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Google introduces the new Android TV home screen

Google has detailed Android TV's new more intuitive home screen that's designed to let you jump straight into content. The revised interface also comes with Google Assistant support to let you control media playback using only your voice.

Google's DeepMind AlphaGo defeats Go champion

The ultimate contest? Human versus machine. Google's DeepMind AlphaGo artificial intelligence platform has twice defeated the world's number one Go player Ke Jie.

What do Google’s I/O 2017 announcements mean for SMBs?

Google showed at this year’s I/O conference that it has a radical vision of the future. Smartphones and search engines were the last thing on CEO Sundar Pichai’s mind as he gave his keynote speech.

Google reinvents search to move past Android, into crazy future

Google I/O is, far and away, Google's most important single event of the year, where CEO Sundar Pichai presents his grand vision for the company in the year to come.

Project Treble will try to fix Android's broken update model

Google has announced a new initiative that could go a long way to resolving Android's longstanding update issues. The fragmented nature of the ecosystem leaves it up to individual manufacturers to release updates, meaning many phones never receive them.

Google unveils new Assistant features, launches AI on the iPhone

Google has announced a bevy of new features coming to its Google Assistant AI. Besides new voice commands and more third-party integrations, the company is launching Assistant on Apple's iOS, stepping up the fight against Siri.

Android passes the two billion active devices milestone

Google's Android is now used on over 2 billion every month. The operating system is now the largest in the world having surpassed Microsoft Windows last month. Alongside the announcement, Google unveiled a new set of features.

Google unveils standalone VR headsets – no smartphone needed

Google has announced a new range of "standalone" virtual reality headsets that operate independently of a smartphone. The company said the devices will help to create a new category of VR experience with a simplified setup procedure.

What to expect from Google's biggest event of the year

Get ready for Google's AI show. Google I/O, the company's annual developers conference and biggest event of the year, is usually an Android event where we get a look at the latest features for the smartphone operating system.

ASUS to abandon Android Wear because nobody wants smartwatches

Another major smartwatch manufacturer could leave Google's struggling Android Wear platform. ASUS has been one of only a handful of brands to see relative success in the market. It is now pulling out after facing sales of just a few thousand each month.

Three years on: Google discusses the right to be forgotten

Google has detailed its ongoing work to respond to right to be forgotten requests from EU citizens after the controversial concept was made law three years ago today. The company is continuing to actively protest proposed evolutions of the ruling.

Google's 'Fuschia' smartphone OS shown off in videos

Google's mystery operating system known only as "Fuschia" has broken its cover and made it onto the Internet. The UI has been compiled to run on existing phones, revealing an all-new design that's very different to Android's current look and feel.

Google Allo update generates personalised stickers from selfies

Google is continuing to slowly trickle new features down to users of its AI-powered messaging app Allo. This week, the company unveiled a special capability that lets you generate selfie stickers similar to Bitmoji from your real photos.

Motorola's secret Android tablet comes with a 'productivity mode'

Motorola is reportedly building a new Android tablet that will feature a dedicated "productivity mode" for people looking to work on the go. The software will overcome some of the issues most commonly associated with professional-oriented Android tablets.

Google adds new features to struggling Allo app

Google has added new features to its Allo messaging app including the ability to preview the contents of web links before opening them. Allo is Google's new flagship messaging app but is failing to gain significant attention next to its rivals.

Google Docs phishing scam doused after catching fire

San Francisco - A 'phishing' scam that tricked people with what appeared to be Google Docs links was doused by the internet giant after spreading wildly.The purpose of the scam, and the culprits behind it, remained unknown late in the day.

YouTube's dramatic design overhaul is now official

Over a year since Google started public testing of a radical overhaul of YouTube's website, the company has made the new look official. The revamped design is the most substantial change to YouTube in years. Google said future features will arrive faster.

Microsoft goes after classrooms with $189 'Windows 10 S' laptops

Microsoft has announced a new version of Windows 10 designed to compete directly with Google's Chromebooks. Aimed at classroom environments and younger users, Windows 10 S is a cut-down Windows that only supports apps from the Windows Store.

U.K. MPs want social media companies fined for illegal material

A Commons committee is recommending social media companies be fined for not removing illegal material from their platforms quickly enough or at all. The report also recommends these firms be required to pay policing charges regarding illegal content.

Facebook and Google duped out of $100 million in phishing scam

In march, news surfaced about a phishing scheme that scammed two US tech giants. At the time, the names were not disclosed, but it turned out that the victims were Google and Facebook.

Google's 'scary' new iOS feature shows you everywhere you’ve been

Google has launched a new controversial feature for the iOS version of its Maps app. "Your Timeline" tracks every location you visit and shows your movements on a graph. Already available on other platforms, it has been criticised by privacy groups.

Google Home now works with multiple users in a family

Google has updated Home with a major and significant new feature. Its Assistant-powered smart speaker can now recognise and distinguish between different voices, enabling it to seamlessly switch accounts and talk to everyone in a family.

Google plans to add a built-in ad blocker to Chrome

Google is planning to add a built-in ad-blocking feature to its Chrome web browser, according to a report. It will be available on Chrome's desktop and mobile apps and could be unveiled next month. It's already facing scrutiny from industry bodies.

Google teams up with PayPal to make Android Pay more useful

Google has announced a new partnership with PayPal that will see the popular online payments service integrated into Android Pay. Mobile payment users will be able to complete in-store transactions using their PayPal account, adding a new way to pay.

YouTube is working on a new look that includes a dark theme

YouTube is quietly testing a substantial overhaul of its web interface on desktop devices. The design is bigger, bolder and brighter, unless you enable its optional dark mode. The feature has long been requested by YouTube fans.

Google unveils the all-new Google Earth

Google has launched a brand-new version of Google Earth, its rapidly aging mapping software designed to let you explore the planet. After a lengthy development period, today's rethinking brings new features to help you discover the world around you.

Google could face a lawsuit over Nexus 6P bootloop issues

Google may be presented with a class action lawsuit over issues with its popular Nexus 6P smartphone, manufactured by Huawei. Users are experiencing problems including bootloops and major battery issues. Google is allegedly offering no support.

Microsoft's 'CloudBooks' to step up the fight against Chromebooks

Microsoft has announced a new hardware event for early next month in which it's widely expected to switch the focus from its premium Surface devices to low-cost education PCs. The company will unveil a range of Windows laptops to rival Google Chromebooks.

Google to launch all-new Google Earth next week

Google has unexpectedly announced it's building a "brand new" version of Google Earth that will give users "new experiences." After neglecting Earth for several years, Google seems to be substantially reviving it, possibly by emphasising virtual reality.

Apple and Google move to copy Samsung's curved phone design

Samsung has long had a reputation for copying Apple's designs for its smartphones. Apple even took Samsung to court in an epic, multiyear legal battle over designs and alleged patent violations.
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Typing  Labour leader  into Google can yield some interesting results due to a bug in the company s ...
Typing "Labour leader" into Google can yield some interesting results due to a bug in the company's search engine
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An Egyptian tradeperson managed to outrank Google on its own search listing as an algorithm acted strangely
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Google's self-driving prototype road testing in 2014
YouTube Material Design overhaul
YouTube Material Design overhaul
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Google Street View car.
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The new Google Earth 18-04-2017
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Google Project Tango concept phone designs
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Fuschia OS screenshot via Ars Technica.
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Google Pixel and Pixel XL, launched 04/10/2016
The new Google Earth 18-04-2017
The new Google Earth 18-04-2017
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