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Governor Rick Snyder News

Michigan GOP Gov. Rick Snyder campaigning on support of Obamacare

East Lansing - Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is touting the fact that 63,000 more low-income adults have signed onto the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion program than had previously been projected. Snyder is a Republican and running for reelection on Nov. 4.

President Obama on fiscal cliff & right-to-work law in Michigan

US President Obama, when visiting the Daimler Diesel plant in Michigan, made his case for raising tax rates on the upper 2% of income earners and denouncing the "right-to-work" laws.

Michigan State House passes controversial 'right to work' bill

Lansing - The GOP controlled State House in Michigan has passed a "right to work" bill by a vote of 58-52. It was received by vocal Democratic opposition and union protests.

Op-Ed: GOP's scholar targeting campaign alive and well in Michigan

The Republican fishing expedition for emails from scholars and historians who might oppose the dystopian legislation being used by many states to destroy unions, poor populations and senior citizens is alive and well in Michigan.

Op-Ed: Michigan redefines Democracy to destroy lives one city at a time

Dystopian legislation pushed through Michigan's legislature to enable the preconceived anti-Democratic corporate-driven notions of Governor Snyder doesn't fix budgets. It imposes fascism and rewards cronyism.

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Gov. Snyder  in Tel Aviv  speaks with correspondent Noah Smith about his 9-day trade mission in Isra...
Gov. Snyder, in Tel Aviv, speaks with correspondent Noah Smith about his 9-day trade mission in Israel
Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan
Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan
Office of Governor Rick Snyder

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