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Google reportedly building its own Android phone from scratch

Google is reportedly planning a move to disrupt the Android ecosystem by launching its own smartphone developed entirely in-house. Its current range of Nexus handsets are built by external companies. Google now wants control, abandoning the Nexus name.

Google wants ideas for a hypothetical 'Chromebook Pro'

Google is reportedly asking people their thoughts on a "Chromebook Pro" device. The product does not currently exist in Google's line-up, suggesting the company is working on a new premium laptop or tablet running its own Chrome OS.

Two-factor authentication gets quicker with Google's new app

Google has launched a new way to approve sign-in requests using two-factor authentication that makes the process easier to use. You'll be able to tap a push notification to approve yourself, potentially making the feature more attractive to new users.

New cryptocurrency-based cloud storage tries to beat Dropbox

Siacoin, Nebulous Labs's upcoming cryptocurrency-based data storage platform aims at beating the current industry giants such as Dropbox and Amazon S3 with its innovative technology.

Feeling ill? Google will now help you find some relief

When you're feeling ill, chances are you turn to Google for help, searching for your symptoms to find some relief. According to Google, 1 percent of all searches are people doing this so it has created a special experience to help you find aid faster.

Google working on 'the thinking' computer

Zurich - Goggle, operating from a new base in Zurich, are investigating how to advance the technology of artificial intelligence.

Google's smart calendar app now knows when you're free for events

Google has rolled out an update to its Calendar app that makes it simpler to schedule events with other people while on mobile devices. Checking when you're available can be complicated on a small screen so Google now shows when you're free.

Top Google employee responds to Trump over search results

A top Google employee posted a lengthy response online late last week after Donald Trump chastised the Internet giant over a viral video that accused the company of manipulating its autocomplete search results to favor Hillary Clinton.

Google co-founder Larry Page invests $100M to build flying cars

Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, is heavily investing in a revolutionary form of transportation, secretly funding a company that specializes in building flying cars.

Lenovo's Phab 2 Pro scans space around it to power AR experiences

After three years of development, the first phone to use Google's Project Tango has been launched. The Lenovo Phab 2 Pro is able to understand physical space and motion in the same way people do, letting your phone sense space around it.

Google developing an artificial intelligence kill switch

Oxford - Advances are being made with artificial intelligence, although the creation of true computer intelligence remains some way away. To avoid the scenario where a thinking computer overrides human control, Google is preparing a solution.

Anti-Semitic Chrome extension highlights Jewish names on the web

Google has blacklisted a rogue Chrome extension that aimed to identify Jewish people on the Internet by highlighting their names on webpages. The free plugin had over 2500 users before Google pulled it and its far-right developer from the store last week.

Coral reefs are dead or dying and the news keeps getting worse

Australia's Great Barrier Reef has just gone through its third major bleaching event of the past 18 years, and the news keeps getting worse as evidence shows the bleaching is spreading to the Maldives and other areas.

Google has a 'big red button' to safely disable harmful AIs

With the development of ever more powerful AIs comes the potential of them one day becoming more capable than humans. Google is working to ensure we can override AIs if they show signs of causing harm and has developed a "big red button."

Lenovo is not happy with its purchase of Motorola from Google

Lenovo is the latest company to struggle with its purchase of Motorola. Lenovo is not the first tech giant to face challenges with Motorola, a pioneering U.S. tech company that has struggled to adapt to the changing market.

Oracle's claim over Android's use of Java dismissed by jury

A judge has ruled that Google did not infringe on the copyright of software giant Oracle by using its Java programming language in Android without paying royalties. Oracle intends to appeal the decision which has been welcomed by software developers.

Google is finally ready to launch its Project Ara modular phone

Google has announced it will begin to ship early versions of its Project Ara modular smartphone from fall 2016. It has heavily revised the concept over the past year and has removed some of the most innovative modules, such as the processor and display.

Google introduces artificial intelligence assistant

The competition for an artificial intelligence app — to book appointments, tell you the weather or answer your phone calls — has increased with Google announcing it is developing several apps.

Google Chromebooks now more popular than Macs in the U.S.

Google's range of cloud-based Chromebook laptops is continuing to enjoy unforeseen success in the U.S. Google announced that Chrome OS will soon be able to run Android apps earlier this week and revealed Chromebooks recently outsold Macs in the U.S.

