's true nuclear intentions and how the world should respond. Yet the primary question is a very simple one. If Iran does develop nuclear weapons, would they use them? The history does not bode well.

Op-Ed: Green Regime Change in Iran

Since 1979, the Islamist regimes ruling Iran have violated every civilized convention known to man. They have massacred up to 100,000 of their own citizens and exported terror as far away as Argentina. Should the world help the Greens change all that?

New research finds some GM corn can cause organ failure Special

A study published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences asserts three tested varieties of Monsanto's genetically modified corn can cause organ failure, calling for further research.

Iran News Roundup, October 14, 2009

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei may be in a coma. The regime launched a probe into opposition cleric Mahdi Karroubi. A top Ahmadinejad official's daughter applies for asylum in Germany. Russia balks, China talks, and AMPAS wraps an Iran film seminar series.

Blacklisted Iranian Actress to Appear with AMPAS in Los Angeles

AMPAS is launching a week-long series on Iranian film to be hosted at UCLA and the Academy's Linwood Dunn Theater. Guests include ten Iranian film artists now in L.A. Among them is actress Fatemeh Motamed-Aria, who was reported to be blacklisted in Iran

Nobel Prize Recipient Norman Borlaug Dies at 95

Norman Borlaug, the agricultural scientist and Nobel Prize winner commonly referred to as the father of the "green revolution", died Saturday in Texas.

Iran Bans Celebrities, Writers From State TV, Radio

In response to the many artists, writers, celebrities, filmmakers and politicos who actively supported Mousavi and the Green Revolution, the Ahmadinejad regime has created a blacklist of Iranians who will no longer be welcome on Iran state TV or radio.

Op-Ed: The Dead and Imprisoned of Iran's Green Revolution

Though the streets of Iran's cities have quieted in the wake of the election crisis, disturbing news is surfacing of prison cells in Evin being severely overcrowded, more forced confessions, and of hundreds of unidentified bodies in Tehran's morgues.

Op-Ed: Iranian Fascism Calls For More Than Strong Words

Despite the election fraud, the blood in the streets and recent ominous developments in Iran, President Obama still condemns further sanctions and hopes to negotiate with Supreme Leader and Iran's new Shah, Ahmadinejad. Chamberlain had days like these.

Op-Ed: Who Killed Neda Soltan?

According to Iran's police chief, Neda Soltan's death was staged by Western agents and requested that Interpol arrest Dr. Arash Hejazi, who treated Neda onscene and has since fled Iran for his life. Yet somebody in Iran has knowledge of who killed Neda.

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