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Green energy News

Outrage over green tax on renewables

London - There was incredulity in some quarters when the U.K. government unveiled its latest budget: the Conservatives are to extend an existing climate change levy to renewable electricity.

Funding to explore impact of ‘green energy’ on nature

London - Green energy has many advocates, but do some projects harm the natural world? A research foundation is investing $3 million to explore future scenarios for U.K. energy to see how groundwater and natural habitats would be affected. Growing the green community of tomorrow Special

Toronto - I had the opportunity recently to sit down with Ayden Byle, the founder of, a Canadian start-up that is looking to deliver to environmentally-aware homebuyers an affordably sleek sustainable dwelling in an eco-village setting.

Turks and Caicos sign green energy agreement

Turks and Caicos is the latest territory to join the Carbon War Room’s Ten Island Challenge, committing to making the transition from fossil-fuel dependency to 100 percent renewable energy.

Vermont's largest city gets 100% of energy from renewable sources

Burlington - Burlington, Vermont's largest city, has announced it now generates 100 percent of its electricity from renewable sources.

Aston Martin creates solar powered race car

Gaydon - Green energy is a big deal for many today. As such Aston Martin has created a race car powered by the sun and intends to use it in upcoming competitions.

Op-Ed: Could energy assessments make businesses greener? Special

All commercial properties will be expected to be holders of Energy Performance Certificates by 2018, by law any landlords who fail to attain one will be unable to let out their building.

Waterpower industry promotes green energy education Special

Toronto - The Ontario Waterpower Association (OWA) has announced its support for Skills Canada 25th Annual Ontario Technological Skills Competition (OTSC).

Professor: U.S. can switch to 100% green energy by 2050

At the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in Chicago, Stanford professor Marc Jacobson presented The Solutions Project, a roadmap for the development of renewable energy sources across all 50 United States.

China smashes world record for solar installation in 2013

Beijing - China installed a record 12 gigawatts of solar panels in 2013, making the nation home to more photovoltaic panels than anywhere else on earth.

Peru's poorest residents to receive free solar power

Lima - A new program in the South American country will provide 2 million of the nation's poorest people with free electricity.

Microwave harvesters could pluck electricity out of thin air

Durham - Researchers recently perfected a prototype device to produce electricity. It scavenges microwaves in the atmosphere that would otherwise be dispersed. Its function could be compared to harvesting energy out of thin air.

Making power plants more 'green'? A carbon scrubber unveiled

Scientists have unveiled a "plug-and-play” carbon dioxide scrubbing system, designed to remove a high proportion of carbon emissions from power plants.

Green waterpower comes to Muskoka, Canada

Bracebridge - Bracebridge Generation and the Ontario Waterpower Association have completed a green energy transformation of Muskoka, providing water powered electricity to the area.

Floating wind turbines — the next generation of wind-farms

Brest - French companies Nass & Wind and naval defence contractor DCNS recently presented details of their next generation floating wind turbine development programme at the Thetis Marine Renewable Energy show held in Brest on April 10 and 11.

Op-Ed: Green energy — Portugal’s 70% from renewables shows how it’s done

Portugal’s national electricity grid concessionaire, Redes Energéticas Nacionais (REN) recently announced that renewable energy made up 70% of total consumption for the first quarter of 2013.

Video: Eco-friendly 'Green Float' city concept

By 2025, the concept of a floating island let alone one that's eco-friendly and self-sustaining could possibly become a reality. The first concept, unveiled by the Shimizu Corporation, is called "Green Float."

Op-Ed: The politics of oil — Green energy alternatives

Edmonton - The new buzz word in the green movement is "sustainable energy." According to anti-oilsands lobbyists, oil is evil and stopping the development of the Alberta oilsands will avert a global disaster.

U.S. wind energy industry gasping for air

Fairless Hills - Gamesa, a company that manufactures components for wind turbines - those arguably hideous Star Wars-like energy windmills blighting U.S. horizons - had all but closed its factory by the time it shipped the first $125 million worth of product.

