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Google News

Google's Nexus phones now offer built-in robocall protection

Google has updated the dialer on its Nexus and Android One devices to fend off scammers and directly from the incoming call screen. You'll see an alert if a call is suspected as spam and will be able to immediately block and report the number.

Google Maps gets a design refresh and subtler colour palette

Google has released a major update to Google Maps across all supported devices. The update includes a design refresh that is clearer and easier to see, a new "areas of interest" feature to highlight local attractions and a more balanced colour scheme.

Cyanogen might be about to abandon its Android rival, fires staff

Alternative Android distribution Cyanogen is reportedly undergoing major lay-offs as its operating system has failed to find favour with phone manufacturers. It is said to be planning a "pivot" into apps, abandoning its Android alternative.

Play Store saves your data by cutting app update file sizes

Google has developed a method of compressing app downloads made through its Play Store that will heavily reduce the size of app updates. The new algorithm saves you data and speeds up downloads by compressing new content in patches.

Google tasks artificial intelligence with cutting its power bill

Google has managed to cut its power bill by using artificial intelligence from its DeepMind subsidiary to work out how to reduce power consumption in its datacentres. By giving AI control of the cooling systems, it has reduced consumption by 40 percent.

Android Nougat will lock down your phone when malware's detected

Google is debuting a new feature with Android 7.0 Nougat that prevents phones booting if modified software components are detected. Designed to prevent malware infecting the operating system's core, the company has admitted it could throw false positives.

Google cancels Oculus Rift competitor to work on mixed reality

Google is building a high-end mixed reality headset that will combine elements of virtual and augmented reality systems for an immersive experience that extends into the real world. The device is separate to Google's rumoured Oculus Rift competitor.

Op-Ed: Court forces Google and Microsoft to ban pre-birth gender tests

The highest court in India has taken drastic action to stop big tech companies from allowing adverts for pre-birth gender tests to be shown to Indian Internet users.

Google building its own smartwatches to get Android Wear moving

Google is building its own pair of smartwatches to showcase Android Wear, according to a report with knowledge of the devices. A spate of recent rumours reveal Google wants to become a hardware company, building mobile devices in-house.

Google's sleek new Nexus devices revealed in leaked photo

Amid reports of Google building its own phone to regain control of Android, an image has appeared that shows its two Nexus-badged devices to be launched this summer. Built by ailing giant HTC, the phones have an aluminium body.

Google buys company that lets you identify objects with a phone

Google has added another startup to its long list of recent acquisitions. To extend its presence in machine learning and vision, the company has bought Moodstocks. The French firm has developed technology that facilitates "instant object recognition."

Buy Android apps once, share with your family for free

Google has announced it is making a highly requested change to Google Play which will make the cost of purchasing apps and games significantly less for families. You'll be able to share your Android apps with up to six family members for free.

What does Google really know about us?

Google has launched a new site called "My Activity." The website reveals absolutely everything Google knows about its users.

Feel an earthquake? Google search will tell you right away

People living in areas prone to earthquakes often use social media to get other people's real-time reactions to the shaking and to get an idea of the severity of the quake. Google now provides useful information about quakes, right after they occur.

Android N to be named 'Nougat,' launching this summer

After months of speculation, Google has officially announced the sweet-themed nickname for Android N, the next major Android release. The update will be known as "Nougat" and follows names including Lollipop and Marshmallow.

HP's newest laptop lasts for almost 13 hours, runs Chrome OS

HP has expanded its range of ultra-portable cloud-based Chromebooks with a new laptop capable of lasting for up to 12.5 hours on a single charge. The HP Chromebook 11-inch G5 is indicative of the growing popularity of Google's Chrome OS.

Google to begin using massive undersea cable

Google and its partners started building it two years ago.Google teamed up with five Asian telecom companies to fund [url=http://www. businessinsider.

Google's Madrid offices 'raided in tax probe'

Madrid - Google's offices in Madrid were being searched in a tax probe Thursday, an internal source said, just over a month after police raided the Internet giant in Paris in a similar investigation.

