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Greek austerity measures News

Op-Ed: Greek whiners still whining about overspending

Athen - Today's news regarding the Greek intransigence against facing reality is pretty much the same as yesterday's. And the day before, and the day before that.

Greece willing to give up some anti-austerity policies for a deal

Athens - The Greek government is signaling that it will compromise on some of its anti-austerity demands in order to reach a deal with its creditors.

Op-Ed: Syriza party close to a majority in Greek election win

Athens - With more than three-quarters of election results in, the leftist, anti-austerity party Syriza, won a decisive victory and was projected to win 149 seats in the 300 seat parliament, just short of a majority.

Op-Ed: Greek bonds rally but economy is in terrible shape

Athens - The Greek government bond market rallied recently as the bonds were upgraded by rating agency Standard and Poor. The European Central Bank(ECB) announced that it would accept Greek government debt as collateral for routine lending operations.

Protests to be banned in Athens as EU finance ministers meet

Athens - Athens will ban protests on Tuesday and Wednesday when the capital will host a meeting of European Union finance ministers. Authorities claim the ban is necessary for security reasons.

Greece: Latest austerity measures cut top rate of tax

Athens - The three coalition party leaders have reached a basic agreement on the latest round of austerity measures to present to the Troika, due back in Greece on Sunday. The measures include a reduction in the top rate of tax from 45 to 35 percent.

Op-Ed: Thousands of Greeks protest austerity measures

Thessalon - Thousands of Greeks mount protests at new austerity measures imposed to meet terms of the bailout provisions imposed by the Troika

Op-Ed: Europe's ‘austerity’ backlash means trouble for the world

Sydney - France and Greece have shown clearly how the public reacts to “austerity”. The maniacal targeting of the poor and total disregard for public welfare in Greece has demolished the two main parties there. France has answered austerity with venom.

Mobile Social Kitchen Feeds the Hungry in Athens

Athens - A mobile social kitchen in Athens attempts to feed the growing number of hungry people. Placing themselves in a different square daily, they carry all their equipment by car and set up in a different location each day.

Greece retail federation: 68,000 small businesses closed in 2011

As Greece waits to hear her fate over the next tranche of loans that will stall default, the Greek retail federation states that more than 68,000 small businesses have closed down this year, with another 53,000 closures anticipated before the year end.

Greek Prime Minister to take symbolic pay cut as taxes rise again

In a measure to fill the Greek coffers the Prime Minister will lose one month's salary, along with all elected officials. As they make their symbolic gesture the Greek population will endure a new property tax despite facing hard austerity measures.

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A street scene in Athens
A street scene in Athens
Athens: A street scene
Athens: A street scene

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