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Google Street View finally captures missing Austria

Vienna - Google's Street View cars on Thursday started taking images in Austria, the only EU country along with Germany to remain largely absent from the popular online service showing 360-degree pictures of places around the world.

Google ready to start selling portions of its quantum cloud

Google has reportedly started selling access to its quantum-powered cloud computing service to interested developers. The company is one of several major tech firms vying to be the first to commercialise quantum computers, the next era of technology.

Google launches a Facebook-style news feed for your interests

Google has announced a new mobile app feature that surfaces articles that may be relevant to you. Called Feed, the feature has drawn comparisons with Facebook's News Feed. It's part of Google's ongoing efforts to become a destination, rather than a tool.

Google announces new recruiting app to help businesses fill roles

Google has launched a new business app that helps recruiters to find potential candidates for job openings. The company cited research that found businesses routinely struggle to identify ideal hires. It's using technology to help solve the problem.

Google Glass Enterprise unveiled – Wearable makes surprise return

Google has unveiled Google Glass Enterprise Edition. The company is hoping to usher in a new era for the wearable computer after bugs and privacy concerns saw the original consumer version dismissed as before its time. Google's now targeting businesses.

Google announces AI fund to 'make science fiction nonfiction'

Google has announced a new venture capital fund that it will use to help innovative AI companies bring their products to market. The company said it wants to make the technologies of science fiction reality by giving entrepreneurs the resources they need.

Gmail is marking newsletters as spam — and users are annoyed

Gmail is reportedly marking email newsletters that users have subscribed to as spam. Some distributors of email campaigns have seen their open rates plummet in recent weeks. Google hasn't publicly announced any changes or acknowledged the complaints.

Google Sheets used to create a virtual machine that computes data

A developer has demonstrated how he used a Google Sheets spreadsheet to emulate the operation of a computer processor. The spreadsheet, written using scripts, features four registers, a memory area and the ability to calculate Fibonacci numbers.

Internet giant Google to start getting Norwegian wind power

After extensive planning and preparation, Google expects to receive its first wind power from Norway by September, the company told Reuters on Wednesday.

Google DeepMind's NHS deal was illegal under U.K. privacy law

Google DeepMind's data sharing deal with the U.K.'s NHS was illegal under domestic privacy laws. The finding was confirmed by the U.K.'s Information Commission today which ruled patients should have been fully informed of how their data was being used.

Google News redesign brings a cleaner look and more fact checking

Google has announced a long-overdue overhaul of Google News on the web. The completely redesigned desktop site is more spacious and modern, featuring an upgraded sidebar, new personalisation options and emphasised "Fact Check" tags.

Google still sees 'another side' to its latest EU antitrust story

After being handed a record $2.7 billion fine for breaching EU antitrust rules, Google has said it still believes there's "another side" to the story. The company is considering a further appeal to the ruling, claiming it is on the consumer's side.

Google hit with record 2.4 bn euro EU fine

Brussels - The EU hit Google with a record 2.4-billion-euro fine Tuesday for illegally favouring its shopping service in search results, in a fresh assault on US firms that risks the wrath of President Donald Trump.

Gmail stops scanning your emails to personalise its ads

Google has announced it will stop scanning Gmail users for information used to personalise adverts. The company said it will bring the service inline with the enterprise G Suite version of Gmail. The decision has been welcomed by privacy campaigners.

Google wants to teach children about the world using Earth

The new version of Google Earth is being updated with a set of extra Voyager tours aimed specifically at educational use. They have been created in partnership with several media and conservation firms and are designed to let children explore the world.

Google proposes framework to let governments access overseas data

Google has put forth a proposal to overhaul the laws surrounding the access of data held in overseas datacentres to aid criminal investigations. The company wants to pioneer a new legal framework that helps prosecutors while preserving personal privacy.

Google Doodle lets you create visual music

Today's Google Doodle offers Internet users a chance to use visual cues to create their own music. And we have abstract filmmaker Oskar Fischinger to thank for it.

Google Glass updated for the first time in three years

Google has published the first software update for its Google Glass wearable computer since 2014. The minor release adds one feature to the device. It isn't known why Google has launched the update now as the consumer version of Glass has been abandoned.

Google wants to help you find jobs without leaving search

Google has announced a new search feature that helps connect you to job openings near your area. Described as a "company-wide initiative" to aid jobseekers, the technology uses machine learning to deliver better matched job search results.

Chrome's radical new Android UI gets a step closer to release

Google has started to roll out a major redesign of Chrome's interface on Android phones. It features a new navigation bar that's moved to the bottom of the display. Called "Chrome Home," it's available now in the latest version of the Chrome Dev app.

How fake news is changing social media and search online

Fake news has been a stumbling point for internet companies since it came to the attention of the world last year. As the problem continues to spread, social networks and search providers are still devising ways of holding back and reversing the tide.

YouTube to ban ads on hateful and demeaning videos

YouTube has announced a revision of its ad policies that will see all monetisation revoked from videos with hateful, incendiary and demeaning content. The company has also addressed videos which use characters from family entertainment "inappropriately."

Google confirms that Chrome is getting a built-in ad blocker

Google has announced significant changes to its approach to online advertising. Confirming previous rumours, it has said it will enable automatic ad blocking in Chrome next year. It will also withdraw its own ads from sites that use them irresponsibly.

Google announces new Gmail features to make email safer

Google has detailed its latest progress in its ongoing work to make email more secure. The company claimed its automated systems can now detect and filter out 99.9 percent of phishing emails. The statement comes after a recent high-profile Gmail scam.

Google Chrome bug lets sites secretly record from your webcam

A bug in Google Chrome could allow malicious webpages to surreptitiously record video without your knowledge. The warning comes from a security researcher who discovered a way to bypass Chrome's usual indication that a recording is active.

Google says it's too expensive to provide wage data to government

The U.S. Department of Labor requested salary information from Google, but the tech giant has refused to hand it over. Google claims that retrieving the data would be too costly.

Google introduces the new Android TV home screen

Google has detailed Android TV's new more intuitive home screen that's designed to let you jump straight into content. The revised interface also comes with Google Assistant support to let you control media playback using only your voice.

Google's DeepMind AlphaGo defeats Go champion

The ultimate contest? Human versus machine. Google's DeepMind AlphaGo artificial intelligence platform has twice defeated the world's number one Go player Ke Jie.

What do Google’s I/O 2017 announcements mean for SMBs?

Google showed at this year’s I/O conference that it has a radical vision of the future. Smartphones and search engines were the last thing on CEO Sundar Pichai’s mind as he gave his keynote speech.

Google reinvents search to move past Android, into crazy future

Google I/O is, far and away, Google's most important single event of the year, where CEO Sundar Pichai presents his grand vision for the company in the year to come.
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Google will now show red warnings for sites infected with malware and other  unwanted software .
Google will now show red warnings for sites infected with malware and other "unwanted software".
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Google has signed a 12-year contract to receive all the power generated by the Tellenes Wind Farm.
Google has signed a 12-year contract to receive all the power generated by the Tellenes Wind Farm.
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