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Google rolls out Pac-Man on Maps for April Fool's Day

Just in time for April Fool's Day, Google is letting users turn their city streets on Google Maps into a classic-looking game of Pac-Man.

Tilofy brings the power of location based browsing

The Internet is the most powerful connectivity tool available, but it also so densely packed with websites that some people have a difficult time finding what they are looking for.

Little boy lost finds his way back home using Google Earth

A five-year old Indian boy who went missing from his home in 1986 has found his mother after discovering the place he grew up in on Google Earth.

Google 'hires' camel for Street View images of Liwa Desert

Abu Dhabi - Although Google typically captures its Street View images by mounting its Trekker on top of a car, Google soon realized they needed to "hire" a camel if they wanted to capture photos of a remote desert area.

Was a murder caught on Google Street View? (Video)

Edinburgh - People have found some pretty weird things using Google's Street View, with everything from people making love to donkeys lying dead on the street. This time was more serious, however, as it looked like a grisly murder was taking place.

Google Maps upgrades bring lane assistance, offline maps, more

Google has finally responded to the requests made by many users regarding its Google Maps features. The new update will roll out a few key features making your next trip more navigable.

New Windows 8 App obscures The White House

Windows 8 and Tom Tom GPS traffic cam app doing their part for national security. The new traffic cam app makes it impossible for prying eyes to get too close to the White House.

Animal lover? Visit the animals on Google's 'zoo view' from home

Google Street View technology has gone off the main drag and has headed into various famous zoos and animal parks worldwide. These days, you can sit at home and visit the animals at your leisure.

Google adds Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley to street view

With this one move, Google has just given hope to muggles everywhere that, despite their inferiority, they too can explore the fantastic world of wizards!

Man uses Google Maps to locate family 23 years after kidnapping

A Chinese man, who was abducted 23 years ago when only five years old, has used Google maps to track down his home town and has traced his biological family.

Video: Google Maps catches couple in compromising position

Keith - Looks like this couple were aiming for a little Internet fame as they spotted the Google Street View vehicle coming along the road. They hopped out of their car, adopted "the pose" and appear to be having sex.

Google Maps introduces 'Treasure Maps' for April Fool's

Not to be left out this April Fool's Day, Google has come up with a couple of tricks this year. If you fancy going on a treasure hunt, Google Maps has the answer.

Google unveils new detailed maps of North Korea, and gulags

Pyongyang - Google has released its new maps of North Korea that fill in gaps in its previous maps of the country. The new maps show new details including Pyongyang’s subway stops, gulags, travel routes and landmarks such as Pyongyang's Kumsusan Memorial Palace.

Google Maps Street View: Did they kill a donkey in Botswana?

A Google Maps Street View image is doing the rounds on the Internet, as it appears that the vehicle used by Google may have literally hit a donkey and run.

Google Earth displays mysterious buildings in the Chinese desert

Not only is Google one of the biggest sources for information on the internet, but it is also a source used for uncovering secrets. This is exactly what happened as a former CIA agent was browsing through images on Google Earth.

Google Maps — Back and great for business

After a brief spat, Google is back to providing maps for the iPhone, and users are loving it. With over 10 million downloads in 48 hours - the Google Maps App is an all around winner.

Review: Perez Caballero Design is a creative company with fresh ideas Special

Minneapolis - The Perez Caballero Design works through the Google Business Photos program and services businesses in the Twin Cities to advertise and market their services with better search results.

Guardian releases map showing verified attacks in Gaza and Israel

The Guardian newspaper has created an online Google Map showing all the verified incidents reported by news sources and wires across Gaza and Israel since last week.

Google's 'crisis map' merges Hurricane Sandy info into one place

Google is once again being proactive when a natural disaster strikes: Its crisis map is pooling Hurricane Sandy data to inform visitors about the hurricane's path, emergency shelters and crowdsourced YouTube videos.

Apple drops 'Most Powerful Mapping Service Ever' slogan from Maps

Amid disappointment from Apple iPhone users related to Apple's new Maps App, Apple has dropped the advertising slogan "Most Powerful Mapping Service Ever" from marketing campaigns.

Video: Sonya, the Google Maps dog

Long Beach - When Hope for Paws, an animal rescue organization in the Los Angeles area, was notified about Sonya they were told she had been living on the street for years. They were also told that you can even see her on Google Maps. Sure enough, you could.

