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Google News

YouTube livestreams now have their own tip jar

Google has unveiled a new YouTube feature designed to help creators make more money from their livestreams. Super Chat acts as a kind of virtual tip jar, letting viewers pay to have their comments promoted to the top of the stream.

Google Voice preparing for its first major update in years

Google has confirmed it is working on some significant updates to Google Voice, the company's neglected communications service. Voice hasn't received much attention in the past couple of years but Google is now hinting at a major relaunch coming soon.

Google avoided a $3.6 billion tax payment thanks to a loophole

Google saved a total of $3.6 billion from its tax year 2015 by using a perfectly legal exploit called "Dutch Sandwich" or "Double Irish."

Families of Orlando victims suing Google, Facebook and Twitter

Detroit - Families of three men killed in the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando last June are suing Facebook, Twitter and Google (as the owner of YouTube). The suit alleges the defendants gave material support to ISIS by enabling the shooter to become radicalized online.

Google's top Internet searches for 2016

Google's search engine processes trillions of search requests every year. This week the Mountain View company outlined the most popular key words entered into its search engine in 2016.

Google's self-driving car project becomes a company - Meet Waymo

After seven years, Google's self-driving car project has become an independent company under the Alphabet umbrella. The company, called Waymo signals Google's confidence that it will be able to bring autonomous vehicles to the masses in a few short years.

Android Things wants to make the Internet of Things actually work

Google has unveiled a new operating system aimed specifically at the Internet of Things (IoT). The aptly named "Android Things" is designed to make it easier for connected devices to seamlessly integrate with each other. It also cleans up IoT security.

Google makes Android Wear 2.0 work more like 1.0

Google has announced a new developer preview of Android Wear 2.0, the upcoming release of the company's wearable operating system. The latest update reverses changes to some of the platform's behaviour, making it more like the version it's replacing.

Google Allo reaches 10 million downloads after three months

Google's new Allo messaging app has passed the 10 million downloads mark three months after its launch. The chat client has been met with a frosty reception and has suffered from a slow consumer update. It now trails its established rivals.

Google prepares to label some HTTP webpages 'Not Secure'

Google has rolled out a beta version of Chrome that marks traditional HTTP websites with password and credit card fields as "not secure." The company hopes the move will pressurise websites into using the secure HTTPS protocol to transmit sensitive data.

Google unveils its take on Amazon's Alexa skills

Google has expanded its Google Assistant developer program to include every app creator as opposed to just private beta testers. It will expand the number of services compatible with Assistant as the company prepares to take on market leader Amazon.

Android app update file sizes slashed by up to 90 percent

Google has announced a new approach to Android app updates that reduces the file size of the update package by up to 90 percent. The company has already observed data savings equivalent to six petabytes a day from an early deployment of the new technique.

Google reveals the best apps and games of 2016

Google has released its list of the best content on the Play Store during 2016. It has indexed the most popular apps, games, music, movies, TV shows and books to highlight the top trends of the year. The full charts can be viewed on the Google Play Store.

Google's Trusted Contacts helps loved ones check you're safe

Google has launched a new app that provides peace of mind to your loved ones during an emergency situation. Trusted Contacts lets people you choose check your location to make sure you're safe. It's meant to be a quick and easy personal safety tool.

Gooligan malware breaches over one million Google accounts

A new strain of malware called Gooligan has successfully breached over one million Google accounts, according to security researchers today. The "alarming" campaign uses malicious apps designed as real ones to gain control of accounts.

Google helps to drive paperless healthcare

London - Many health systems remain reliant upon paper records. This leads to problems with security and archive retrieval. One such area is the U.K. health service and here Google are assisting with digitalization.

Google launches livestreaming music festival called Good Fest

Google is launching a music festival called Good Fest later this month, which it is describing as a "a first-of-its-kind livestream festival for good," according to the event's website.

Google's 'In the news' section being removed to stop fake news

Google is planning to remove the "In the news" section from its desktop search pages in an effort to combat the proliferation of fake news. It comes shortly after the feature promoted a WordPress blog post claiming Donald Trump won the popular vote.