Unplugged: The revolutionary green desk

With the rapid advancement of technology the past few years, we've been able to invent solar panels and wind farms that provide cleaner energy. Now, Eddie Tornberg has taken it a step further, and has invented an office desk that is powered by its user

Op-Ed: Green energy or just green money?

Al Gore has raked in millions on what was Global Warming, and is now known simply as Global Climate Change. James Lovelock, the god-father of global-warming however, has a different view.

US and UK Collaborate on Floating Wind Turbines

UK-US government investment is set to be a driving force in new floating wind turbine technology. UK energy secretary Edward Davey announced that a collaborative investment effort will be made to build a number of experimental floating wind turbines.

Gary Johnson: More Conservative and More Progressive Special

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is a third-party U.S. presidential candidate who is more conservative than Mitt Romney and more progressive than Barack Obama, and he is finally attracting attention. Digital Journal got an exclusive interview.

Charging stations increase in U.S. as electric car sales struggle

More companies are increasingly investing in charging stations for pure-electric and hybrid vehicles across the country getting in on the ground floor and scooping up the best sites.

Future Ontario solar, wind project prices lower: Energy Ministry Special

Toronto - Chris Bentley, Ontario Energy Minister and Member of Provincial Parliament for London West, visited Toronto's Ryerson University Thursday to announce lowered rates for future wind and solar energy projects.

Hawaii to use wind power to go green by 2030

Hawaii's government is turning to wind power in order to cut down on pollution. Although the idyllic destination already has great wind resources, the plan is part of a state goal to obtain at least 70 per cent of energy needs from renewable resources.

Op-Ed: U.S. taxpayers see red over green energy loans

One year after the Obama administration issued a $43 million guaranteed loan to a “green energy “firm called Beacon Power Co., the organization has filed for bankruptcy.

Latest Greenpeace study underlines problems of biomass energy

Ottawa - The latest report from Greenpeace Canada is arguing the dangers of using biomass on an industrial scale for heating and generating electricity far outweigh the potential benefits.

UK 'Green Deal' set for launch next Autumn

London - The U.K. parliament has granted royal assent to the Energy Act, a move that will pave the way for the launch of the controversial 'Green Deal' next Autumn. But will the plan really help people save money while reducing energy use?

Scientists: Bacteria eat newspapers, make car fuel

Tulane University scientists announced they discovered an unusual bacteria that produces the biofuel butanol by eating paper, and suggested people could soon be recycling newspapers to fill their gas tanks, with help from the microbes they named T-103.
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Construction is already under way at the Murum
dam site. ©Survival
Construction is already under way at the Murum dam site. ©Survival
Korean Consul General Ji-in Hong.
Korean Consul General Ji-in Hong.
Ontario Minister of Energy Brad Duguid.
Ontario Minister of Energy Brad Duguid.
Portugal is researching wave-power as part of its renewable energy mix - a Pelamis wave energy conve...
Portugal is researching wave-power as part of its renewable energy mix - a Pelamis wave energy converter during the final tests at the port of Peniche
Dipl. Ing. Guido Grassow
Tribal peoples will be devastated by the current
boom in dam-building. © E. Lafforgue/Survival
Tribal peoples will be devastated by the current boom in dam-building. © E. Lafforgue/Survival
Schematic showing both terrestrial and geological sequestration of carbon dioxide emissions from a c...
Schematic showing both terrestrial and geological sequestration of carbon dioxide emissions from a coal-fired plant, but deployment of such technology on a large scale may be years away.
Wikimedia Commons
Ontario Minister of Energy Brad Duguid.
Ontario Minister of Energy Brad Duguid.
Samuel Mann
Artist s impression of a Winflo offshore wind-farm with floating wind-turbines.
Artist's impression of a Winflo offshore wind-farm with floating wind-turbines.
Winflo - DCNS Press Release
Kathleen Wynne is the Premier of Ontario
Kathleen Wynne is the Premier of Ontario