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Greek elections News

Leftist Syriza party poised for victory in Greek election

Athens - In an attempt to reassure the EU public and officials that a Syriza victory is not a threat to the EU, leader Alex Tsipras, has published opinion pieces in both the FInancial Times and earlier in a German newspaper, Handelsblatt.

Op-Ed: As Syriza approaches power it turns to the right

Athens - In order to gain enough votes to win elections leftist parties often jettison their more radical positions in order to attract voters more to the middle of the political spectrum. This is clearly a strategy that Syriza is pursuing.

Op-Ed: Greece facing snap elections on January 25th

Athens - The Greek prime minister Antonis Samaris failed on his third and final attempt to have parliament accept his candidate, Stavros Dimos, as president of Greece.

Former Greek PM Karamanlis: Golden Dawn would get 20% in election

Speaking of the current political landscape in Greece, former Greek Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis has predicted "If we had elections tomorrow the Golden Dawn would get 20%."

Half of Greek police force voted for Golden Dawn

Greece's far-right Golden Dawn party maintained seven percent of the vote in the June 17 elections, winning 18 seats in the Greek parliament. Support held strong in one sector as figures show that half of Greece's police force voted for Golden Dawn.

Golden Dawn proclaims itself the party of national opposition

The results of Greece's second election have given far-right Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) a clear mandate to enter Parliament with 18 seats. Party leader Nikos Michaloliakos proclaimed "we are the party of national opposition."

Greek elections: New Democracy faces challenge to form coalition

Athens - The results of the second Greek election mirror those of the first, with New Democracy taking first place, SYRIZA second and PASOK third. Once again the challenge of forming a coalition government must be met.

Greek elections: First exit polls too close to call

Polling booths across Greece closed at 7pm. The first exit polls have now been released and indicate that results are too close to call between the leftist Syriza and conservative New Democracy.

Op-Ed: The Greek voting dilemma

Dictated to by the German press and terrorized by the Greek press, voters in Sunday's Greek elections are presented with a ballot offering a no win situation.

German Bild tells Greeks who to vote for

The German press is keen to ensure the Greek electorate vote in the way Germany dictates. Firstly Financial Times Deutschland recommended how Greeks vote and now Bild has gone as far as publishing a letter directed at Greek voters.

Op-Ed: Greek Elections, the EU and the Greek Dilemma

Athens - The Greek election results have the potential to totally destabliize Europe, halt the US recovery and affect economies as far away as China, India and Malaysia.

Greek Elections Become Europe’s Tipping Point

Athens - The outcome of the Greek elections may well hold the key to the EU's survival as European leaders struggle to find common ground and workable solutions for fiscal unity.

Greek elections: Communists rule out any coalition with SYRIZA

Athens - Election confusion remains high in Greece. Alexis Tsipras, leader of the Coalition of the Radical Left, SYRIZA, announced he may be willing to form a coalition with KKE, the Communist party. Hours later the KKE renounced such a claim.

Greek banks facing risk of run in election fears

Athens - Major Greek banks are losing as much as 800 million Euros a day, as panicked consumers withdraw their money and begin panic-buying at supermarkets.

Greek elections: Tsipras confident of leftist victory

Athens - Alexis Tsipras, leader of Greece's Coalition of the Radical Left, SYRIZA, has said he is confident of a leftist victory in Sunday's elections, and may be willing to form a government with KKE, the Communist party.

Greek elections threatened by strike action

Athens - As world markets wait the outcome of the second Greek elections, scheduled to take place on June 17, which could determine Greece's fate within the euro, strike action has been threatened which could disrupt the process.

Golden Dawn MP slaps Communist Party MP on live TV

Chaos broke out on a live Greek TV show Thursday morning when an MP from the far-right Golden Dawn threw a glass of water at an extreme-left SYRIZA MP. A Communist party MP condemned the action and was punched and slapped in the face for her trouble.

Greece: SYRIZA leading by 6% in final election poll

Athens - SYRIZA, the Coalition of the Radical Left, has taken a dramatic six percent lead in the final poll allowed before Greece holds elections on June 17, polling 31.5 percent.

Greek elections: New Democracy leads over SYRIZA in latest polls

Athens - Latest polls published on Sunday morning in the Greek press show that New Democracy has taken the lead over SYRIZA. A further poll shows that nine out of every ten Greeks wish to remain in the eurozone.

German leader and public want Greece out of euro zone

German public opinion has shifted solidly against Greece remaining in the euro zone and the country's leaders are split on whether to continue funding Greek rescue efforts.

SYRIZA accuses Eurobank of unlawful election interference

Athens - Greece's Radical Left Coalition party SYRIZA has accused Eurobank, the second largest bank in Greece, of unlawful interference in the country's elections. Allegations include threatening staff will lose their jobs if they vote for SYRIZA.

Alex Tsipras fails to form government in Greece

Athens - Alexis Tsipras, leader of the far-left political party Syriza, has failed in his attempt to form a coalition government. The mandate to form a government will now be passed to Evangelos Venizelos, leader of PASOK.

EU Commission to be vigilant over Greek election of neo-Nazis

Sunday's elections in Greece gave political legitimacy to the far-right Golden Dawn party for the first time in the nation's history, as the party won 21 parliamentary seats. Their victory prompted concern from the EU.

Greece: First attempt to form post election government fails

Athens - Antonis Samaras, leader of New Democracy, which won the biggest mandate in Sunday's elections, has failed to form a coalition government to work with ND's 108 politicians.

Op-Ed: Protest voters turn to Greece's far-right Golden Dawn

As many Greek voters prepare to cast a protest vote against the traditional mainstream parites in the May 6 elections, the far-right anti-immigration party Golden Dawn (Chryssi Avghi) is poised to enter Parliament for the first time.

German finance minister sends warning on Greek elections

On the eve of the Greek elections German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble sent a warning to Greece that it will have to "bear the consequences" if it fails to elect a government that does not respect commitments made by the current government.

Greeks prepare to vote in May 6 elections

The Greek electorate is readying to vote in the May 6 elections, which are unlikely to return one political party to lead a majority government.

Greek neo-Nazi party Chrysi Avyi gains support before elections

Greek neo-Nazi group Chryssi Avghi (Golden Dawn) is attracting supporters, as support for the leading political parties wanes prior to the May elections. One government minister has warned there is a chance of Chyrssi Avghi entering Parliament.

Germany wants Greece to delay elections, adopt technocrat gov

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has suggested Greece delay elections planned for April, and instead adopt a technocrat government free of politicians.

Op-Ed: Eurozone considers delaying loan to Greece until after elections

The crucial date of March 20, much heralded as the date Greece must receive its next bail out loan to avoid a disorderly default, could well now be moved.

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