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Google unveils Jamboard, a 55-inch whiteboard for the cloud

Google has announced a 55-inch digital whiteboard to rival Microsoft's Surface Hub. Part of the company's "G Suite" collaboration tools, Jamboard claims to be a "reimagining" of the whiteboard for cloud technology and modern offices.

iPhone 7 or Google Pixel: Comparing the smartphone flagships

Earlier this month, Google unveiled a smartphone that it hopes will begin to change the balance the power in the market. The class-leading Pixel is built to rival Apple's established iPhone 7. With each making similar claims, which is the phone to buy?

Microsoft warns iOS isn't as secure as you think

Microsoft has warned customers that iOS is no more secure than Android, contradicting commonly held beliefs about the relative security of the two platforms. The company said that recent attacks targeting iOS prove it's as vulnerable as Android.

Google, FB team up to build undersea cable from U.S. to Asia

Facebook and Google have teamed up to take part in the construction of a high-capacity internet cable connecting North America and Asia.

Google's AI can now navigate the London Underground on its own

Google has successfully taught its DeepMind neural network to navigate the London underground. The system uses deep learning and external memory to make decisions, using a form of reasoning to allow itself to learn its way around the tube network.

Google Chrome to make slow PCs a little faster this December

Google has announced that an upcoming version of its Chrome web browser will reduce memory usage by as much as 50 percent. In some cases, even more significant savings could be observed. The improvements will make Chrome easier to use on low-end PCs.

Google Noto is a font with every language in human history

Google has announced the most ambitious font creation project ever undertaken. In collaboration with foundry Monotype, the company has created a font family that includes every character and language in history, a single unified font for all.

Google launches a 'new kind' of reliable Wi-Fi router

Google has unveiled a new Wi-Fi router that makes it easier to manage networking in homes. Google Wifi follows on from last year's OnHub router. It has an unobtrusive design that optimises signal strength and an intuitive mobile management interface.

Google Home smart speaker wants to help you in the house

Google announced its own voice-controlled smart speaker, Google Home, at its Made by Google event yesterday. The speaker has Google Assistant built right in and is designed to rival the popular Amazon Echo, letting you say voice commands in your home.

Google wants you to forget about typing and talk directly to it

Google has formally announced Assistant, an interactive natural language processor that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to create a unique, specially tailored version of Google for each user. It will be available on new Android phones.

Google's Daydream View VR headset puts comfort first

Google has been talking about its upcoming Daydream VR platform for several months. Today, it unveiled the final component in the system, its Daydream View headset. It is designed to "simplify the complexity" behind virtual reality, making it comfortable.

Google's new Pixel smartphones are first to be 'Made by Google'

Google has officially announced the Pixel and Pixel XL, two new smartphones that have been almost entirely engineered in-house. The devices, extensively rumoured and leaked over the past few weeks, are designed to directly rival Apple's iPhone.

Google now shows you university information in search results

Google has announced a new style of card it's adding to its search results. Searching for a school or university will now show relevant data within the search page, letting you check details like graduation and acceptance rates without leaving Google.

Google says faster Android Wear 2.0 won't arrive until 2017

Google has announced it's postponing the launch of its upcoming Android Wear 2.0 update until 2017. The release includes improved performance, a revised user interface and expanded support for cellular connections but has been delayed for testing.

Google's building a new operating system called 'Andromeda'

Google is building a new operating system called "Andromeda" that will see Android and Chrome OS merged together. According to a new report, the company is planning a laptop and tablet to run the new OS, potentially designed as a next-generation platform.

Google unveils YouTube Go, an app designed for offline playback

On its 18th birthday, Google has announced a new YouTube app that places an emphasis on offline viewing. Users will be able to download content to watch when disconnected. The app will target emerging markets and particularly concentrate on India.

Google celebrates its 18th birthday, may have the wrong date

Google has turned 18 today, at least according to itself. The search giant posted a special celebratory Doodle to its homepage this morning, as it has done for the past 11 years. However, some people maintain that Google's birthday isn’t on September 27

Microsoft integrates Google's AMP tech into Bing's mobile app

Microsoft has announced that the Bing app for iOS and Android now uses Google technology to load webpages faster. The app now supports the AMP initiative which streamlines webpages to reduce their size, prioritising user experience over ads and tracking.

Twitter stock soars amid rumours Google may buy the company

The value of Twitter's stock has climbed more than 20 percent today, propelled by a report that Google and Salesforce are considering a bid to buy the company. It is thought Microsoft and Verizon are other possible suitors in the $13 billion deal.

Google's AI can now caption images almost as well as humans

Google has announced a new version of its image captioning algorithm that describes the contents of images with 94 percent accuracy. It's almost as good at writing captions as humans are. It has been trained to emulate descriptions written by real people.

