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Google News

Google could lose $750 million from YouTube advertiser boycott

Google could lose up to $750 million from the advertiser boycott related to ads appearing next to extremist content, according to a note from analysts at Nomura Instinet.

Android O to simplify setting your own ringtones and sounds

Google's upcoming Android O update will finally provide an easy way to set your own ringtones and notification sounds, letting you add a new alert from settings without manually copying files. The basic feature has been missing since Android's launch.

Google to remove Hangouts' SMS features to help promote new apps

Google is planning to remove Hangouts' SMS messaging capabilities within the next couple of months. The company is believed to be making the move as part of its efforts to make Hangouts a better rival to upstart messaging app Slack.

Android Security Report – Malware installs drop by 50 percent

Google has published its third Android Security Report, detailing the progress it has made in securing its ecosystem and keeping users safe on their devices. Play Store malware distribution has fallen, although the number of affected devices has risen.

Google announces new features for Allo, Duo and Photos apps

Google has added several new features to three of its most important apps, Allo, Duo and Photos. The company made the announcement as part of an event in Brazil. It is focusing on making its products work better with limited connectivity.

Google adds real-time location sharing to Maps app

A Google Maps update has added support for real-time location sharing, a controversial feature that lets friends see your map position for a limited time period. Google said it'll help people meet at social events and indicate when you're running late.

Google unveils the next version of Android

Google has officially announced Android O, the next major version of its mobile operating system set to be released later this year. The company has launched the first preview of the under-development OS, introducing several major new features.

Gmail update lets you stream video attachments from the web

Google has announced an update to its online Gmail client that adds a small but potentially very useful feature. It's now possible to stream video attachments from the web, removing the need to download large files.

Google shrinks photo sizes by 35 percent

Google has announced a new open-source software project that can reduce the size of high-quality JPEG images by up to 35 percent. The development will let you save more photos on your phone's storage and help to speed up website load times.

Google's 'Sideways Dictionary' teaches tech terms through analogy

Google and The Washington Post have announced a new tool designed to help the masses understand the often confusing terms used when discussing cybersecurity. The browser extension provides definitions for words in online articles.

Chrome update saves battery life by throttling background tabs

Google has announced an important change in the latest version of its Chrome web browser that could lead to significant battery life improvements on laptops and tablets. Chrome will aggressively throttle background tabs to stop them using resources.

Gboard update lets you translate text from your keyboard

Google recently updated its Gboard smartphone keyboard with several new features, letting you do more from your keyboard. Gboard is meant to let you perform common tasks without leaving your current app, avoiding pauses in conversations.

Google Allo caught leaking search data to other users

Google's new Allo messaging app could be a security risk owing to a design flaw which allows the app to share your Google search history with your friends. The problem is believed to be an unintentional bug. Allo's security has previously been criticised.

Google's Deepmind to help cut 10 percent off U.K.'s energy bill

DeepMind wants to help the UK cut its energy consumption by up to 10 percent, according to a report published in The Financial Times on Sunday.

Google's connected fabric finds a home in new Levi's jacket

Google and Levi's have announced they’re ready to start selling the first connected smart jacket, letting you swipe commands on your clothes to control your phone. The design features conductive fabric that can generate electrical signals.

Google unveils its reinvented Hangouts messaging apps

Google has officially launched the all-new version of its acclaimed Hangouts messaging and video calling app. The company has separated the app into two distinct products, Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat. Both are now intended for corporate use.

CAPTCHAs to disappear as Google unveils 'invisible' version

Google has developed a new version of its reCAPTCHA "I'm not a robot" box that lets you verify your identity to websites without clicking a button. The system checks you're a real person and not a robot behind the scenes, cutting out the waiting time.

Google admits the microphones are breaking on some Pixel phones

Google has confirmed that some of its flagship Pixel smartphones are malfunctioning with "severe" microphone issues caused by small soldering cracks. Formally acknowledging the problem, the company said it'll be offering warranty replacements.

Google expands use of AI-powered translations to more languages

Google has announced the expansion of its neural network integration with Google Translate. The system enables Translate to generate more accurate translations for key words and phrases. The technology is now being rolled out to several new languages.

New way of tracking users across different web browsers

Technologists have developed a new way of connecting user information across different web browsers. This is by utilizing operating system and hardware level factors. The success rate is over 99 percent.

Google Play Store turns five years old

The Google Play Store is five years old today, having evolved from the app-only Android Market to a sprawling digital store frequented by one billion people in 200 countries worldwide. Google celebrated by rounding up the most successful media so far.

Gmail doubles email attachment limit to let you send bigger files

Google has announced it is doubling the maximum size of Gmail attachments, letting you send larger files. However, it uses Google Drive as an intermediary. The new cap is larger than that offered by Gmail's primary rivals, Outlook and Yahoo.

Meet 'Meet' – Google's new video calling service for businesses

Google has launched a new video calling service called Meet by Google. It's part of the company's business line-up and appears to be an alternative to Hangouts. The reasoning behind the launch isn't clear as it further fragments Google's messaging apps.

Google discloses third 'high severity' Windows bug

Google has publicly detailed another "high severity" vulnerability in Microsoft's Windows, escalating a divide between its research and Microsoft's responses. Google has recently disclosed several major flaws, only for Microsoft to seemingly ignore them.

The world now watches YouTube for one billion hours every day

YouTube has reached a new milestone, announcing people watch videos on its platform for over one billion hours every day. As the company fights increasing competition from rivals such as Facebook, the figure highlights the amount of content available.

Harassment complaint at prior job ends road for new Uber exec

San Francisco - A new engineering executive at Uber has left after the ride-sharing titan learned he ended his career at Google after a sexual harassment complaint, according to US media reports.

Google to bring its AI Assistant to every new Android phone

Google has announced it is to launch Google Assistant on every modern Android smartphone running new versions of the operating system. Assistant lets you talk to Google using natural language, turning the search engine into your go-to personal aid.

Google's headset removal tech lets you see faces in mixed reality

Google has developed a system that lets you see the faces of people participating in mixed reality environments. The headsets used in current mixed reality setups completely mask the face of the wearer, hiding the visual cues which indicate emotion.

Alphabet releases tool to combat Internet trolling

Google’s subsidiary Alphabet announced today the release of a tool to combat toxic comments from Internet trolls. The machine learning technology, Perspective, is still in the early stages of its development.

Chrome hackers use 'missing fonts' to get you to install malware

A new scam and malware campaign targeting Google Chrome users is claiming to help fix "missing fonts." The popup window claims a new font must be installed for websites to load correctly. Clicking OK downloads money-making malware.
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