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Grandmother News

78-year-old grandma can deadlift 225 pounds

East Alton - Shirley Webb is 78 years old and a grandmother. Webb is also into weightlifting and she can deadlift more than 200 pounds.

100-year-old grandmother skydives and shark dives

A woman who turned 100 years old decided to celebrate her birthday by going skydiving, and then going shark diving just two days later.

Grandmother accused of dressing up as witch and abusing child

Oklahoma City - A grandmother from Oklahoma City is being accused of dressing up as a witch and brutally abusing her seven-year-old granddaughter.

Man arrested for death of neglected 92-year-old grandmother

Zaragoza - In what was described by the judge as "inexplicable," "horrifying" and of "unimaginable suffering," a Spanish man and his girlfriend are to be charged for murder after his bedridden grandmother died of starvation and dehydration.

Senior Millionaires and the education of their grandchildren

According to a 2014 Spectrem’s Millionaire Corner wealth level study, 39 percent of senior Millionaires over the age of 65 consider financing their grandchildren’s education one of their primary concerns.

Mother arrested and charged with murder of her three children

Los Angeles - Carol Coronado, age 30, was arrested Tuesday evening after being discovered covered in blood and her three slain children surrounding her in a pool of blood.

Grandmother turns 8×10 shed into tiny cabin

Monica Smith decided to transform her small 8X10 shed into a little cabin so she could give her daughter and her five grandchildren, who lost their home, her own home.

Shopping cart fatality in Shanghai

A Chinese grandmother was run over inside a supermarket in Shanghai, China. Sadly, the results were fatal, and they were videotaped.

Grandmother says she watched police kill a 7-year-old

A police officer in Detroit is being accused of felony involuntary manslaughter, gross negligence in the shooting of a 7-year-old girl.

Photo Essay: Dream comes true for 87-year-old grandmother Special

Pretoria - Martso Cloete, an 87-year-young lady realised a dream at the weekend when the South African Air Force (SAAF) Museum took her on a 30 minute helicopter flight.

60-year-old Chinese grandma takes up pole-dancing (video)

Nanjing - 60-year-old Sun Fengqin of Nanjing, China has become a bit of a celebrity, after videos of her pole-dancing have gone almost viral, with thousands of views.

Evansville SWAT team raids wrong house in Internet threat case

Evansville - The SWAT team attempted to execute a search warrant on an anonymous Internet user, but destroyed the home of an innocent grandmother instead.

Video: 71-year-old granny who cycled Russia now to hit Europe

Yulia Mikhailyuk has cycled right across Russia 16 times and now plans to travel across Europe. An amazing feat indeed!

Grandmother, 55, auditions for Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders

Dallas - A 55-year-old grandmother has had a lifelong dream of becoming one of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Now she's trying to realize that dream.

TopFinds: Gymnast grandma goes viral, photos track Nigerian life

An 86-year-old grandmother becomes an overnight gymnast star. The makers of beef byproduct known as "pink slime" file for bankruptcy protection. A U.S. fighter jet crashes into apartment buildings. These are the top stories on

Video: 90-year-old Granny dances in tribute to Whitney Houston

A 90-year-old Granny continues her reign on the Internet as a viral dancing sensation after her grandson recorded a video of the woman performing a dancing tribute to pop star Whitney Houston and posted it on YouTube.

Polish grandmother, 73, moonlights as DJ

Warsaw - A 73-year-old-grandmother by the name of Wilka Smytz, a retired youth counselor, is the musical DJ at a Warsaw club that caters to senior citizens and the younger crowd. Her most popular music styles are samba, rumba, sensual disco and rhythmic beats.

Grandma accused of illegally downloading porn

San Francisco - A Chicago law firm has filed a lawsuit against a retired 70-year-old grandmother and thousands of others just like her alleging they have illegally downloaded porn using BitTorrent.

A 'Poke Salad Granny' memorialized as life's truest success Special

Cloutierville - Poets and philosophers tell us one life can touch many, while experts on life span say we can live long through relationships and meaningful activities, all of which were memorialized about a “Poke Salad Granny” original on Monday night.

Grandmother of baby abandoned in parking lot speaks out

Sydney - The grandmother of a baby girl who was left in a Nova Scotia parking lot said that Community Services was aware that living conditions in the child’s home were not good.

Grandmother accused of hacking woman to death with axe

Highland Park - A 26-year-old mother is dead after her three-year-old son's grandmother reportedly used an axe on her, holding her hostage while she bled and died in front of her young son.

Drug sting in Florida nets 87-year-old grandmother

A woman who "may be the oldest drug dealer in Florida's history" was videotaped allegedly selling $20 worth of crack to an undercover police officer. After being processed at the jail, the grandmother was released on her own recognizance.

63-year-old grandmother runs 27 marathons in 27 days

Wales resident Rosie Swale Pope , 63, ran for 27 consecutive days completing 27 fund-raising marathons. Her journey covered 707 miles.

Chinese grandmother grows a 2.4 inch horn

Henan - A 101-year-old grandmother has stunned her fellow villagers and family and baffled doctors after growing a huge horn from the left side of her forehead. (Click at bottom to see photos)

Grandmother Tasered In Texas

A deputy in Texas was caught using a Taser on a 72-year-old grandmother. Deputy Chris Beizie demanded that the woman put her hands on her back. When she decided to go back to her car the trouble started.

Obama’s Private Memorial Service for Madelyn Dunham

President-elect, Barack Obama, and a small group of friends and family attended a private memorial service last Tuesday in Hawaii for his maternal grandmother, Madelyn Dunham. The service was held in the First Unitarian Church in Honolulu.

Obama’s Kenyan Family Members Muzzled

The Kenyan government has blocked Kenyan members of President-elect Barrack Obama's extended family from talking to the media. Family members will have to ask permission from the government before issuing any statement concerning Obama.

What About Obama’s Grandmothers?

Barack Obama will visit Hawaii in December to honor his grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, who died on Nov 2 in Honolulu at 86 after a long illness. No plans for Dunham's funeral or memorial service have been announced.

Westboro Baptist Church Plans to Protest Obama's Grandmother's Funeral

Barack Obama and his family are planning to have a private memorial service and burial for their grandmother, Madelyn Dunham very soon. The Westboro Baptist Church is planning to protest Obama’s grandmother funeral like they did others.

Will Obama's Late Grandmother's Vote Count?

Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, died yesterday, just a day before the U.S. presidential election. Now the question is: Will her vote count?
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