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Inside Google's Digital Garage in Manchester Special

Manchester - Google has opened a 'Digital Garage' in Manchester's city center, which is a space on the high street for people to learn digital skills and access technology – for free.

Google introduces new way to limit adverts

Following in Facebook's footsteps, Google is offering users a new way to restrict being hit with targeted adverts. This signals a new approach to data privacy.

Australia court paves way for Google 'underworld' defamation case

Melbourne - A court cleared the way for a rare defamation action against Google on Wednesday after a man claimed the global internet giant published material linking him to Australia's criminal underworld.

Google stops running some political ads in Washington state

Mountain View - Google has stopped running any ads in Washington state that are related to ballot measures or state and local elections. The company said it will notify any advertisers affected and update its political content policy to reflect this change.

Small military contract started an internal war at Google

A Google scientist warned in an internal email that the company's involvement in the US Department of Defense's Project Maven would be "red meat" for critics.

Mixed reactions to Toronto's waterfront becoming a 'digital city'

Toronto - Sidewalk Labs, the company owned by Google's parent Alphabet, is to develop Toronto's Eastern waterfront into the first 'digital city'. However, not all residents are happy with the plans and have flagged data privacy concerns.

Op-Ed: Google to allow payment by PayPal in Google Pay and elsewhere

Google Pay users who add their PayPal details to their Google Pay accounts will now be able to pay their bills and purchases using PayPal. The integration will cover any app such such as Gmail, YouTube, or Google Store.

Google's human sounding bot will identify itself in conversations

Mountain View - Employees finally got some answers this week on how Google's new Duplex human sounding robot will work. It will identify itself at the beginning of the conversation as a Google assistant robot.

Axios: Google may have faked the Duplex hairdresser call

News media company Axios asked some tough questions to Google about their recent demo calls where Google Duplex called a hair salon and a restaurant; claiming that Google may have altered something.

Op-Ed: Break up the tech giants to protect privacy? Maybe not

Sydney - An NYU professor called Scott Galloway has called for the big tech monsters to be broken up to deal with privacy issues. The problem is that this whole environment is a moving target, and the big companies are targets themselves.

Oracle accuses Google of spying on Australians

Oracle has released research claiming that Google is using Australian Android users' data to "spy on them." Given the history between the two companies, many are questioning the validity of this accusation.

New Google Duplex AI sounds exactly like a human voice

Mountain View - After widespread criticisms about the issues raised by Google's new Duplex system that uses AI to imitate the human voice to make appointments, the company notes that the system will have disclosure built into it.

Google microscope uses AI and AR for cancer detection

Google has launched a new product from its health arm. This is a microscope that uses artificial intelligence and augmented reality to assist with the detection of certain types of cancer in real-time.

Google to issue chatbot warning

Next time you make a phone call to a company, will you be listening to a human or a chatbot? It's becoming harder to tell. As part of a review of ethics, Google will warn people using its own services.

Following backlash, Google Duplex will ID itself to responder

After a demo at this year's I/O conference, in which Google's AI voice calling system conversed with someone on the other end of the line, the tech giant has announced that the AI has been re-worked so it will identify itself as such.

New Google News app uses AI in real-time

The Google I/O conference this year had some pretty big announcements, one of the biggest having to do with Google News.

Google to halt all ads on Irish abortion referendum

London - Google said on Wednesday it will pause all adverts related to the Irish referendum on abortion to be held later this month -- the day after Facebook announced a similar move.

YouTube will start bugging you if you binge too much

Google wants to help users spend less time on YouTube. This week, users will be able to set up reminders telling them to take a break, and the app will get options to reduce the number of notifications they get during the day.

Op-Ed: Major deal —Google rewriting the rules for political ads, forever

Mountain View - If GOP Washington is still in denial about Russian political interference, the commercial market isn’t. Google has just added its very considerable weight in to disclosure of buyers of political ads, and this new approach will work.

News Corp leads charge against tech giants in Australia probe

Sydney - Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation accused Facebook and Google of "anti-competitive practices" in one of dozens of submissions to a probe of the tech giants released Thursday by Australia's competition watchdog.

Google parent Alphabet profit leaps on ad growth

San Francisco - Google parent Alphabet on Monday reported a surge in quarterly profits, lifted by strong growth in the digital advertising segment it dominates along with Facebook.Profit in the first three months of 2018 soared more than 70 percent from a year to $9.

Google loses the 'right to be forgotten' case

London - An unnamed businessman has won a battle in the U.K. courts against Google over the 'right to be forgotten' in relation to mentions on the world's biggest search engine.

Oracle's big-money case against Google gets new life

San Francisco - An appeals court on Tuesday gave Oracle another shot at wringing billions of dollars from Google in a keenly watched legal battle over the use of freely available Java software code.

Google building its own blockchain-based cloud technology

Google is developing its own blockchain-like technology to improve its cloud by adding digital ledger capabilities. Google's parent company, Alphabet, has built its own distributed ledger system which can be used to log and verify digital transactions.

Google adds 'Instant Games' streaming support to Android

Google has announced that Android users can now "try" games before they've downloaded the app. The company is expanding its Instant Apps technology to include Play Store games. Compatible titles can be opened just by clicking a link, no install required.

Reports: Google to acquire light-field camera startup Lytro

Google is reportedly set to purchase light-field camera manufacturer Lytro for approximately $40m. The company is primarily interested in Lytro for its innovative technology, which produces cameras capable of refocusing images after they are taken.

Google boosts efforts to help news organizations, with $300 mn

New York - Google on Tuesday launched a new initiative, committing $300 million to help news publishers get more paid subscribers while stemming the flow of misinformation.

Subscribe with Google lets you pay for online news subscriptions

Google has announced an initiative to make it simpler to pay for online subscriptions. The company will allow you to purchase subscriptions to publishers using your Google account. You'll then be able to access paywalled content by signing in with Google.

Google expands YouTube Director Onsite to 170 U.S. cities

Google has announced it is expanding YouTube Director Onsite to more cities across the U.S. The service allows SMBs to work with professional video directors and creators to build their own video ads. The only requirement is they commit to ad spending.

Google to let retailers sell products through search

Google has announced a new push into online commerce with an initiative that will allow retailers to directly list products inside search. The company is teaming up with major brands to launch "Shopping Actions," available across search and Assistant.
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