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Google News

Lenovo reveal Google Glass rival

Chinese computing giant Lenovo has revealed its rival to Google Glass. In an attempt to get an edge over the U.S. firm, Lenovo's product comes equipped with a neck worn battery.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 1 comment

Op-Ed: Why Google bought Songza — Brains, innovation and advertising

While Google is “organizing the world’s information,” advertising still accounts for its core revenue. Why buy Songza, of all music-focused startups out there? Here's my take on what Songza did differently, and how Songza might save advertising.
In the Media by Elena Yunusov

We've seen Google glass, are we ready for Google contact lenses?

Tech giant Google and pharmaceutical company Novartis have announced they are to develop so-called "smart contacts." The technologically-advanced eyewear will monitor blood sugar concentrations in diabetic patients.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 2 comments

Alleged prostitute denies role in Google exec drug death

Santa Cruz - An alleged high-priced call girl accused of killing a Google executive with a lethal dose of heroin and then fleeing his yacht has pleaded not guilty.
In the Media by AFP

Google now recognizes Bitcoin calculations in conversion searches

Google has added direct support for converting to and from the Bitcoin crypto-currency into its search engine, making it easier than ever to view the current price of Bitcoin.
In the Media by James Walker - 1 comment

Google 'Smart Lenses' can detect biometric data from your eyes

Google will be partnering with Swiss drug and medical technology company Novartis to license "smart lens" technology. This technology will theoretically allow doctors and possibly even companies to know about your body through your tears.
In the Media by Walter McDaniel - 2 comments

Op-Ed: Finding your way through SEO in 2014

It is about half way through 2014 and Google has been slapping all the SEO abusers with its Penguin update 3.0, which actually is the 6th update.
In the Media by Milton Este

Police: Prostitute murdered Google exec with lethal heroin dose

Santa Cruz - California police have arrested a high-priced call girl, accusing her of injecting a married Google executive with a lethal dose of heroin on his yacht before coldly stepping over his body to finish a glass of wine and then fleeing the scene.
In the Media by Brett Wilkins - 18 comments

YouTube more popular than live TV Special

Mountain View - A new report by Noah Sterling on Mashable says YouTube is now more popular than broadcast TV. The Google-owned video hosting site continues to grow in popularity, but increasing numbers of channels controlled by hate groups are raising red flags.
Digital Journal Report by Chikako Uchinami - 3 comments

Google bans porn from their ads

Google makes a move against the advertisement of porn on its sites due to the thousands of searches for porn each month.
In the Media by Ryan Hite

Google hit by 70,000 'right to be forgotten' requests

London - More than 70,000 people have already asked Google to delete links about them under Europe's "right to be forgotten" ruling, with some of the world biggest news sites the first to be hit.
In the Media by Alice Ritchie (AFP)

Google is in the process of buying music expert site Songza

Google managers are bringing yet another streaming site into their portfolio. The acquisition of Songza is apparently meant to bolster their efforts with Google Play Music All Access and mark a new era in which they dominate sales as well.
In the Media by Walter McDaniel - 1 comment

Video pokes fun at Google Glass

The anticipation for Google glass, the high-tech specs, is growing among the more tech savvy consumers. For others, such technology will perhaps be baffling and confusing as a new amusing viral video suggests.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 2 comments

HTC Nexus 9 Volantis rumored to pack some serious specifications

While no word if another Nexus smartphone will make its way to the market, the Nexus 9 tablet seems to be a sure bet. The source image was leaked with a series of speculated specs.
In the Media by Milton Este

Dropbox access blocked in China just four months after approval

Dropbox only recently gained approval to provide an online cloud storage solution to the Chinese market earlier this year. Since February early this year, Dropbox has been operating smoothly until yesterday.
In the Media by Milton Este

Op-Ed: YouTube subscription service vs independent artists

As new ideas on how to rehabilitate the music industry crop up daily, it should be no surprise that YouTube is preparing to throw its hat in the paid music subscription ring. However, the Internet video mecca's plan appears to favor the major labels.
In the Media by Kathleen Creighton - 1 comment

Google will now be forced to forget companies too

Vancouver - A competitor to a Canadian company that ripped off technology and sold it to other companies around the world is now being forced to be forgotten by Google on all Google sites.
In the Media by Ryan Hite

Google Glass app lets you charge friends to watch your actions

A new app for Google Glass available today allows users to charge their friend and family members to watch them living their life through the Glass headset.
In the Media by James Walker - 1 comment

Chinese government reveals Microsoft's Android patents

Microsoft has for years claimed that Google's Android is using their patents to make money. The Chinese government recently revealed the extent to which this is true in a report.
In the Media by Walter McDaniel

Gmail flaw means hackers could have email address of every user

A gaping but now patched security flaw in Google's Gmail email service has been revealed that could have allowed hackers to extract the email address of every single user from Google's database.
In the Media by James Walker - 3 comments

HathiTrust officials win case for fair use of Google books

Millions of books that Google helped scan and compile are now completely legal to read at libraries throughout the United States due to a court ruling.
In the Media by Walter McDaniel

Google Now can alert you at your stop on public transport

A new alarm feature integrated into Google's digital assistant for Android devices, Google Now, is reportedly able to alert you to get off public transport at the stop nearest to your destination.
In the Media by James Walker

Google thinking of buying Songza

Songza is a six-year-old music streaming company that is now the next target for tech and search giant Google. This announcement comes right after Apple bought Beats, a similar music streaming service.
In the Media by Ryan Hite - 1 comment

What makes the coolest offices in the world?

An effective workplace design seems to be important for business success. This doesn’t mean that designs cannot be innovative or even fun. A new review considers what can be learnt from world’s coolest offices.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 1 comment

US tech giants look to skies to spread Internet

New York - The shortest path to the Internet for some remote corners of the world may be through the skies.That is the message from US tech giants seeking to spread the online gospel to hard-to-reach regions.
In the Media by Sophie Estienne (AFP)

Google plans to build a fleet of small satellites

In an effort to spread internet access to the world, Google plans to build a fleet of satellites that will circle the earth and provide access to the entire world. It is an ongoing effort on Google's part to serve underserved areas.
In the Media by Ryan Hite - 2 comments

Google gives Europeans the right to be 'forgotten' online

San Francisco - Google began letting people in Europe formally request to be "forgotten" by the world's leading Internet search service.
In the Media by Glenn Chapman (AFP)

Google designs prototype of driverless car

Google has produced the prototype of a car that can drive through busy streets without a driver. The driverless car has attracted media attention chiefly for the features it lacks — steering wheel, brake, dashboard, and accelerator.
In the Media by Sonia D'Costa - 1 comment

Google Glass fans fight back

San Francisco - Google Glass fans are fighting back after a restaurant asked one patron to take them off. This sent a lot of people in a rage and they took it all out on the Web.
In the Media by Ryan Hite

The rise of Sputnik — Russia’s new search engine

Saint Petersburg - is the name of a new search engine launched in Russia to rival search engine Google in the new "search race." It is the ushering in of a new "cold war" on the web.
In the Media by Ryan Hite - 1 comment
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Workers and supports from the local Google office were in front of today s parade and were seen chee...
Workers and supports from the local Google office were in front of today's parade and were seen cheering for support at LGBT couples. Steve Pope/Digital Journal
An alert issued by Google to users infected with the DNSChanger malware through the company s search...
An alert issued by Google to users infected with the DNSChanger malware through the company's search engine.
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