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Historical ‘Google Earth’ shows Britain’s altering geography

Cambridge - Researchers have created something similar to an historical ‘Google Earth’: a digital landscape project showing how the topography of the British Isles has changed since 1945, especially with sprawling urbanization.

Google wants to teach children about the world using Earth

The new version of Google Earth is being updated with a set of extra Voyager tours aimed specifically at educational use. They have been created in partnership with several media and conservation firms and are designed to let children explore the world.

Google unveils the all-new Google Earth

Google has launched a brand-new version of Google Earth, its rapidly aging mapping software designed to let you explore the planet. After a lengthy development period, today's rethinking brings new features to help you discover the world around you.

Google to launch all-new Google Earth next week

Google has unexpectedly announced it's building a "brand new" version of Google Earth that will give users "new experiences." After neglecting Earth for several years, Google seems to be substantially reviving it, possibly by emphasising virtual reality.

Viral video shows 'massive' sea creature in Antarctica, or is it?

An eagle-eyed Google Earth enthusiast browsing the South Pole discovered something in the water close to Deception Island, and being curious, zoomed in. Was it a sea monster? Perhaps a Kraken? Nope, it was neither.

Google Earth displays mysterious buildings in the Chinese desert

Not only is Google one of the biggest sources for information on the internet, but it is also a source used for uncovering secrets. This is exactly what happened as a former CIA agent was browsing through images on Google Earth.

Op-Ed: Sandy Island and other modern hoaxes

Sydney - Do you believe everything your government tells you? That was a rhetorical question, but can you believe what you read in a dictionary or see in an atlas? Alas, not always.

2 possible new pyramids discovered in Egypt

An individual who conducted a Google Earth satellite imagery survey has claimed to discover two new pyramids in Egypt. The findings are located about 90 miles apart.

Google Earth update removes 'Atlantis' grid pattern

Google Earth, in its latest bathymetry update, has removed a gridlike pattern that appeared in the previous version of its Google Ocean program. The pattern had sparked rumors that the legendary underwater city of Atlantis had been discovered.

International Space Station to stream HD broadcast of Earth

Calgary - UrtheCast, a Calgary-based company, is set to operate and launch the world's very first live streaming high definition broadcast of Earth. Two HD cameras will be installed aboard the International Space Station.

Google Mars: Mahatma Gandhi's face appears on the surface of Mars

Rome - One astronomy buff has claimed to have discovered the face of Mahatma Gandhi on the surface of the red planet. The Italian astronomy enthusiast sifted through images sent back from Europe's Mars Express using Google Mars.

Google denies it is 'Atlantis'

Google said in a statement the discovery yesterday in Google Earth was not “Atlantis” and is still lost in the sea. The lines represent the sonar data collected from boats.

Atlantis spotted using Google Earth?

A man from England said he spotted the missing Atlantis using Google Earth. Google denied that Google Earth found Atlantis. The controversy continues.

Man finds 'Buried Treasure', courtesy Google Earth

Google Earth helped a Los Angeles-based musician discovering a lost treasure ship. The ship, as the reports suggested, sank in 1822 during a hurricane.

Google Earth provides Mars roving

Google has now provided the ability to explore Mars with the latest version of its Google Earth application. The Mars images are intended to be used for casual investigation as well as serious research.

Google Ocean, an Extension of Google Earth, launched

Google launched its Google Ocean, an extension of the Google Earth. The program will assist web users in exploring the ocean, virtually, with innumerable images.

New Google Earth version includes 'maps under the sea'

Google has launched a new Google Earth version which has detailed maps under the sea, historical imagery, 3D Mars map imagery and more.

Swiss Police Locate Marijuana Field With Google Earth

Thanks to Google Earth, the Swiss police found a large marijuana plot. They seized more than 1.1 metric tons of marijuana and cash and valuables worth $900,000 in Swiss francs ($780,000 US).

Scientists use Google Earth to discover new forest and species

Scientists have found an undiscovered pocket of forest filled with new species in Mozambique. They used Google Earth to discover the forest.

Google Introduces Google Earth for iPhone

Google has introduced one of the best applications for iPhone -- the Google Earth for iPhone and iPod Touch. You can watch high-resolution imagery of Earth directly on the iPhone.

Virtually Visit Global Hotspots

An initiative unveiled today by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) allows computer users to utilize the popular mapping tool Google Earth to “fly” to 200 of the world’s environmental hotspots.

Archaeologist uses Google to discover ancient sites in Afghanistan

An Australian archaeologist became inventive like Indian Jones, discovering more than 400 archaeological sites in war torn Afghanistan with the help of Google Earth.

Explore Walt Disney World Resort in Google Earth 3D

Google Earth added a new layer to its application, allowing users to now explore Walt Disney World Resort in 3D. You can see theme parks and resorts in 3D images and navigate around the theme park.

Google Earth Outreach Program

The "Google Earth Outreach" programme gives UNHCR and other humanitarian agencies the ability to use Google Earth and Maps to highlight their work on behalf of millions of refugees

New meteorite crater found using Google Earth

An Australian geologist was browsing Google Earth when he found an interesting anomaly, later found to be a meteorite crater. The crater is estimated to be 10,000 to 100,000 years old.

Google Sky Lets You Star Gaze From Your Web Browser

Google Sky is a star-viewing option in the Google Earth desktop application. Now Google is turning Google Sky into a Web browser application. You can see pictures of the galaxy, moon and mars in a browser.

Rain and Shine Hit Google Maps and Google Earth

The Weather Channel joins forces with Google Maps and Google Earth to add customizable weather layers on the virtual maps. The maps will now come with the latest weather details and forecast for the cities and other points of interest.

Google Street View Rumored To Go Live Today As A Website Embeddable Application

Google Earth spin offs are getting very down to earth, it seems. There's a rumor that today, Google will announce that its Street View application will go live as a website embeddable feature.

Now Playing: YouTube videos in Google Earth

With Google Earth, you can not only see satellite imagery of places, but also pictures of locations, places referenced by books, pictures from NASA and many more and now can see YouTube videos of locations as well.

Researcher spots China's new nuclear sub on Google Earth

Hans M. Kristensen, director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists (FAS), spotted the images, photographed by the commercial Quickbird satellite in late 2006.
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Google earth Image

The new Google Earth 18-04-2017
The new Google Earth 18-04-2017
The new Google Earth 18-04-2017
The new Google Earth 18-04-2017
The new Google Earth 18-04-2017
The new Google Earth 18-04-2017
Sun Lakes  Arizona  U.S. via EarthView.
Sun Lakes, Arizona, U.S. via EarthView.
The new Google Earth 18-04-2017
The new Google Earth 18-04-2017
One of the screen captures released by environmental groups purporting to show discharge of coal ash...
One of the screen captures released by environmental groups purporting to show discharge of coal ash into the Ohio River.
Thaler says   Sorry  folks  it ain’t a 120 meter long Kraken or an Underwater UFO. It’s a rock.
Thaler says, "Sorry, folks, it ain’t a 120 meter long Kraken or an Underwater UFO. It’s a rock."
Andrew David Thaler
The new Google Earth 18-04-2017
The new Google Earth 18-04-2017
Guam trench and the Marianas Trench  the deepest trench in the world
Guam trench and the Marianas Trench, the deepest trench in the world
Google Earth
The new Google Earth 18-04-2017
The new Google Earth 18-04-2017
Sail Rock
Sail Rock

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