Google maps dropped from new Apple Operating System

Apple has unveiled the new version of its computer operating system, the iOS 6. One key change is that Google maps will be dropped from the system when it launches later this year.

Google pulls the plug on Street View-based shooter

For a short time, Google's Street View technology was overhauled into a first person shooter called Google Shoot View. Despite its lack of blood, gore and property damage, Google decided to put an end to the game.

Expert says Chinese Gobi Desert structures spy satellite targets

Beijing - After a Google Maps satellite spotted a series of mysterious structures located in Gobi Desert areas that China uses for military, space and nuclear industrial activity, the Internet came alive with speculation on what they might represent.

Map Pinpoints Bernie Madoff Victims

Though offers what may seem a comical use of Google Maps, it demonstrates the severity in which Bernie Madoff damaged many economically.

Google Maps 'Street View' goes live in UK, Netherlands

Google Maps has introduced Street View pictures for selected cities in the United Kingdom and Netherlands. Google Maps has videos of more than 22,369 miles of streets in UK.

Google Maps provides more local search results at once

When you search for any locations in Google Maps, usually it provides only top 10 results but it overlooks some places that don’t show up in the search result. The new setting will provide all the results in one map search.

Use Google Maps To Find Interesting Places In Cities

Google Maps has added new choices when you search for locations. A search for a specific city provides list of interesting places, videos, Wikipedia articles in Google Maps.

Google’s tracking feature gets criticism from privacy campaigners

Google’s new GPS powered tool which will allow millions of people to track the movements of friends and family has received criticism from privacy campaigners.

Police use GPS, Google Maps to locate missing girl

Thanks to GPS technology and Google Maps, Massachusetts police were able to locate a missing 9-year-old girl and rescue her safely from her grandmother.
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Google maps Image

Google map: Pyongyang  North Korea
Google map: Pyongyang, North Korea
©2013 Google
Donkey seen standing on the side of the road staring at the Google vehicle.
Donkey seen standing on the side of the road staring at the Google vehicle.
Google Maps Street View
Treasure Island in San Francisco on  Google Treasure Maps .
Treasure Island in San Francisco on "Google Treasure Maps".
Google Maps screen capture
Screenshot of front page of Google Maps
Screenshot of front page of Google Maps
Sonya enjoying life in her foster home.
Sonya enjoying life in her foster home.
Screen Capture
Google Maps came up with  Treasure Maps  for April Fool s Day 2013.
Google Maps came up with "Treasure Maps" for April Fool's Day 2013.
Google Maps screen capture
Google s April Fools day prank of 2012
Google's April Fools day prank of 2012
Google Maps
The route believed to have been taken by the group of Chinese tourists - arriving at Paris (A) they ...
The route believed to have been taken by the group of Chinese tourists - arriving at Paris (A) they head off to 'Lourdes' and arrive in Leuhan, Brittany (B). The real Lourdes is at 'C' on the map.
Google Maps Screenshot
A view of Sparks Middle School in Nevada
A view of Sparks Middle School in Nevada
Via Google Maps
Google Maps  used on an iPhone
Google Maps, used on an iPhone
Lisa Risager
Donkey in Botswana caught on the Google Maps Street View camera.
Donkey in Botswana caught on the Google Maps Street View camera.
Google Maps Street View
The L Arc de Triomphe in Paris  France is turned into a Pac-Man game on Google Maps
The L'Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France is turned into a Pac-Man game on Google Maps
Google Maps
Sonya could be seen on Google Maps Street View
Sonya could be seen on Google Maps Street View
Screen Capture
Google Street View Car in Orlando  Florida  United States.
Google Street View Car in Orlando, Florida, United States.
Google Map s new  Zoo View  - Zoo Aquarium de Madrid  Spain
Google Map's new "Zoo View" - Zoo Aquarium de Madrid, Spain
Screen grab
Google’s mapping vehicle caught an image at what appears to be a group of young men stand on the p...
Google’s mapping vehicle caught an image at what appears to be a group of young men stand on the porch, one of the men appears to point a gun at the Google Street View truck
Google / Street View
Google Maps is now available for 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment Systems.
Google Maps is now available for 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment Systems.
Screen capture from video