Google causes controversy by removing encryption from Allo

Google has launched Allo, a new messaging app that's designed to allow you to express more emotions in text chats. Allo can integrate with Google Assistant to suggest message replies and take immediate action to messages like "sushi places nearby."

Google faces probe in Indonesia over alleged unpaid taxes

Jakarta - Google is facing investigation in Indonesia for allegedly refusing to cooperate with the country’s revenue agency, which is looking into claims the Internet giant failed to settle its local tax obligations.

YouTube gets social with new Community tab

YouTube has announced a preview of a feature that will see its platform become more like a social network. Currently available to a handful of select channels, the new Community tab allows users to post text, images, live videos and GIFs in their feed.

Google launches eye-opening virtual tour of world museums

Would you like to walk with a dinosaur? With Google's new virtual exhibit that features over 50 natural history museums from around the world, visitors will be given an eye-opening experience, the likes of which has never been seen before.

Google can now peer inside your apps to get search results

Google has announced that it can now use your installed apps to power search results on mobile devices. It means that searching with the Google app will show you links to content in other apps, such as music tracks in Spotify and notes in Keep.

Google's new smartphones won't be branded Nexus

Google is building two new smartphones to showcase the Android brand. The handsets, being built by HTC as "Sailfish" and "Marlin," were previously thought to be branded Nexus. That's no longer the case, as Google will reportedly push its own name instead.

Google may have to pay publishers when content shows in results

Lawmakers in Europe are proposing an update to copyright law. If the proposal passes and is implemented, then news aggregators, such as Google News, may change the way they show news to you.

You can now play Solitaire straight from Google's search results

Google has announced you can now play two of the most popular casual games within its search results. It has added embedded versions of Solitaire and Tic-Tac-Toe to its search pages, a feature that's likely to contribute to a lot of time wasted today.

Google to crack down on mobile sites with intrusive popup ads

Google has announced a crackdown on mobile sites that make use of intrusive pop-up adverts. It is revising its search algorithms to lower the rank of these sites. The move will help users avoid bad advertising and could reduce traffic to offending pages.

Google launches Android 7.0 Nougat with multi-window, VR and more

Google has officially launched Android 7.0 Nougat, the latest version of its mobile platform. The new release is available now on recent Nexus devices, although 2013's Nexus 5 is excluded. The update will roll out to more phones in the coming months.
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Google Image

 Web & App Activity  page
"Web & App Activity" page
A webpage that an ad injector has worked on
A webpage that an ad injector has worked on
Typing  solitaire  into Google delivers a playable version of the game
Typing "solitaire" into Google delivers a playable version of the game
After selecting  Create Archive  you will receive an email from Google with a link to the  Takeout F...
After selecting 'Create Archive' you will receive an email from Google with a link to the 'Takeout Folder' on Google Drive.
From left to right: the Google Pixel C  Nexus 5X  Nexus 6P  Chromecast in black  yellow and red and ...
From left to right: the Google Pixel C, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Chromecast in black, yellow and red and Chromecast Audio, all announced 29/09/2015
Project Loon
Project Loon
This sign welcomes visitors to Google s corporate headquarters  also known as the Googleplex  in Mou...
This sign welcomes visitors to Google's corporate headquarters, also known as the Googleplex, in Mountain View, California, United States.
Google HQ - the Googleplex at Mountain View  California  USA
Google HQ - the Googleplex at Mountain View, California, USA
Via Flickr -tshein
Workers and supports from the local Google office were in front of today s parade and were seen chee...
Workers and supports from the local Google office were in front of today's parade and were seen cheering for support at LGBT couples. Steve Pope/Digital Journal
A driverless car via Google
A driverless car via Google
Via Flickr user dokas
Wendy Rozeluk  spokesperson for Google Canada
Wendy Rozeluk, spokesperson for Google Canada
Courtesy Google
Google Mountain View offices
Google Mountain View offices
Randi Zuckerberg
Randi Zuckerberg
A clever Google Maps exploit by pranksters made it look like Edward Snowden was hiding in the White ...
A clever Google Maps exploit by pranksters made it look like Edward Snowden was hiding in the White House for a while on 14/04/2015
The Next Web
Google s patent filing for a  smart  internet-connected teddy bear
Google's patent filing for a "smart" internet-connected teddy bear
Google patent via BBC
An example of a game of Google Feud
An example of a game of Google Feud
Google Feud
Android 7.0 Nougat emoji
Android 7.0 Nougat emoji
Market share of individual Android versions  March 2016
Market share of individual Android versions, March 2016
flickr/Robert Scoble
Google s Pixel C
Google's Pixel C