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Greece debt crisis News

Op-Ed: Future of Europe's Schengen Agreement in question

As Europeans increasingly guard against a Trojan Horse attack in the form of legions of African and Middle Eastern Muslims presently storming EU borders, European leaders on Monday proposed effectively sealing off Western Europe from Greece.

Forex markets looking at Greece, investors look to U.S.

The news from Greece of a shutdown put fear into investors and the euro dipped as a result against the dollar. Analysts are looking toward reliable US data, while China's situation worsens.

Greece willing to give up some anti-austerity policies for a deal

Athens - The Greek government is signaling that it will compromise on some of its anti-austerity demands in order to reach a deal with its creditors.

Greek officials claim they are close to a deal with creditors

Athens - Greek officials said there was progress during weekend negotiations with creditors even though no breakthrough deal has been reached as yet.

Op-Ed: Greece sending contradictory messages about default plans

Athens - As has happened often during negotiations with its creditors, mixed and contradictory messages are coming from the Greek Syriza government.

Greece makes key payment to IMF on time

Athens - The Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund(IMF), Christine Lagarde, has confirmed that the Greek government made a 459 million euro payment due on April 9.

Op-Ed: Greece threatens to default on IMF loan payment

Athens - Conflicting narratives are coming from the Greek government. There are reports that the government is drawing up plans to nationalize the banking system and introduce the drachma as a parallel currency to the euro.

Still no deal with Greece to release more bailout funds

Athens - On Tuesday negotiations between Greece and international lenders ended with no deal reached on reforms that would allow the release of more bailout funds.

Op-Ed: Greek's creditors press government for acceptable reforms

Athens - Deposits in Greek banks fell by more than $8.2 billion in February to $154.2 billion. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras' government is under extreme pressure to reach an agreement with creditors so that more bailout funds will be released.

Eurozone recovery stalled; more austerity possible

Frankfurt - With Europe’s economic recovery slumping, euro governments are under increasing pressure to act while facing considerable political obstacles and disgruntled constituencies ready to light the fuse on protests against renewed austerity measures.

Protests to be banned in Athens as EU finance ministers meet

Athens - Athens will ban protests on Tuesday and Wednesday when the capital will host a meeting of European Union finance ministers. Authorities claim the ban is necessary for security reasons.

Euro zone unemployment hit record high in September

Madrid - The euro zone big picture is a bit dimmer in terms of unemployment than it was a month ago. According to Eurostat, the European Union’s statistics facility, in a report out Wednesday, about 146,000 additional workers lost their jobs in September.

Troika proposes more restructuring of Greek debt

Athens - Greece's Troika of international creditors, the IMF, ECB, and EC, have controversially called for a new restructuring of Greek debt. The Troika also calls for an additional 150 new Greek reforms, while recommending a two-year extension to current reforms.

Greece rocked by violence; government approves more cutbacks

Athens - Strikes in Greece organized by the nation’s two largest unions evolved into violent protests Wednesday as protesters hurled firebombs at police in Athens where about 50,000 gathered to condemn new austerity measures.

Standard & Poor's releases negative outlook on Greece

Athens - Standard & Poor's changed its long-term rating outlook on Greece to "negative," Tuesday, setting up a potential ratings downgrade.

Greece rounds up thousands of illegal immigrants

Athens - Greece, long thought of as the gateway to Western Europe for Asian, African and Turkish immigrants, has rolled up the red carpet by rounding up thousands of illegal immigrants in a single operation.

Mental health illness increases in Greece

Athens - Mental illness is a serious issue that is increasing all over the world. In Greece, reports show that the debt crisis is taking its toll on young people.

Op-Ed: Are We Witnessing The End Days Of Supply Side Economics?

Embracing a new economic theory, after it gains a foothold in the public consciousness, only occurs when a sustained undesired economic result from the previously employed thesis metastasize into a full crisis for the political class.

Greek President: 'Banks very weak'

Athens - In a run on banks associated with recent elections and government economic insolvency, Greek depositors withdrew €700 million ($898 million) from local banks Monday.

Op-Ed: Good side of Greek debt? Markets might learn the LIARS lesson

Sydney - The likelihood of a Greek default has been causing shudders around the world. A small economy’s debt has terrified the finance markets. The risk of a Greek default, followed by further defaults is the bug eyed monster, but there’s a good side.

Mobile Social Kitchen Feeds the Hungry in Athens

Athens - A mobile social kitchen in Athens attempts to feed the growing number of hungry people. Placing themselves in a different square daily, they carry all their equipment by car and set up in a different location each day.

Op-Ed: Bizarre investor logic as the Greek bailout staggers along

Sydney - Just when you thought global finance couldn’t get any less impressive, the private bond holders, the European Central Bank and the IMF have come up with a new spin. The Greek bond settlement is expected to go through, with some truly strange logic.

Op-Ed: Ungrateful Greeks should say 'thank you' claims German politician

Patrick Döring, German political leader of the minor Free Democratic Party (FDP), who in December was accused of a hit and run traffic crime, has turned his attention to criticizing what he considers ungrateful Greeks.

Scandal of Greek MP's sending funds abroad during debt crisis

Athens - A scandal has engulfed the Greek Parliament following revelations that an unnamed member of Parliament allegedly sent €1 million of personal funds to a Swiss bank account during 2011.

British evacuation from Greece claims 'ridiculous'

William Hague, Britain's Foreign Secretary, has warned Britons in Greece that they should register with British authorities as UK prepares evacuation procedures.

Review: Artemis Honey, an ethically produced gastronomic delicacy Special

Athens - A social cooperative at a psychiatric hospital in Greece is producing honey and transforming the lives of the patients and the local community as well.

Leaked Troika report says Greek bailout may well fail

A leaked report from the Troika reveals that the very body responsible for agreeing the bail out loan to Greece, expect it may well fail.

Greece accepts 'enhanced and permanent' presence of EU monitors

Greece has agreed to accept an "enhanced and permanent" presence of EU monitors and Troika representatives, as a condition of the 130 billion bail out loan.

Eurogroup approves 130 billion euro bail out loan to Greece

After months of negotiating the Eurogroup finally approved the 130 billion euro bail out loan to Greece in the early hours of Tuesday morning

German economist says Greece is held hostage by banks

It is increasingly inevitable that Greece, already bankrupt, will at some point be forced to leave the euro. A German economist points out that the current crisis leaves the Greeks held hostage by the banks and financial institutions.
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Greece debt crisis

Greece debt crisis Image

Central Athens
Central Athens
Photos of Central Athens after last night s protest.
Photos of Central Athens after last night's protest.
A photo of diners at the Steki Metanaston collective kitchen.
A photo of diners at the Steki Metanaston collective kitchen.
Real Deomcracy Media Team
Photos from Saturday s demonstration outside the Parliament.
Photos from Saturday's demonstration outside the Parliament.
Photos of Central Athens after last night s protest.
Photos of Central Athens after last night's protest.
Photos from Saturday s demonstration outside the Parliament.
Photos from Saturday's demonstration outside the Parliament.
Photos from Saturday s demonstration outside the Parliament.
Photos from Saturday's demonstration outside the Parliament.
Riots in Athens  Greece 12 February 2012
Riots in Athens, Greece 12 February 2012
Photos of Central Athens after last night s protest.
Photos of Central Athens after last night's protest.