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From 'world cup' to 'Meghan Markle' — Google top trends for 2018

Google, as it does each year, has revealed the top search words and phrases of 2018. This is a mix of global trends and country specific preferences. Globally the 'world cup' topped both the overall searches and news categories.

Google Search comes to iMessage with new app update

Google's announced several improvements for its Search app on iOS, including integration with Apple's iMessage service. The changes are designed to keep users within Google services for longer, encouraging more streamlined discovery of information on iOS.

Google Search to start favouring faster mobile sites in July

Google has announced a major change to the way it organises search results. Mobile rankings will now consider loading time as a signal. Faster pages will be prioritised over slower ones in a move intended to push developers to build quicker sites.

Google's 'In the news' section being removed to stop fake news

Google is planning to remove the "In the news" section from its desktop search pages in an effort to combat the proliferation of fake news. It comes shortly after the feature promoted a WordPress blog post claiming Donald Trump won the popular vote.

Google now shows you university information in search results

Google has announced a new style of card it's adding to its search results. Searching for a school or university will now show relevant data within the search page, letting you check details like graduation and acceptance rates without leaving Google.

Google can now peer inside your apps to get search results

Google has announced that it can now use your installed apps to power search results on mobile devices. It means that searching with the Google app will show you links to content in other apps, such as music tracks in Spotify and notes in Keep.

You can now play Solitaire straight from Google's search results

Google has announced you can now play two of the most popular casual games within its search results. It has added embedded versions of Solitaire and Tic-Tac-Toe to its search pages, a feature that's likely to contribute to a lot of time wasted today.

What does Google really know about us?

Google has launched a new site called "My Activity." The website reveals absolutely everything Google knows about its users.

Search song lyrics straight from Google with upcoming update

Google has announced you'll soon be able to find the lyrics to thousands of songs directly from its main search results. Typing a song will display its lyrics in a familiar card above the main search results, removing the need to access third-party sites.

Feeling ill? Google will now help you find some relief

When you're feeling ill, chances are you turn to Google for help, searching for your symptoms to find some relief. According to Google, 1 percent of all searches are people doing this so it has created a special experience to help you find aid faster.

Google's new iPhone keyboard lets you search the web while typing

Google has launched a new keyboard exclusive to Apple's iPhone. The keyboard resembles Apple's default one but includes direct access to Google's search engine and a large selection of GIFs and emoji. It makes it easier to access Google from iOS.

Google is turning search results black in a major redesign

Google is testing a new core search experience that sees traditionally blue links turned black. The updated experience is visible only to a small subset of users and there's no word on whether Google intends to make it the default in the future.

Op-Ed: Google’s latest updates mean improved business dealings

Google is many things. It’s a know-all hub of information and services for the consumer and an intricate web of big data and useful tools for businesses.

Google announces plans to change how results are displayed

Google announced Thursday an official update to how website URLs will be displayed in a search results page. Google regularly tests variations in the design of its search results. Once it discovers something that works it makes a formal update.

Google changing its search algorithm — big companies could pay

A number of the world's biggest brands are about to be punished by Google's latest update to its search results algorithm — unless they quickly make their sites more mobile-friendly.

Why 2014 is the year of content marketing

It is no surprise to anyone in marketing that keywords and multiple back links are all but extinct, but late in 2013 Google took further measures to fight against these antiquated marketing practices with their new search engine algorithm, Hummingbird.

Google users can now search hashtags on Google+

After Facebook took part in the hashtag craze, another industry leader has upgraded to allow users to access hashtag information: Google+.

Op-Ed: How the semantic Web is being carved up

The battle for the semantic web has just got started and already it's heating up as billion-dollar deals lock more and more data into specific companies.

European data protection agencies take aim at Google over privacy

Internet giant Google has once again come to the attention of data protection authorities across Europe as six European countries launched concerted action against Google yesterday claiming that Google had done nothing to meet privacy concerns.

20% of Motorola Mobility workforce to be cut by Google

New York - Google is expected to cut around 4,000 Motorola Mobility staffs with an aim to streamline the wireless business mobile-phone making business process.

Rivals angry at Google for giving itself top billing in search

Travel websites are angered that Google's product, Google Flight, is being given preferential placement in flight search results.

Google search algorithm tweaked to add more timely results

Google has tweaked its search algorithms to make results more timelier. The California-based search engine acknowledged that many of the results it retuned were stale.

UPDATE: Try Google's Next Design Before It Goes Live

Another new design for Google Search, a side bar with related search terms and other category searches.

Customized Google Adds Infinite Scrolling for Google Search

Add Infinite scrolling in Google Search, no more clicking next pages.

Another Successful Google Search: Missing Python Found

In an another successful Google search, a missing pet, 3 foot python was found safe.

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Using Google search on an iPhone
Using Google search on an iPhone
Digital Journal
Google search results have turned black for some users
Google search results have turned black for some users
Typing  solitaire  into Google delivers a playable version of the game
Typing "solitaire" into Google delivers a playable version of the game
 Click the gear icon on the top-right corner of the page
'Click the gear icon on the top-right corner of the page'
Google now displays university information within search results
Google now displays university information within search results
Google now displays quick information on common medical symptoms
Google now displays quick information on common medical symptoms
Google search results have turned black for some users
Google search results have turned black for some users
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