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Op-Ed: New ideas for small businesses to survive the pandemic

Many countries are providing relief to small businesses, addressing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. In response many small businesses are working through their finances in order to survive the next period.

Q&A: Why banks are seeking to garner the advantages of AI Special

The financial business environment is set to see developments in automation and artificial intelligence as banks seek to harness the advantages of informed data insights in order to grow and expand their operations.

In the cyber-vulnerable world how much do we trust the banks?

Digital banking is increasingly becoming the standard way for businesses and consumers to complete transactions and to manage money. As the check withers, does digital finance have our full support and trust?

Security and CX hold back digital bank account opening

A survey of businesses finds that half of all respondents rate the security of their current digital account opening application process as only somewhat or not secure. These types of findings indicate why some a reluctant to full embrace digital banking.

Online shoppers beware: New mobile banking Trojan appears Special

A new strain of mobile banking Trojan called Ginp has been constantly refined to collect login credentials and credit card details, warns Will LaSala, Director of Security Services at OneSpan.

Banking industry is the furthest ahead in digital tech adoption

A new survey assesses the digital transformation of banking and finds that when compared to healthcare, energy and utilities, plus other consumer and industrial products, banking is significantly ahead when it comes to digital maturity.

Measures to put the digital transformation of banks back on track

Banks were doing well with digital transformation in the early stage, but the deployment of digital banking transformation is slowing down as things move from IT departments to other parts of the organization, according to a new survey.

Arron Banks: 'Bad boy' who bankrolled Brexit

London - Arron Banks, the self-styled bad boy of Brexit who bankrolled the successful grassroots Leave.EU campaign, is now facing a criminal probe into where its money came from.

Q&A: Blockchain provides financial access to the unbanked Special

Boston based Airfox is a new service designed to provide financial access to unbanked individuals in Brazil. Digital Journal spoke with CEO and co-founder Victor Santos to discover more.

Further sign of the decline of the high street bank

The concept if the high street bank is disappearing in many countries as the drive to offer online services continues. RBS, as an example, is to close several branches.

10 years on, crisis mode is new normal for central banks

Frankfurt Am Main - The collapse of US investment giant Lehman Brothers 10 years ago forced central banks to take unprecedented steps to help rescue the global economy, thrusting them into uncharted territory they are still navigating.

No extra ECB help for Greece after bailout ends: Draghi

Frankfurt Am Main - European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi on Thursday said Greece was "not eligible" to benefit from the bank's massive monthly bond purchases after the debt-laden country exits its bailout programme in August.

Indian banks turning to artificial intelligence

Several Indian banks, including state-owned SBI and Bank of BarodaNSE, have begun deploying artificial intelligence in order to improve efficiency and predict customer behavior.

Legal marijuana is set to outsell liquor in Canada by 2020

Canada became the second country to legalize marijuana on Tuesday evening. Canada's legal marijuana market will be a $6.5 billion industry by 2020, according to a new report from CIBC, one of the country's largest banks.

Millennials are seeking non-traditional banking

A wake-up message for banks: if you want to remain competitive you need to embrace digital multi-channels and appeal to tech-savvy millennials.

Network of fintech accelerator hubs established

London - British bank NatWest has embarked on a program to establish four fintech accelerators based in the U.K. The bank will provide resources with the aim of adopting some of the new technology.

Where the top 10 U.S. banks are investing in fintech

A new market analysis report maps out how the top ten U.S. banks are investing in fintech. This is across categories like blockchain, insurance and lending.

JPMorgan makes push into payments technology

JPMorgan appears to be making a big push into payments technology. A new markets report signals that digital banking becomes a strategic priority for the "bulge bracket banks."

Digital transformation of banking seeks out customers

A key element of digital transformation is with seeking out the customer rather than waiting for the customer to come to the instiution. This is part of a ‘go-to-market’ strategy, and a recent example is with Seacoast Bank.

Catalan separatists in cash withdrawal protest

Barcelona - Catalan separatists were flocking to withdraw cash Friday in protest at the central government and at banks who have moved their headquarters out of the Spanish region over its independence crisis.

Chatbots to improve customer experience at banks

Chatbots could improve customer experience and increase efficiency within finance. The relative simplicity of creating and running chatbot services is making them a popular option. They can replace regular staff and offer users support as they need it.

Fintech innovation for African banks

Maastricht - FMO, the Dutch development bank, and Above & Beyond, have come together to launch a fintech platform for African Banks. The aim is to accelerate the financial inclusion of the African banking system.

FinancialWorks: New U.S. national financial security ecosystem

New York City - A Prudential Foundation grant has enabled The Financial Clinic and UnidosUS to expand the financial security capacity across the U.S. and to build financial security for the working poor across the country.

Banking sector pushes ahead with digital technology

According to a new survey, U.S. banking CEOs are continuing to increase investments into digital transformation projects. Leading the way are robotic process automation, cognitive technologies, and data and analytics.

Wire transfers a thing of the past thanks to Plooto Special

Toronto - Business analysts as reported by Huffington Post, to Business Weekly and Forbes have all noted the impact small business has made upon the economy.

Digital payments now more popular than cash

Digital payments are now popular than cash as app-based methods become more widely supported. Every major mobile operating system now comes with a built-in payment provider. Adoption amongst banks and retailers is also on the rise.

Ukraine imposes sanctions on Russian state-owned banks

Kiev - Ukraine slapped sanctions on Russian state-owned banks operating in the country on Thursday, ratcheting up tensions with Moscow amid a bitter trade war with Kremlin-backed rebels in the east.

Thousands miss India currency exchange cut-off

Long queues continued outside banks in India, with people trying to deposit discontinued banknotes, ahead of a deadline. The deadline has now passed, rendering thousands of bank notes worthless.

Italy's banking problems can be solved, EU will help: Juncker

Brussels - Italy's banking problems can be solved and the EU will do everything to help, European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker said Wednesday, dismissing fears of something akin to the euro crisis.

New Italy PM says ready to intervene to save banks

Rome - New Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni confirmed Tuesday that his government was prepared to come to the aid of the country's third largest bank if private rescue efforts fail.
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CRISIS: Message posted on ATMs in Greece last month at height of country s dispute with European Uni...
CRISIS: Message posted on ATMs in Greece last month at height of country's dispute with European Union lenders. Banks were closed for more than three weeks but reopened Monday with limits on withdrawals.
SucreRouge/Wikimedia Commons
Backbone Campaign
Banks are beginning to take notice of crowdfunding as more people use sites like Zopa and LendInvest...
Banks are beginning to take notice of crowdfunding as more people use sites like Zopa and LendInvest instead of traditional borrowing methods
Expect Best / Pexels
The logo of Swiss bank Credit Suisse is seen at an office building in Zurich
The logo of Swiss bank Credit Suisse is seen at an office building in Zurich
� Arnd Wiegmann / Reuters, Reuters
Backbone Campaign
London s Canary Wharf finance district  as viewed from Greenwich Park.
London's Canary Wharf finance district, as viewed from Greenwich Park.

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