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Woman following GPS drives her car into Georgian Bay

Tobermory - The weather conditions Thursday night in Ontario were such that having a GPS in the car was really helpful to motorists driving in the rain and fog. But one woman, relying on her GPS, drove her car into Lake Huron.

NASA scientists: Climate change is moving the North Pole

Beginning around the year 2000, the North Pole abruptly changed its direction and started drifting east, and its all thanks to us, scientists have discovered. The geographic North Pole is located smack in the middle of the Arctic Ocean.

Lost your dog? Finding Rover can be much easier with this app

Finding Rover is a new smartphone app that helps dog owners find their lost pets by using facial recognition technology. John Polimeno, developer of the app, was sitting in a coffee shop when he noticed the ever ubiquitous "lost dog" poster.

Report: 999 needs to adapt to the modern world of smartphones

A report has called for Britain's 999 hotline to allow people to report emergencies by texting or using an app. It says this is more applicable to the modern world and could help in cases where sound isn't viable, such as a break-in.

Drug suspect puts GPS bracelet on cat, fools officials and flees

Highland Springs - A Virginia man who was being held on a drug charge and wearing a GPS tracking device may have fled the state, and possibly the country because he may have found a novel way to confound authorities.

Sleep-walking neurons could offer Alzheimer's clue

The finding that the brain's in-built "GPS" never stops working, even when we are asleep, could provide the basis of a treatment to tackle early-onset Alzheimer's disease.

Driver films argument with cop who 'estimated' he was speeding

Coonabarabran - When a seemingly clairvoyant highway patrol officer 'estimated' that the truck driver he issued a ticket to was speeding, the driver filmed the incident and posted it on the social media.

GPS error traps German truck between two houses in Spain

Arroba - When his GPS sent him down the wrong street in a small Spanish town on Wednesday, a German truck driver was wedged and trapped for nine hours between two houses.

Op-Ed: Degrading or essential? GPS for dementia patients humanized Special

If you could ensure your loved one's safety by utilizing a tracking device, would you consider it as an essential or as inhumane?

Wayward Chinese pilgrims aiming for Lourdes end up 800 km away

Five Chinese tourists on a pilgrimage to Lourdes in the south of France found themselves in the wrong Lourdes, a church called Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes in the village of Leuhan in Brittany, north west France, 800 kilometres from their intended destination.

Man uses GPS to catch teacher wife having sex with student in car

Port Saint Lucie - A teacher at a private Christian school in Florida has been arrested after her husband found her having sex with a 16-year-old boy in a car.

New York Macy's gets first GPS navigation system for the indoors

GPS navigators have for years been very useful in finding locations, but recently it has shifted to finding your way inside of places including the Macy's in New York's Herald Square. New technology allows users to navigate passages and even find items.

GPS in a Kit Kat bar

In the U.K., Nestle company is really going all out to find the winners of their newest contest. Chocolate lovers may hide, but they will be found.

Are GPS shoes the footwear trend of the future?

A London-based developer has created a pair of GPS-enabled shoes that will guide a walker to his or her next destination.

Do pigeons have a built in GPS?

Houston - Some new research has explored how pigeons find their way home. The findings suggest that pigeons have a type of in-built magnetic compass, something similar to a natural GPS.

GPS fail: Japanese tourists follow course into Australian waters

A group of three students from Tokyo found themselves taking an unexpected water trip on their vacation in Australia. The trio was driving to North Stradbroke Island and their GPS took them straight into Moreton Bay.

Op-Ed: Nigella returns, with new toys

The latest GPS unit from TomTom comes with a ‘manifesto’ stating its goal to reduce traffic around the world. Sounds good — but is it possible?

1930s actress Hedy Lamarr-inventor of cellphones, Wi-Fi and GPS

Hedy Lamarr is remembered as a stunning legend in Hollywood's Golden Age. However, most people do not know that she would co-patent the technology for today's cellphones, Wi-Fi and GPS by building a torpedo for the U.S.Navy.

GPS shoes become latest tool to track seniors with Alzheimer's

A newly marketed shoe with a built-in global positioning system has become the latest tool available to quickly track seniors with Alzheimer's disease and dementia sufferers who wander away from their homes and loved ones.

Galileo's first Soyuz launch, gives EU independent nav system

Kourou - The European Union has launched its own global navigational satellites, which now joins the American GPS, and the Russian GLONASS already in orbit.

Italian police locate GPS in Swiss twins case

Italian authorities have located the GPS chip belonging to Matthias Schepp, the Swiss father of twins, who claims to have killed them before his suicide Feb 3.

Woman rescued after being stranded three days on remote road

Miramichi - A 22-year-old woman, who was rescued by snowmobilers after spending three days stranded in her car in a remote area of New Brunswick, said that her GPS unit led her astray.

Australians GPs told to stay off Facebook

Following claims of doctors' unethical behaviour such as making fun of patients online, the Australian Medical Association (AMA) warned doctors to be cautious in using social networking sites such as Facebook.

Essential Digital Gear of the Year: High-tech for the office Special

In part 1 of 3 in Digital Journal's Essential Digital Gear from the past year, discover the hot gadgets perfect for your work space, whether you need a powerful colour printer or a GPS device for finding clients on road trips.

New iPhone Software Lets Travellers Create Their Own Tours

Travellers are becoming more independent, educated, and sophisticated when on the road. The next logical step is to enhance their technological knowledge, and a new iPhone app will serve this purpose.

Supermarket offers free space for doctors to see patients

It will soon be possible for people to combine shopping and seeing a doctor in many Sainsbury’s stores. The UK supermarket is offering free space for GPs to set up in 204 stores.

Position of killed FARC commander was determined by GPS in boot

Bogot - The location of Jorge Briceño (Mono Jojoy), second in command of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), was allegedly determined by military intelligence personnel through a global positioning system (GPS) chip secretly implanted in a boot.

GPS Helps To Strand Couple 3 Days

GPS is usually reliable most of the time, however, it helped to strand a Nevada couple for 3 days in the high desert of eastern Oregon.

Op-Ed: Travels with Nigella

Do you talk to your gadgets? Find the right personality and suddenly relating to a gadget as a person starts to make sense. Just consider my Nigella

GPS Tracking in domestic abuse cases gaining strength

Last month, the state of Texas joined a legislative vanguard that serves to help protect victims of Domestic Violence and Interpersonal Violence, turning the focus on the abuser. Seventeen states in America now have GPS tracking systems.
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TomTom s new Go Live 1535M  which introduced the company s  Manifesto  to reduce traffic congestion ...
TomTom's new Go Live 1535M, which introduced the company's 'Manifesto' to reduce traffic congestion around the world.
TomTom handout
The fifth generation Lexus navigation system used on the Lexus LS 460 L  with 9-inch 800x600 high-re...
The fifth generation Lexus navigation system used on the Lexus LS 460 L, with 9-inch 800x600 high-resolution touchscreen. Thanks to difiorito at ClubLexus for photo.
Lexus owner
GPS shoe sold by GTX Corp.
GPS shoe sold by GTX Corp.
GPX Corp.
Personal GPS receiver
Personal GPS receiver
© Ontario Provincial Police
The TomTom GO 2505
The TomTom GO 2505
The Garmin nüvi 3700 GPS device
The Garmin nüvi 3700 GPS device
Courtesy Garmin

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