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Largest IS mass grave yet found outside Syria's Raqa

Ak - Two feet deep, below a plot of farmland outside the Syrian city of Raqa, lies a large and deadly legacy of the Islamic State group: a mass grave holding an estimated 3,500 people.

Fifty mass graves discovered in western DR Congo: UN rights group

Apo - More than 50 mass graves have been identified in western Democratic Republic of Congo after a spate of killings in the region, a UN rights group has said.

More than 200 mass graves found in former IS territory in Iraq: UN

Baghdad - More than 200 mass graves containing up to 12,000 victims have been found so far in Iraq that could hold vital evidence of war crimes by the Islamic State group, the UN said Tuesday.

IS left behind more than 200 mass graves in Iraq: UN

Baghdad - The Islamic State group left behind more than 200 mass graves in Iraq containing up to 12,000 victims that could hold vital evidence of war crimes, the UN said Tuesday.

New laser scanner finds unmarked graves

The laser based technology LiDAR might be more commonly associated with the development of autonomous cars, but it has another application of interest to pathologists: finding unmarked graves.

32 bodies found in mass graves in rural Mexico

Mexico - At least 32 bodies have been found in mass graves in Mexico's northwestern state of Nayarit, authorities said Tuesday."The first grave was located on Saturday.

Paris seeks to calm Australia fears over WWI battlefield wind farm

Paris - A top French defence official spoke Friday with Australia's veterans affairs minister over concerns that a planned wind farm on the site of a World War I battlefield might desecrate unmarked Australian graves.

Rohingya militants deny Myanmar army claims of Hindu massacre

Cox's Bazar - Rohingya militants on Wednesday denied the Myanmar army's allegations that they had massacred scores of Hindu villagers, whose bodies soldiers displayed to the press after exhuming them from mass graves in northern Rakhine state.

Iraq unravels the story of mass grave near Mosul

Al Hamdaniyah - Three men set up a fence and a ribbon of yellow and black crime scene tape around a site south of Iraq's Mosul, marking a mass grave of jihadists' victims.

Israel rejects Palestinian request to move 'IS-threatened' graves

Ramallah - Israel has turned down a request to transfer to the occupied West Bank graves of Palestinian leaders buried in Syria where their tombs are threatened by jihadists, officials said Wednesday.

Malaysia finds more graves and human remains near Thai border

Kangar - Malaysian police said on Sunday they had found 24 human skeletons - all believed to be victims of trafficking - in newly discovered graves along the Thai border in the northern Malaysian state of Perlis.

Malaysia bids sombre farewell to nameless Rohingya dead

Alor Setar - Malaysian authorities on Monday held a sombre mass funeral for 21 suspected ethnic Rohingya found in human-trafficking graves last month, with fellow Muslims praying for the unidentified victims to find a place in heaven.

Malaysia PM 'deeply concerned' by mass graves

Kaki Bukit - Prime Minister Najib Razak said on Monday he was "deeply concerned" by the first discovery of mass graves of suspected illegal migrants in northern Malaysia and vowed to find those responsible.

A century on, Australians hope to uncover Gallipoli graves

Sydney - It's been a century since William Boase was killed in World War I's disastrous Gallipoli campaign, but the Australian soldier's family has never lost hope of giving him a proper burial.

Oldest ever parasite egg found

The discovery of a schistosomiasis parasite egg in a 6200-year-old grave could provide the first evidence that agricultural irrigation systems in the Middle East contributed to disease burden.

Sri Lanka mass grave over old burial site

Colombo - Sri Lankan authorities halted excavations after recovering 81 skeletal remains from an unmarked mass grave atop an old burial ground in the island's former war zone, an official said Saturday.Judicial medical officer Dhananjaya Waidyaratne said digging...

Sri Lanka family finds mass grave in garden

Colombo - A Sri Lankan family has stumbled upon the remains of at least nine bodies buried in the garden of their home, police said Saturday, the latest mass grave to be discovered in the country's former war zone.The family made the grisly find on Friday while ...

