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New data: Impeachment's impact on work productivity

New data announced today reveals how an impeachment will impact productivity. If Trump is impeached, managers should expect the office to be quiet, according to the survey findings.

How trustworthy is social media?

Vienna - There is an old Japanese proverb: If you believe everything you read, best not read. The big question is nowadays can you believe anything you read?

Beyoncé and the 'fake' birth interview

An article, published in "Star Magazine" on Tuesday January 17, supposedly with the pop singer Beyoncé has been denounced by her press agent as a 'fake'. However, this charge is challenged by the magazine who maintain that the interview took place.

Op-Ed: Tabloids target 3-year-old Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

When you are a famous parent it seems the gossip rags think your children are open targets to attack. The latest kid with a target on their shirt is Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.

Op-Ed: Celebs using social media to complain about each other

Do you follow celebs on Twitter? If you do you can be more up to date than the gossip rags on who is fighting with who. Celebs have taken to the social media network site like ducks to water.

Cindy McCain: No Difference Between Journalism and Gossip

In an interview with her blogging daughter, Cindy McCain spoke out about media bias, a voyeuristic press and why it will be difficult to attend the Obama inauguration.

Op-Ed: Palin's Knowledge About Africa a Hoax

A self-proclaimed campaign insider for McCain claims he leaked the gossip to Carl Cameron of Fox News on his own blog, but reports throughout the Internet show it was a hoax.

Op-Ed: Stuck on Sarah (SOS)

Newsweek and the other “Band of Brats” must be so proud. Journalism is fast becoming a clown act in the halls, or tents, of paper print and television studios. Since when does unsourced gossip pass as a news story?

What's Happening on Broadway?

Ann Harada, who originated the role of Christmas Eve in both the New York and London productions "Avenue Q" is leaving the world of disfunctional puppets for 19th century France.

I've become discouraged and just a bit disappointed

over the past 48 hours watching some of the best articles being buried before they even have a chance to be seen

What is considered a great news article?

What makes a news article worthy? What attracts people to it?

Office Gossip - sometimes a good thing

Not being "in the loop" can be as damaging to your career as being known as the "office gossip".

Iran’s Paris Hilton?

Dubbed Iran’s Paris Hilton, actress Zahra Amir Ebrahimi’s private sex life is causing a storm in Iran.

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