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Gravity News

Studying the Earth's gravity reveals clues about climate change

By studying satellite measurements scientists are piecing together information about climate change based on the terrestrial water cycle, the mass balance of ice sheets and changes in sea levels.

Zach Adam and Adam Joseph discuss new 'Gravity' single and video Special

Zach Adam and Adam Joseph's "Gravity" tackles two of the heaviest topics facing teens today: depression and suicide. They are topics the music-making-duo admit to have experienced first-hand.

New use for old mine shafts — power generators using gravity

Edinburgh - Edinburgh, UK-based energy startup Gravitricity has unveiled plans to transform disused mine shafts into hi-tech green energy generation facilities through a system that uses gravity and massive weights.

Scientists glimpse Einstein's gravitational waves

Washington - In a landmark discovery for physics and astronomy, scientists said Thursday they have glimpsed the first direct evidence of gravitational waves, ripples in the fabric of space-time that Albert Einstein predicted a century ago.

Essential Science: Why strong bones are needed for space travel

One limitation with a deep space mission, such as to Mars, is the effect of microgravity on astronauts. To find ways to build-up resilience and maintain bone strength, scientists have, surprisingly, been studying fish.

Review: Big & Rich flying high with 'Gravity'

Ten years ago, Big & Rich stormed country music with a mission statement not seen since the outlaw days of Waylon and Willie. Now the famed duo returns with a smoother, more melodious approach on their latest outing "Gravity."

Stress, not weather erosion, architect of sandstone formations

Prague - A new study by Czechoslovakian researchers has "convincingly" shown how mother nature creates the intricate carvings in sandstone formations.

International Space Station to test immune cells

Scientists are conducting an experiment on the International Space Station (ISS) to study whether human cells are tuned into Earth’s gravity. This will test whether deep space missions will affect the body.

Alternate scene in 'Gravity' could have 'redefined movie' (Video)

An exclusive alternate scene for the hit film "Gravity" is currently doing the rounds on YouTube. If used, this scene could have totally redefined the film (and, for that matter, made it a heck of a lot shorter).

Op-Ed: Who is the big winner at this year's Oscars? — Music

Of all the incredible work represented this year at the Academy Awards, no one item stands above the rest more than the music.

Review: New on DVD for February 25 Special

This week’s releases include live-action and animated comedies from the small screen; an otherworldly superhero with an amazing bonus feature; a couple of Oscar contenders; and two that were left off the ballot.

'Mars for the everyday man' — the second round for Mars One

Out of over 200,000 applications sent in to the Mars One project, 1,058 lucky would-be space travelers made it to the second-round on their quest to become the first in a group of four colonists to go Mars in 2024.

Newfound star system 'can reveal secrets of gravity'

Scientists have discovered a triple star system that is expected to refute Einstein's theories on gravity, as well as give new insight into gravity's true nature.

Review: Top 10 films of 2013 Special

The latter half of December was characteristically heavy with new releases that were destined to impress, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t some winners earlier in the year.

Scientists rescued by icebound ship in Antarctic

Sydney - If it had been in 3D, it might have seemed like a replay of the movie “Gravity.” The U.S., Russia and China were all involved in the rescue of scientists from the Antarctic.

SNL delivers on 'Gravity' of the government shutdown

In its cold open last night, NBC's "Saturday Night Live" tackles the federal government shutdown from the perspective of the hit movie, "Gravity."

Review: Gravity breaks record but lacks an important element

The 3-D movie, Gravity, broke a record this weekend with the biggest box office take ever for a movie released in October.

Clooney and Bullock's epic defies gravity in box-office stakes

The latest movie offering starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock has shot to the top of the US box office in its opening weekend, becoming the biggest October opening since records began.

Review: Gravity's survival story will leave you breathless Special

Toronto - "I got a bad feeling about this mission," says George Clooney's astronaut character in one of the more foreboding lines in the upcoming film Gravity. Thanks to skilled direction and awe-inspiring visuals, this lost-in-space story surpasses expectations.

Star power abounds at 2013 Toronto Film Festival Special

The Toronto International Film Festival announces its first round of highly-anticipated galas and special presentations.

Plants grow in space despite lack of gravity

Scientists have disproved the theory that plants require gravity to stimulate root growth by bringing seeds aboard the International Space Station and conducting experiments with Arabidopsis thaliana flowers.

Op-Ed: Sir Isaac Newton’s Theology and Eschatology

Today, Sir Isaac Newton is famous for his scientific achievements. He redeveloped physics for the Western world during the 17th century. His discovery of the gravitational laws dominated physics before Einstein’s special and general relativity theory.

Tidal heating may strip exoplanets in habitable zone of all water

Austin - We are familiar with the phenomenon of tides caused by the gravitational pull of the Moon and Sun on bodies of water on the Earth. Scientists say that on some alien planets tidal forces may be strong enough to strip the planet entirely of water.

Tricking the mind: the zero-gravity illusions of Denis Darzacq

French photographer Denis Darzacq creates amazing images of people flying through air as if there was no gravity on our planet. His work, real photographs without PhotoShop trickery, can be seen in New York, yet only for two more weeks.

Melting of West Antarctic Ice Sheet may affect Earth's rotation

A study in the journal Science has found that the melting of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet would change the focus of the planet's gravitational field and sea levels would rise disproportionately around North America and the Indian Ocean.

Hubble finds something peculiar: planet-forming theories challenged

A new star isn’t doing what it’s supposed to be doing. The normal dusty debris around it is in a highly elliptical, lopsided, orbit. OK, a young star’s gotta have some fun, but this one’s writing its own rules.

Gravity Wave Caught On Camera

A beautiful sunset captured on a webcam yesterday in Iowa presented something more quite spectacular in the dusk skies

Get in Shape by Defying Gravity

In the resort town of Saratoga Springs, NY, health clubs are finding the benefits of gravity machines as a way for their members to get fit.

Gravity-defying Bed Offers New Way to Sleep

Imagine your bed just hovering there in the air. Frustrated by how much gravity dictates design, Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars searched for a way to defy convention and came up with a bed that hovers through magnetic force.
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Oscar box office champ is  Gravity.
Oscar box office champ is "Gravity."
Box Office Mojo
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Sandra Bullock in Imax 3D blockbuster film Gravity
Sandra Bullock in Imax 3D blockbuster film Gravity
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A scene from  Gravity
A scene from 'Gravity'
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Sandra Bullock in the new film Gravity
Sandra Bullock in the new film Gravity
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