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Great white shark News

Review: Michael Phelps races Great white shark in South Africa open water Special

South Africa - 23-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps has raced a Great white shark in South Africa. The race with the shark was assisted with the help of computer simulation.

Small fishing boat attacked by shark

Fishermen off the coast of New Zealand reported an encounter with a Great White Shark that repeatedly attacked their boat.

Two men try to surf on a whale shark, anger conservationists

A video showing two men attempting to surf on the back of a rare whale shark has sparked the ire of conservationists who say the men should be prosecuted for their actions.

Australian man's leg bitten off in shark attack, fights for life

A 26-year-old Australian man who was surfing in Port Lincoln national park is now fighting for his life after a shark attack. His injuries, including having a leg bitten off, are life-threatening and he's been airlifted to a hospital in Adelaide.

Warning: Great white shark stalking waters off Washington state

Police in the Washington state community of Ocean Shores are telling people to stay out of the water as they believe a large great white shark is trolling the shores. They issued the warning after tests were done on a seal that was bitten in half.

Biggest ever great white shark sighting closes Newcastle beaches

Newcastle - Beaches around Newcastle in New South Wales were closed again with swimmers urged not to enter the water after yet another sighting of a large great white shark.

Western Australia teen spears shark that attacked friend

Perth - A teenager from Western Australia has used his spear gun to kill the shark that fatally attacked his friend. Jay Muscat was killed following an attack by a great white shark at Cheynes Beach in Albany only days ago.

Teacher captures stunning photo of great white shark

Swiftly spreading across the Web is this photo of a hungry great white shark taken by New Jersey elementary school teacher Amanda Brewer. “I wasn’t even a little bit frightened,” she said in an interview.

Scientists studying great white sharks get an awesome surprise

Floating in the silent waters off of Guadalupe Island, an autonomous vehicle that resembles a torpedo floats in the blue. Then a great white shark, in a cautious arc ascends to investigate this unfamiliar intruder to its world.

Great white sharks making a splashy comeback off U.S. coasts

Cape May - A New Jersey man fishing with friends off the coast of Cape May has startling evidence that great white sharks are making a comeback after one of the huge fish bit the outboard motor on his boat.

Long-distance swimmer protected from shark by dolphins (Video)

When British long-distance swimmer Adam Walker entered the Oceans Seven swimming marathon, in an effort to promote whale and dolphin conservation efforts, he never expected that a pod of dolphins would actually end up helping him.

Great white killer shark heading for British coast

A 15-foot-long great white shark called Lydia has been spotted swimming towards the Cornish coastline in Britain, and is expected to arrive in UK waters by Monday.

The key to the Great White Shark’s power: a fat liver

The fuel source that allows the white shark to embark on incredibly long migrations through the world’s oceans has been identified as its liver, which is relatively large and fat compared with other creatures.

Photo Essay: 'Whale Crier' calls you to visit Hermanus, S. Africa Special

Hermanus - Situated on Walker Bay on the southern coast of the Western Cape is a beautiful little treasure called Hermanus. This historic small town is famous for many reasons, but particularly for its spectacular whale watching.

Watch a great white shark break into diving cage

Gansbaai - A new bride came within a whisker of losing her husband after only one day of marriage. A group of friends were shark diving off the coast of South Africa when they had an uncomfortably close encounter with a great white shark.

Watch GoPro: Ocean Ramsay swims with a Great White Shark

Honolulu - Footage shows a shark conservationist Ocean Ramsey swim up to a massive great white shark in the waters of Hawaii to caress the creature and even grab hold of its fin to hitch a free ride.

Bull Sharks have the strongest bite

A survey of different sharks and the relative strength of their bite has shown the Bull Shark to have the hardest bite, stronger than even the mighty Great White.

Beaches reopen after 13-foot Great White shark washes ashore

Little Compton - When fisherman Gary Severa first spotted the shark Saturday morning, he thought it was driftwood; getting a little closer, his heart started to race when he realized that this driftwood had razor sharp teeth and eyes –– that stared back at him.

Close Encounter with a Great White Shark

Like a scene out of the movie 'Jaws' a kayaker was chased by a Great White shark just off a beach at Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Great White Shark Attacks Kayak, Ignores Man

Shark attacks on humans are rare, and often occur when sharks mistake a surfboard for the outline of a prey item. Similarly, in the following attack the kayak may have resembled something edible:

Video: Great White shark circles fishing boat in Hawaii

Honolulu - A group of fisherman in Hawaii have an amazing story to tell after a day of fishing for marlin five miles off the coast of Yokohama Bay ended with a Great White shark circling their boat for nearly an hour looking for its next meal.

Video: Surfers at Venice Beach rescue baby great white shark

Venice - A group of visitors to Venice Beach, California were greeted with an unexpected sight when they spotted a baby great white shark wash up close to the beach in need of rescue.

Great white shark's remains to be displayed in Halifax museum

Halifax - The remnants of a great white shark caught in the Bay of Fundy off the coast of Nova Scotia will soon find a permanent home in the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History.

Shark jumps into boat with researchers

A group of marine researchers in South Africa wanted to be close to sharks, but not quite as close as they got when a three-metre long great white jumped into a boat with them on Monday.

Long, hot summer draws tourists, sharks to Cape Cod

Record numbers of beachgoers have been flocking to Cape Cod this summer, seeking relief from an extended spell of hot weather. Warm water temperatures and the prospect of a meal have also attracted several Great White sharks.

Great White Shark gives photo op

For whatever reason, Xinhua has found some great shots of a Great White in action. Maybe the editor’s trying to send his dentist a message, perhaps flossing using a seal has some sort of hidden code. This is one pretty photogenic shark.

Great White Shark Released Back Into Wild

White shark held in captivity for 137 days has been released back into wild.

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Great white shark Image

Screenshot via Video
Which went viral  the Great White Shark or the t-shirt message?
Which went viral, the Great White Shark or the t-shirt message?
NBC Philadelphia
Great White Shark
Great White Shark
NBC Philadelphia
By Alexey Semeneev (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikim
This Great White Shark was photographed in South Africa.
This Great White Shark was photographed in South Africa.
Alexey Semeneev
Great White shark circles boat 5 miles from Oahu  Hawaii.
Great White shark circles boat 5 miles from Oahu, Hawaii.
YouTube screen grab
Ocean Ramsay swims with great white shark
Ocean Ramsay swims with great white shark
Great white shark  also known as the great white  white pointer  white shark  or white death (Carcha...
Great white shark, also known as the great white, white pointer, white shark, or white death (Carcharodon carcharias), taken from cage diving boat in Gansbaai, Hermanus near Cape Town, South Africa.
Hein waschefort
A shark caught on a GoPro camera thanks to N.J. teacher Amanda Brewer
A shark caught on a GoPro camera thanks to N.J. teacher Amanda Brewer
Via Instagram account ab_roo
The carcass of a 13-foot great white shark that washed up in Westport  Mass.  just over the state li...
The carcass of a 13-foot great white shark that washed up in Westport, Mass., just over the state line from Little Compton, R.I., Saturday Sept. 1, 2012.
Screenshot via Video

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