Google hands Pixel phone resellers a 'digital death sentence'

Google has handed some of its users a "digital death sentence" for attempting to resell their Pixel phones and create a profit. Individuals have been exploiting a tax loophole to make money. Google has responded by blocking access to all its services.

South Korea blocks Google export of map data

Seoul - South Korea on Friday rejected Google's request to export government-supplied data for its global mapping service, arguing it would make the country more vulnerable to attack by North Korea.

Google's Smart Smiley tool will help you use emoji better

Google’s Allo chat app wants to up your emoji game. By adding a tool called Smart Smiley, the app will give you a list of suggested emoji based on your conversation.

Google's Play Music has gotten an upgrade

Google is quietly running an excellent streaming service in Play Music. Earlier this week, a big update made it even better.

Google launches standalone app for your childhood photos

Google is launching a new app to help make it easier to scan and digitize your printed photos. On Tuesday, Google will launch PhotoScan, a standalone app that allows you to scan in print photos in a matter of seconds.

Google now has its own fake news problem

In the days after the Presidential election, Facebook was accused of aiding Trump by helping to spread false news. It has emerged that Google is also displaying fake headlines. The company is investigating an inaccurate report promoted in search.

Google Play Music now uses AI to guess what you want to listen to

Google has announced a substantial overhaul of its Google Play Music streaming service. The company has rebuilt the app with a brighter, upbeat design and new features powered by machine learning. 'Personalised music' is now the core focus.

Google to EU: The iPhone's existence means Android's competitive

Google has filed a response to the EU's antitrust charges against its Android mobile operating system. The EU has alleged the company abuses its monopoly by bundling its own apps and services with Android, claims Google has consistently denied.

Google rejects EU anti-trust charges over Android

Brussels - US Internet giant Google on Thursday rejected EU allegations that it abused the market dominance of its hugely successful Android mobile phone operating system.

YouTube now supports brighter, sharper high dynamic range videos

YouTube has announced support for HDR videos. It's now possible to watch and upload HDR videos on YouTube, although an HDR display is required to take advantage of the benefits. The technology brings more vibrant colours and detailed shadows.

Google goes after Safe Browsing 'repeat offenders'

Google has announced it is rolling out an update to its Safe Browsing technology that will filter out "repeat offender" sites. The company said it had observed webpages using flaws in Safe Browsing's implementation to continue displaying harmful material.

Google says the EU doesn't understand how people shop online

Google has rejected the EU's investigation into its search shopping links for the second time. The company said its features are not anti-competitive and reflect the way people use the web. It suggested the EU doesn't understand how online retail works.
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Google Image

Google: Street View image
Google: Street View image
Man using Google Glass
Man using Google Glass
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The page on May 23  2012 to honour the late synth inventor Robert Moog
The page on May 23, 2012 to honour the late synth inventor Robert Moog
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Google Home
Google Doodle on Amelia Earhart s birthday
Google Doodle on Amelia Earhart's birthday
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The Chromebook Pixel
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Google HQ - the Googleplex at Mountain View, California, USA
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An image of the Google Android mascot with a few related icons.
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Google Mountain View offices
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DRIVERLESS: A Google self-driving car is seen parked in Mountain View.
DRIVERLESS: A Google self-driving car is seen parked in Mountain View.
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Evolution of the Android Market to 2015 Google Play refresh
Evolution of the Android Market to 2015 Google Play refresh
Kirill Grouchnikov [Google+]
Native sharing in the YouTube app
Native sharing in the YouTube app
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Google Hands Free lets you pay in stores with your voice  no need to pick up your phone
Google Hands Free lets you pay in stores with your voice, no need to pick up your phone
A clever Google Maps exploit by pranksters made it look like Edward Snowden was hiding in the White ...
A clever Google Maps exploit by pranksters made it look like Edward Snowden was hiding in the White House for a while on 14/04/2015
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Google office building
Google office building
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Moodstocks provides instant object recognition services
Moodstocks provides instant object recognition services
Google will now show red warnings for sites infected with malware and other  unwanted software
Google will now show red warnings for sites infected with malware and other "unwanted software"