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Government spending News

Op-Ed: Fix Social Security shortfall by transferring funds from defense

The new annual report from the Social Security and Medicare boards of trustees has a dire prediction for the future of Social Security. Most dire is the prediction that Social Security Disability Insurance will run out of funds by late 2016.

All U.S. government spending details going up on one DATA website

American citizens and officials who want to see where their taxes are being spent will soon have an easier road to hoe. The Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA) has mandated publishing that info on a website now up.

Op-Ed: How much is Russia going to spend on a gold medal?

Sochi - With three months remaining until the start of the Sochi Winter Olympics, allegations of abuse, rampant corruption and embezzlement are being leveled by opposition leaders against Vladimir Putin and the Russian government.

Polls: More than 60% of Americans want spending cuts

As Democratic and Republican congressional legislators head toward a possible government shutdown over their federal budget and debt ceiling differences, more than 60 percent of Americans want spending cuts.

Op-Ed: My view on Entitlements

Entitlements have been a driving force in American government for a while, but are they harming America or are they a necessity?

Op-Ed: Canadian military to spend one billion dollars on armed drones

Ottawa - The Canadian military intends to spend about one billion dollars on armed drones. The military claims that the drones will enable Canadian Forces to fill critical deficiencies and are needed in the Arctic.

Op-Ed: Corporate Welfare outpaces Social Welfare in Canada

Although accurate statistics are difficult to find, what stands out from any accounting of government spending over the last decade is that expenditures on corporate welfare are almost twice that of expenditures on social welfare.

Mitt Romney speaks to Tea Party group on his spending plan

Washington - GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, on Friday, addressed a Tea Party group Americans For Prosperity, at the Defending the American Dream summit in Washington. His speech centered on his plan for a "simpler, smaller and smarter government."

Ron Paul issues new advertisement, sees gains with Conservatives

With Herman Cain gaining influence among Republicans and Mitt Romney announcing his intention to increase defense spending, Ron Paul released a new television ad prioritizing defense spending at American borders.

Clinton comes out in support of Republican tax reform

In the wake of President Obama's $447 billion jobs bill and ahead of the White House proposal to increase taxes on the nation's high-income earners, former President Bill Clinton came out in support of Republican tax positions on NBC's 'Meet The Press.'

Boehner walks out of talks, says Obama demanded more revenue

Speaking at a news conference on Friday, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) explained his decision to walk away from the debt ceiling talks and said it was the president who walked away from the original agreement between them.

Powell critical of Obama agenda, says too much debt in programs

Prominent Republican supporter, Colin Powell, is openly questioning the Obama administration's agenda - saying there are too many programs at too high a cost.

Ross Perot Is Back With Economic Charts, Warning People About Entitlement Spending

Starting today, people can go to and an announcer with 35 charts will explain the fiscal crisis that the United States faces regarding the uncontrolled growth in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid spending.

Op-Ed: Look Back at History to Solve our Fiscal Problems

Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson were rightly concerned about the national debt and controlling government spending. The current crop of presidential candidates would be wise to heed their advice.

Americans Can See Where Their Money Goes

Coburn lauded bloggers as "the key group in getting this done," and predicted that "somebody is going to correlate FEC reports, the earmarks database and this database, and that's what this is about, holding us accountable."

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