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Internet use in class leads to lower test scores

New research provides a warning to school children who like to use the Internet in class. Surfing the Internet in class has been linked to poorer test scores.

College student gets jail for changing grades to A's

Roy Sun, 25, was sentenced to 90 days in jail last week for computer tampering after he and two undergraduate classmates were accused of hacking into Purdue University's data system to change their grades to A's.

Rewarding students with cash for good grades has little effect

Toronto - A new study commissioned by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO) shows that offering students cash as a motivator for better marks has little or no effect.

North Carolina Schools Cash-for-Grades Fund Raiser Pulled

Last year, the Goldsboro Middle School in North Carolina sold chocolates to raise money, but that didn't go very well. So this year, the idea was to sell grades for $20 a pop, but Wayne County school administrators have now put a stop to that.

Denver To Do Away With Grades Next Year

Schools across the United States are attempting to improve test scores and improve the way students perform. In the Denver area the latest approach is radical. No more grade levels and no more grades like their parents had.

Students In Evansville Get To Erase First Four Weeks Of Current Grading Period

A computer glitch wiped out a month of grades from students at four schools in Evansville, Indiana. While it may be a welcome bonus to struggling students those who were achieving have lost their grades as well.

U-Mass Student Sues Over Average Grade

A legal studies/sociology student received a lower than expected grade. The professor changed his grading policy at the conclusion of the semester. The change dropped the student's grade from A- to C, and the student filed suit against the college.

The Blue Jays Mid-Season Report Card

We're officially in the dog days of summer, which means the 2007 baseball season is already past the halfway point. It's time to pull no punches, my friends, and say it like it is. It's time to rate this year's Toronto Blue Jays.

OP-ED/Millennials Are a New Breed

Way back in the days of dinosaurs or the 1980's kids failed classes. If they didn't do the work there were consequences. Those cave men's kids are touring the secondary hallways now with a difference. Failing is not vague. Second or fiftieth chances are.

Grades improving despite weak test scores

Large percentages of high school seniors are posting weak scores on national math and reading tests even though more of them are taking challenging courses and getting higher grades in school

Admissions boards face 'grade inflation'

Not surprisingly, the test-owners say grade inflation shows why testing should be kept: It gives all students an equal chance to shine. The problems associated with grade inflation aren't limited to elite college applicants. More than 70 percent of

Another High School Principal Can't Add

She is now in trouble for her addition following previous problems with subtraction.

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