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Great lakes News

Northeast is in for snow, winds and 20-foot waves on Great Lakes

The National Weather Service is forecasting waves approaching 30 feet high for portions of the Great Lakes Thursday evening and Friday as a major storm threatens the northeastern US and up into Canada.

Researcher warns of growing threat from plastics in Great Lakes

Research from a leading international expert on the health of the Great Lakes suggests that the growing intensity and scale of pollution from plastics poses serious risks to human health and will continue to have profound consequences on the ecosystem.

Essential Science: Antidepressants found in fish brains

Research into the U.S. Great Lakes has uncovered levels of antidepressants not only in the water but also in the brains of fish. This signals the polluting effect of wastewater and sewage treatment facilities.

Spills on Enbridge's old Line 5 pipeline tops one million gallons

An aging oil and gas pipeline passing through an environmentally sensitive stretch of the Great Lakes has had at least 29 leaks in its 64-year-old history, spilling more than one million gallons of oil and gas, according to a report released this week.

Canada-U.S. study: Grass carp invade three of the Great Lakes

Invasive grass carps have reached three of the Great Lakes, posing a serious environmental risk to the lakes and wetlands of the Great Lakes Basin (GLB), according to a study released on Friday.

Wisconsin chooses to deny climate change is human-caused

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has quietly and with absolutely no fanfare removed wording from its website that said humans and greenhouse gasses are the cause of climate change. And they have added some false facts, akin to fake news.

The reason why some lakes are getting murkier

A study of some 5,000 lakes in Wisconsin has found over a quarter have become murkier over a twenty year period. The rate of murkiness is expected to increase with global warming.

U.S. House bans microbeads in personal care products by 2019

Washington - Several states have passed legislation to put and end to the use of tiny microbeads in beauty products, but now the rest of the nation is catching up. It's all part of an effort to keep the tiny plastic beads out of the ocean and our seafood.

Op-Ed: Lake Huron is not the best place for a nuclear waste dump

What would you think if you found out a company was going to build a nuclear waste dump right next to one of the Great Lakes? It seems that this is what has been proposed, but a lot of people are questioning the feasibility of such a project.

Ontario takes a stand against invasive species

Invasive species control costs the economy of Ontario tens of millions of dollars annually. The impact these foreign invaders make on the ecology and the environment is often irreparable, if not irreversible. Ontario is doing something about the problem.

Asian carp: The other white fish

Asian carp were imported to the United States in the 1970's to control algae in aquaculture ponds. But much like the mongoose that was imported to the Hawaii islands to control rats, the carp proliferated and are now an invasive, nuisance species.

First lake effect snow assails Toronto Special

Toronto - 'Tis the season for especially deep snow in Toronto, Canada's largest and most populous city. While most North Americans have never heard of lake effect snow, Toronto--on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario--gets a lot of it.

Asian carp found in the Lake Erie basin

New York - New evidence indicates that invasive Asian carp have bred in the Lake Erie basin. Scientists fear the impact that the carp will have on established ecosystems.

Op-Ed: The Great Plastic Lakes? Plastic in the water by the ton

Sydney - The Great Great Lakes Garbage Patch, like its disgusting relatives in the Pacific and elsewhere, is underway. Rejoice, Americans and Canadians, now you’ve got something else to die of, literally and figuratively.

Good and bad news for the world's largest freshwater system

Ann Arbor - The good news begins with the University of Michigan's recent launch of a Great Lakes research and education center. The less good news is while older contaminants decline, newer are on the rise at a time the lakes' levels are plummeting.

ON Environmental Commissioner laments lack of environmental funds Special

Toronto - Ontario's Environmental Commissioner, Gord Miller, released the ECO's 2010/2011 Annual Report, which outlines the state of environmental affairs in the province. "Now is not a good time to disarm your environmental ministries," he warns.

Five US states sue federal government over Asian carp invasion

Five US states have sued Chicago’s water authority and the federal government in an effort to stop an invasion of Asian carp into the Great Lakes.

EPA will spend $2.2 billion to protect Great Lakes

New funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be used to clean up pollution in the Great Lakes and stop the spread of invasive species over the next five years.

Research shows deadly fish virus now in all Great Lakes

Cornell researchers report a deadly fish virus, first discovered in the Northeast in 2005, has been found for the first time in fish from Lake Superior.

Asian carp poised to destroy the ecology of the Great Lakes

Riding a wave of flood water, Asian carp are poised to make their final thrust past all barriers to reach Lake Michigan. Will government react in time to prevent this environmental disaster?

Severe Storms Slam Into US Midwest, Great Lakes

The Great Lakes region is being pounded by heavy storms; however the aftermath still leaves the Midwest warm and muggy. More severe weather is predicted for Ohio and Kentucky on Sunday.

Study: Great Lakes Water Level Sensitive to Climate Change

The water level in the Great Lakes has varied by only about two meters during the last century, helping them to play a vital role in the region’s shipping, fishing, recreation and power generation industries.

Tiny Snail Alters Great Lakes Ecology

The New Zealand mud snail currently inhabits four of the five Great Lakes and is now spreading into rivers and tributaries,

The Case of The Disappearing Species

Throughout the overlooked depths of Lake Michigan and other Great Lakes, a small but important animal is rapidly disappearing.

Op-Ed: Great Lakes Cleanup a Priority For Both Environmental and Economic Reasons

For decades, Great Lakes pollution has been ignored, despite the health consequences. But politicians, especially the next U.S. president, should not ignore the environmental and economic impact a Great Lakes cleanup could do for future generations.

Governor Granholm Requesting Ballast Laws To Protect Great Lakes

Michigan's Governor Granholm sent letters out yesterday to the premiers of Ontario and Quebec, as well as to the governors of the other states surrounding the Great Lakes, to join Michigan in legislating ballast laws against ocean-going ships.

Brain Teaser: A Battle Over the Great Lakes

This is one that I learned as a child. As such I don't have a website to link to. But I did promise last week that this week's puzzle wouldn't have a bunch of website devoted to the answer.

New Report: Toxic Chemical levels In Great Lakes Fish High

Fish is still a healthy food but a recent report carries a warning, the toxic chemical levels of the fish in the Great Lakes is high and getting higher. You can still eat fish but be careful of where it comes from.

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Grass Carp  Ctenopharyngodon idella.
Grass Carp, Ctenopharyngodon idella.
Roban Kramer/USGS
Overview of the Great Lakes from orbit taken on April 13  2014.
Overview of the Great Lakes from orbit taken on April 13, 2014.
NASA Images
Aerial view of the Prairie du Sac Dam  which impounds Lake Wisconsin.
Aerial view of the Prairie du Sac Dam, which impounds Lake Wisconsin.
Paul Gorman
Aerial photo of lake effect snow over the Great Lakes
Aerial photo of lake effect snow over the Great Lakes
Robert Nemiroff (MTU) & Jerry Bonnell (USRA)
Ship repait at a drydock in St.Catharines Ontario Canada
Ship repait at a drydock in St.Catharines,Ontario,Canada
Proposed location of nuclear waste dump
Proposed location of nuclear waste dump
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

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