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Britain to stay in EU: Top European diplomat Mogherini

Bejing - Britain will stay in the European Union, the 28-nation group's top diplomat predicted Wednesday, a day ahead of an election in which incumbent Prime Minister David Cameron has promised a referendum on membership.

Syriza's 100 days: A slow reckoning with financial reality

Atenas - It promised to turn the page on five years of austerity that brought Greece to its knees, but the first 100 days of the radical government of Alexis Tsipras has seen that hope disappear into the yawning gulf between it and the country's creditors.

Two dead, 21 injured in Athens prison fighting

Atenas - Two inmates were killed and 21 others injured during fighting that broke out in an Athens prison on Sunday, the justice ministry said.

Wife shields Greece's Varoufakis in restaurant standoff with anarchists

Atenas - Greece's combative Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis was shielded by his wife Danae after being pelted with glass objects by anarchists at a restaurant in a working-class Athens neighbourhood, the finance ministry said Wednesday.

Greek minister raises possibility of fresh election

Atenas - The interior minister of cash-strapped Greece has raised the possibility of fresh elections to give Greeks the last word on the government's economic policy."Those who imagine that the current government is an interlude ...

Europe pushes Greece in bogged down debt talks

Riga - European ministers heaped pressure on Greece to speed up negotiations to unblock critically needed bailout funds and avert a dangerous default, showing frustration after months of bogged down talks.

2015 may be the year Cyprus is reunified, say Turkey, U.S.

Washington - Turkey and the United States voiced hopes Tuesday that 2015 could be the year when a long-elusive diplomatic solution is finally found to the decades-old division of Cyprus.

US blacklists two Greek 'terrorists' in row over new law

Washington - The United States blacklisted two Greek extremists Tuesday amid anger over a new law which could see a bombmaker from a radical group accused of killing Americans released early from prison.

Child among migrants drowned off Greece in new tragedy

Atenas - At least three people, including a child, died when a boat carrying more than 90 migrants sank off the Greek island of Rhodes on Monday, police said.

Rising tide of illegal immigrants swamp Greek islands

Mytilene - The Greek island of Lesbos is being flooded by a rising tide of people seeking to illegally migrate to Europe from the nearby Turkish coast on just about anything that will float.

Greek Golden Dawn trial opens with top defendants absent

Atenas - The trial of 69 members of the Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn on charges of running a criminal organisation began Monday in the absence of the party leader and other main defendants.

Greece uneasy as trial opens for neo-Nazi Golden Dawn

Atenas - Dozens of people linked to Greece's neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party go on trial Monday on charges ranging from murder to participation in a criminal organisation, as officials brace for trouble among rival protesters at the scene.

Greece set for trial of neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party

Atenas - Greece begins one of its most publicised trials in decades on Monday, with dozens of people linked to the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party facing charges including murder and participation in a criminal organisation.

Greece told to move 'urgently' on detailed debt plan

Washington - Greece was told to urgently deliver a detailed fiscal and debt plan to official lenders as the IMF-World Bank spring meetings wound up amid escalating worries of a looming default.

Standard and Poor downgrades Greece's credit rating further

Athens - Greece's credit grade is already in junk status but on April 15 rating agency Standard and Poor downgraded the status of Greek credit even further.

6.1 magnitude quake strikes off Greek island of Crete, no injuries

Atenas - A 6.1-magnitude earthquake struck under the Mediterranean seabed east of the Greek island of Crete on Thursday, but local authorities said there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.

Istanbul's Hagia Sophia sees first Koran reading in 85 years

Istanbul - A Muslim cleric has for the first time in 85 years recited the Koran in the Hagia Sophia, the world famous landmark of Istanbul which is now a museum after serving as a church and a mosque, reports said Saturday.

In the shadow of Greek prison, locals dread Golden Dawn trial

Atenas - They have learned to live with over 2,000 prisoners on their doorstep, some of them notorious extremists and hardened killers.

70 years on, Greeks awaiting justice in Nazi massacre village

Distomo - Loukas Sehremelis was just 12 years old when Nazi troops burst into his house in the Greek village of Distomo, shooting and killing indiscriminately.

Illegal migrants arriving by sea in Greece triple in 2015

Atenas - The number of illegal migrants arriving in Greece by sea has tripled in the first three months of 2015, the Greek coast guard said Thursday.The period saw 10,445 migrants arriving, compared with 2,863 for the corresponding months last year.