Medieval mass grave found in Florence

Dozens of skeletons have been found close to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, and, according to archaeologists the medieval mass grave may stretch underneath the renowned museum.

Researchers may have solved 17th century murder in Virginia

Jamestown - A group of researchers in Virginia believe they may have found the answer to an unsolved mystery. The murder occurred in the 1600s at Jamestown.

Hurricane Sandy pushes coffins out of graves in Maryland cemetery

Crisfield - After wreaking devastation in New York City, Atlantic City and along the East Coast, Hurricane Sandy departed with an eerie Parthian shot for Halloween—it caused coffins to rise from their graves in a cemetery in Maryland.

Russian police find 29 mummified bodies in man's home

Authorities in Russia have made the gruesome discovery of 29 mummified bodies being kept in a man's apartment in the town of Nizhny Novgorod along the Volga River. The corpses were all females and had been exhumed from local cemeteries.

Mass graves found in Libya, more than 150 bodies discovered

Tripoli - At least 13 mass graves have been found in Libya over the last three weeks, with 125 bodies found at 12 separate locations in and around Tripoli, and the International Committee of the Red Cross says more mass graves are being found each week.

Thousands of volunteers lay wreaths on veterans' graves

Volunteers gathered together yesterday to lay thousands of wreaths on the memorials and graves of veterans in the United States.

Mass graves prepared for US soldiers in Iran

A former senior commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guard has said that country is preparing for war by digging mass graves for American soldiers.

Graves and cremations planned for swine flu pandemic

As governments and the general public hope for the best but expect the worst, many graves are being planned in advance for the H1N1 Swine Flu pandemic.

Tales of Horror: The Iraq Mass Graves

The years of death and destruction of the Saddam regime were told on the faces of the dead buried in mass graves. Dead women and children whose crime was being Kurdish.

Graves Being Re-Used in Church Cemeteries

Just when you thought you might be saving for yourself a small space of your very own when you finally kick the bucket - think again, you will be squeezing up with a body who died in 1907

The Grave Desecrating Woodchucks Are Getting The Heave-Ho

Those pesky woodchucks in the Pontiac Oak Hill Cemetery will soon be ousted from their digging site.

Woodchucks Desecrating Graves In Pontiac, Michigan

Woodchucks are running rampant like a pack of hooligans in one local graveyard; digging into graves, bringing up bones to the surface, upsetting family members of the deceased.

Colonial War Graves Are Given The Misspelled Treatment In Happy Valley

If there could be anything more shameful than the half done affair of the repairs to the graves of the 19th Century soldiers who gave their lives, in Hong Kong
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Graves Image

Graves in Ghencea military cemetery  Bucharest  Romania
Graves in Ghencea military cemetery, Bucharest, Romania
Falkland Island cemetery with the graves of Argentinian service personnel
Falkland Island cemetery with the graves of Argentinian service personnel
Chris Pearson
The skyline of Ahmedabad filled with smoke as buildings and shops are set on fire by rioting mobs.
The skyline of Ahmedabad filled with smoke as buildings and shops are set on fire by rioting mobs.
Wikimedia Commons
Old gravestones at St. Hilda s Church in Whitby
Old gravestones at St. Hilda's Church in Whitby
Graveyard of a monastery in Southern Germany. Akin to soldiers  the nuns have been buried in multipl...
Graveyard of a monastery in Southern Germany. Akin to soldiers, the nuns have been buried in multiple long rows.
Mourners complained to police after seeing the youth play soccer around the graves and hearing one p...
Mourners complained to police after seeing the youth play soccer around the graves and hearing one pretend he was a ghost.
Paul VanDerWerf
Captain (Navy) Charles Ross of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.
Captain (Navy) Charles Ross of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.
Captain (Navy) Charles Ross of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.
Captain (Navy) Charles Ross of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

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