Chrome bug lets you download full Netflix movies for free

A recently discovered bug in Google's Chrome web browser makes it possible for anyone to download full movies from DRM-protected sources including Netflix and Amazon. Pirates could easily bypass Chrome's copy protection systems to access content.

Search song lyrics straight from Google with upcoming update

Google has announced you'll soon be able to find the lyrics to thousands of songs directly from its main search results. Typing a song will display its lyrics in a familiar card above the main search results, removing the need to access third-party sites.

Google reportedly building its own Android phone from scratch

Google is reportedly planning a move to disrupt the Android ecosystem by launching its own smartphone developed entirely in-house. Its current range of Nexus handsets are built by external companies. Google now wants control, abandoning the Nexus name.

Google wants ideas for a hypothetical 'Chromebook Pro'

Google is reportedly asking people their thoughts on a "Chromebook Pro" device. The product does not currently exist in Google's line-up, suggesting the company is working on a new premium laptop or tablet running its own Chrome OS.

Two-factor authentication gets quicker with Google's new app

Google has launched a new way to approve sign-in requests using two-factor authentication that makes the process easier to use. You'll be able to tap a push notification to approve yourself, potentially making the feature more attractive to new users.

New cryptocurrency-based cloud storage tries to beat Dropbox

Siacoin, Nebulous Labs's upcoming cryptocurrency-based data storage platform aims at beating the current industry giants such as Dropbox and Amazon S3 with its innovative technology.

Feeling ill? Google will now help you find some relief

When you're feeling ill, chances are you turn to Google for help, searching for your symptoms to find some relief. According to Google, 1 percent of all searches are people doing this so it has created a special experience to help you find aid faster.

Google working on 'the thinking' computer

Zurich - Goggle, operating from a new base in Zurich, are investigating how to advance the technology of artificial intelligence.

Google's smart calendar app now knows when you're free for events

Google has rolled out an update to its Calendar app that makes it simpler to schedule events with other people while on mobile devices. Checking when you're available can be complicated on a small screen so Google now shows when you're free.

Top Google employee responds to Trump over search results

A top Google employee posted a lengthy response online late last week after Donald Trump chastised the Internet giant over a viral video that accused the company of manipulating its autocomplete search results to favor Hillary Clinton.

Google co-founder Larry Page invests $100M to build flying cars

Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, is heavily investing in a revolutionary form of transportation, secretly funding a company that specializes in building flying cars.

Lenovo's Phab 2 Pro scans space around it to power AR experiences

After three years of development, the first phone to use Google's Project Tango has been launched. The Lenovo Phab 2 Pro is able to understand physical space and motion in the same way people do, letting your phone sense space around it.
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Google Image

A screenshot from the Google ad which appeared during the Super Bowl
A screenshot from the Google ad which appeared during the Super Bowl
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An Egyptian tradeperson managed to outrank Google on its own search listing as an algorithm acted st...
An Egyptian tradeperson managed to outrank Google on its own search listing as an algorithm acted strangely
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Screenshot of Google Think.
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A webpage that an ad injector has worked on
A webpage that an ad injector has worked on
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A driverless car via Google
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Google Chrome
Google s SyntaxNet can intelligently parse natural language
Google's SyntaxNet can intelligently parse natural language
Project Brillo will power the Internet of Things
Project Brillo will power the Internet of Things
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The Google Nexus 5X by LG
Evolution of the Android Market to 2015 Google Play refresh
Evolution of the Android Market to 2015 Google Play refresh
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The city formerly known as Topeka  Kansas
The city formerly known as Topeka, Kansas
Google Maps now has a cleaner design
Google Maps now has a cleaner design
Google Maps now supports offline navigation
Google Maps now supports offline navigation
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Sundar Pichai, got the title of chief executive of a new company known as Google Inc.
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Google s new tablet  the Nexus 7  has a slim seven-inch (17 cm) display
Google's new tablet, the Nexus 7, has a slim seven-inch (17 cm) display
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Android Wear smartwatches now work with iOS
Android Wear smartwatches now work with iOS
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Google Docs can now export EPUB ebook files
Google Docs can now export EPUB ebook files