Google disables pressing backspace to go back in Chrome

Google has removed the "press backspace to go to the previous page" feature from experimental versions of Chrome after determining people frequently trigger it by accident in forms. After entering lines of data, hitting backspace can delete it all.

Google says Android N will reach a new level of 'excellence'

At its I/O developer conference this week, Google said it wants the next major Android release to achieve a "new level of product excellence." Android N will include greater performance and security, reworked multitasking and support for virtual reality.

Report: Google faces record €3 billion EU antitrust fine

Google will soon be hit with a record-breaking fine for violating European antitrust laws, a leading British newspaper reported Sunday.

Google Chrome to start blocking Flash content on every website

Google has outlined a proposal to start blocking Flash content altogether in its Chrome web browser. It already disables Flash content by default and is now planning to take this further. It wants to completely block Flash media, excluding only 10 sites.

Google plans smart eye implants

Google is working with the pharmaceutical company Novartis to develop so-called "smart eye" implants. This represents a continuation of Google’s medical device innovations.

Google Translate now lets you translate text in any Android app

Google has rolled out an update to the Google Translate app on mobile devices. It adds a new feature that lets you use Google Translate within other apps on your phone so you don't need to copy-and-paste text from messaging threads into Translator.

Microsoft going after Google Photos with 'digital memories' app

Since launching only a year ago, Google Photos has grown to be a huge and much loved service that is a firm favourite with Android users. Although Microsoft has its own Photos app, it looks like the company is now building a proper Google Photos rival.

Google's 'Parsey McParseface' is a tool to help AIs learn English

Google has introduced a new open-source machine learning technology to help computers understand the English language. In a nod to the 'Boaty McBoatface' name suggested for a UK research ship, Google has called the serious tool 'Parsey McParseface.'

Google's new iPhone keyboard lets you search the web while typing

Google has launched a new keyboard exclusive to Apple's iPhone. The keyboard resembles Apple's default one but includes direct access to Google's search engine and a large selection of GIFs and emoji. It makes it easier to access Google from iOS.

Google is building an Amazon Echo rival called 'Chirp'

Google is building a new consumer hardware device to rival Amazon's Echo, according to reports. The product will be an always-on voice controlled digital assistant, powered by Google Now. Amazon has seen a sales success with the Echo.

YouTube now lets you send messages to friends from its app

YouTube is building its own messaging system that will sit within the main YouTube app. The feature, available in early access to some users now, is designed to encourage you to share videos more often. You won't need to leave the app to contact friends.
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Gmail s  Send + Mic Drop  button wasn t the fun April Fool s Day joke Google planned
Gmail's "Send + Mic Drop" button wasn't the fun April Fool's Day joke Google planned
Perez Caballero Design
The Google headquarters in Ann Arbor  MI
The Google headquarters in Ann Arbor, MI
A screenshot from the Google ad which appeared during the Super Bowl
A screenshot from the Google ad which appeared during the Super Bowl
YouTube screenshot
Google Street View
Podcasts in Google Play Music
Podcasts in Google Play Music
A customized Google  Street View  car equipped with its special photography equipment.
A customized Google "Street View" car equipped with its special photography equipment.
Google s Gboard keyboard for the iPhone
Google's Gboard keyboard for the iPhone
Google Street View
File photo of Google driverless car operating on a testing path
File photo of Google driverless car operating on a testing path
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A screenshot from the Google Street View mashup Globe Genie
A screenshot from the Google Street View mashup Globe Genie
Globe Genie screenshot
Logitech Google TV set up.
Logitech Google TV set up.
Google Research offices in Zurich  Switzerland
Google Research offices in Zurich, Switzerland,
Screenshot of introductory video for YouTube Music
Screenshot of introductory video for YouTube Music
POPULAR: The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is the oldest amusement park in California and one of the la...
POPULAR: The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is the oldest amusement park in California and one of the last seaside parks on the West Coast of the United States.
Matt314/Wikimedia Commons
The LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE  the first Android Wear device to support LTE
The LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE, the first Android Wear device to support LTE
Google Maps now supports offline navigation
Google Maps now supports offline navigation
The Asus Chromebit  an $85 Chrome OS dongle computer
The Asus Chromebit, an $85 Chrome OS dongle computer
Happy 13th birthday  Google!
Happy 13th birthday, Google!