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Op-Ed: NDP shamelessly makes political hay from Trudeau incident

It is likely we most of us do not like political grandstanding. Trying to gain points when none are deserved, working to place blame where none exists. A particularly grating, and shameless, example of it came today in Canada's parliament.

Alan Turing receives posthumous 'homosexual' pardon from Queen

London - Alan Turing was a brilliant British mathematician, acknowledged as a central figure in the development of computers, but for all his service to Britain his reputation was tarnished after a conviction on homosexuality charges. Finally he receives a pardon.

Op-Ed: Jews of the world! What the crazies think of the hacking scandal

After years of cover ups and collusion, the Metropolitan Police have finally been pressurised into a proper investigation of the phone hacking scandal, but some people are looking too far afield in search of the hidden hand.

Royal Wedding: No invite for ex-prime ministers Blair and Brown

Westminster - Two former Labour Party premiers, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, have been left off the royal wedding invitation list. Former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw is insisting they should have been invited.

Margaret Thatcher's birthday plans cancelled due to ill health

Lady Thatcher, the former British prime minister, had to pull out of a planned visit to Downing Street, last night, which was due to take place to mark her 85th birthday.

Downing Street snubs UK gay-rights campaigner Peter Tatchell

London - Despite working tirelessly for equality for more that four decades, Peter Tatchell has not been invited to a government reception being held for representatives of the UK LGBT community.

UK: First gay reception at Tory PM's residence

The first reception for gays and lesbians to be held at a Tory Prime Minister’s residence will take place at the invitation of David Cameron ahead of London’s annual Gay Pride parade, to be held on July 3.

Brothers battle each other to lead Britain’s Labour Party

Two brothers who served in the British government are battling to replace Gordon Brown as the leader of the country’s defeated Labour Party.

Former Foreign Secretary to run for Labour leadership in UK

The race has begun to replace Gordon Brown as leader of Britain’s Labour Party after his resignation as both leader and Prime Minister earlier this week.

Who will rule Britain? It’s crunch time

It’s crunch time in the battle to decide who rules Britain, after last week’s general election led to a hung parliament.

UK Labour leader Gordon Brown to resign in September

Some might argue that he should have done it sooner but today the Labour leader Gordon Brown has made a speech outside of Downing Street announcing his resignation.

Shun the Tories, leading commentator tells UK Lib Dems

As shuttle diplomacy continues among political parties to determine who will rule Britain, one of the country’s leading economic and political commentators is urging Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg to shun the Tories and throw in his lot with Labour.

Who will rule Britain? The horse trading continues

The political horse trading to decide who rules Britain continues today, after Thursday’s general election resulted in a hung parliament.

UK faces hung parliament, Cameron wants to partner with Lib Dems

Britain has its first hung parliament since 1974, as the Conservative Party won the most seats but not enough to form a majority government. Conservative leader David Cameron has made a “big, open and comprehensive offer” to the Lib Dems.

Labour party candidate: 'Gordon Brown worst prime minister'

Just two days before the UK goes to the polls in a general election, a Labour Party candidate has said that his own leader is the worst prime minister the country has had.

Gordon Brown caught on tape insulting potential voter

A PR disaster has hit British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in the last week before the elections. After speaking to a woman, Brown commented under his breath that she was bigoted. He didn't realize his mic was still on.

Election broadcast features sci-fi Doctor and Doctor’s ‘son’

The UK’s governing Labour Party has turned to the Internet to screen the first party election broadcast of the 2010 campaign, and it has recruited Doctor Who and Doctor Who’s son.

Gordon Brown Admits He Was Wrong on Defence Spending

London - The Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has admitted that he was incorrect in his claim to the Chilcot Inquiry that defence spending has increased every year. He must now correct his evidence in the inquiry.

UK's Prime Minister warns of even more financial turmoil

Prime Minister Gordon Brown says economy is getting worse for the United Kingdom. Just after getting out of recession, contractions begin.

Former Labour leader Michael Foot dies

The former UK Labour leader Michael Foot, writer, journalist, MP and campaigner, has died. He was 96 and had been ill for some time.

U.K. offers apology for children sent overseas to lives of abuse

In a statement read out in the House of Commons on Wednesday U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown offered a formal apology to the many thousands of children supposedly sent overseas for a better life but instead abused or used as labor.

UK’s prosecutions chief issues guidance on assisted suicide

Motivation will be a key factor in whether a person in England and Wales will be prosecuted for helping someone to commit suicide, the country’s chief prosecutor has said today.

UK law chief to publish mercy-death clarification

Britain’s Director of Public Prosecutions will tomorrow (February 25) publish his final guidance on how prosecutions should be pursued cases of assisted suicide.

U.K. Prime Minister: Climate Change Deniers are 'Flat Earthers'

U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said that those who remain skeptical of climate change and its link to global warming are 'flat-earthers', a name used, often in a derogatory sense, to describe those who cling to out-of-date, long discredited beliefs.

Pressure increases on U.S.A. over Afghanistan decision

American veterans who served in Afghanistan have asked President Barack Obama to not pour more troops into Afghanistan. The message was timed to coincide with Veterans Day, November 11.

British Prime Minister Proposes Global Tax on Banks

At a meeting of G20 finance ministers being held in St Andrews, Scotland, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has spoken of how a global levy on their transactions could help make banks more accountable to the taxpayers who have bailed many of them out.

British Prime Minister: Global tax worth looking at

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, as he prepares for the G20 Summit, believes global taxation is worth looking at in order to reduce risky behavior by banks.

British Prime Minister to meet Libya's Muammar Gaddafi

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown will meet Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi at the United Nations on Thursday, which is the first meeting since the release of the lockerbie bomber.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown visits Afghanistan

In a surprise visit, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown made a stop in Afghanistan to congratulate his nation's troops for a 'job well done.'

British Prime Minister Considering a Week of Voluntary Work

Prime Minister Gordon Brown is said to be preparing to spend part of the time of the British Parliament's recess engaged in voluntary work in his Scottish constituency.
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Gordon and Sarah Brown with 104-year-old Twitter user Ivy Bean (seated), actor Richard Wilson and Dianne Jeffrey, chair of Age UK, at a Downing Street reception highlighting issues for older people; Crown copyright
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Jimmy Savile being presented with one of his many honours by then Prime Minister Gordon Brown at Downing Street.
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