Greece to make April IMF payment, but uncertainty reigns

Atenas - Greece is due to make its 459 million euro ($495 million) April loan payment to the IMF Thursday following days of uncertainty, but the European nation's ability to honour its debts remains a source of acute anxiety to creditors.

Greek PM blasts Russia sanctions at Putin meet

Moscow - Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Wednesday lashed out at EU sanctions against Russia during talks with Kremlin strongman Vladimir Putin in Moscow that have unnerved Brussels.

Germany snubs Greece's war reparations call as 'dumb'

Berlin - Germany snubbed Greece's call for more than 278 billion euros ($306 billion) in war payments Tuesday, calling it "dumb" to mix World War II claims with Athens' negotiations for more aid.

Anarchist protests put Greece's radical leaders in a bind

Atenas - Greek anarchists are needling the country's new far-left government with a series of high-profile occupations in support of jailed radicals.

Greece agrees to repay IMF debt by April 9: Lagarde

Washington - Greece has agreed to repay its debt to the International Monetary Fund by April 9, IMF chief Christine Lagarde said after a meeting with Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis.

Greece 'confident' of paying IMF on time

Atenas - Greece will meet its financial obligations to the IMF and pay workers' salaries and pensions next week, a government source said, easing speculation that Athens could default on its debts with unknowable consequences for global markets.

Jailed Greek ex-minister's wife escapes from detention

Atenas - The wife of a prominent Greek ex-minister jailed for corruption early on Thursday escaped from a psychiatric hospital in Athens, a police source said.

No deal in Greece reform list talks: source

Brussels - Fresh talks between Greece and its creditors on a list of reforms ended without a deal Wednesday, with a widely anticipated meeting of eurozone finance ministers now unlikely to happen in the near future, sources said.

In Greece, folk music and patriotism soothe wounded national pride

Atenas - With its dignity battered by six years of "humiliation" at the hands of its international creditors, cash-strapped Greece is turning to folk music and patriotism to restore its injured national pride.

Tsipras seeks 'honest compromise' as Greece wrangles with creditors

Atenas - Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Monday said he wanted an "honest compromise" as the cash-strapped country wrangled with eurozone creditors over a new package of reforms needed to unlock vital bailout funds.
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Greece Image

 Thank you for your understating.  Gotta love Greek English!
"Thank you for your understating." Gotta love Greek English!
Cystal clear waters Mani coast  Greece
Cystal clear waters Mani coast, Greece
A 4.4 magnitude earthquake hits in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Greece and Cyprus.
A 4.4 magnitude earthquake hits in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Greece and Cyprus.
Screen Capture
Mist over Taygetos mountain  Greece
Mist over Taygetos mountain, Greece
The Parthenon  Athens.
The Parthenon, Athens.
Photos for the photo-essay on Aegina
Photos for the photo-essay on Aegina
Kalamitsi beach in Lefkada  Greece
Kalamitsi beach in Lefkada, Greece
Photos for the photo-essay on Aegina
Photos for the photo-essay on Aegina
The grand Temple of Aphaia. Situated on the peak of the island mountain  it looks over the island an...
The grand Temple of Aphaia. Situated on the peak of the island mountain, it looks over the island and protects the ports below.
Photos for the photo-essay on Aegina
Photos for the photo-essay on Aegina
Alexis Tsipras of Greece s Syriza party
Alexis Tsipras of Greece's Syriza party
The complementary map of the island: a napkin from the taverna.
The complementary map of the island: a napkin from the taverna.
Different brands of Retsina
Different brands of Retsina
Greek fishing boats - welcome to the real Greece!
Greek fishing boats - welcome to the real Greece!
Island off Kardimili  greece
Island off Kardimili, greece
Homeless people in the streets of Athens  Greece
Homeless people in the streets of Athens, Greece
Video screen capture
View across the city: right at the tipsy-top of that mountain  is an ancient monastery  built by the...
View across the city: right at the tipsy-top of that mountain, is an ancient monastery, built by the Orthodox monks themselves.
Stoupa seafront  Greece
Stoupa seafront, Greece
The German FOCUS cover says  Crooks in the Euro-family   to which the Greek MY COUNTRY replied with ...
The German FOCUS cover says "Crooks in the Euro-family", to which the Greek MY COUNTRY replied with the words "Our debt, you may take it."
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