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Good samaritan News

Dramatic rescue of man in burning car caught on video

Cupertino - A man on his way to lunch dragged a man from a parked car emitting thick black smoke moments before the vehicle burst into flames. Police suspected the man in the car was drunk.

Man saves woman from burning car as bystanders videotape her

Beaverton - While people were standing by at an Oregon Chevron gas station and taking video, a 19-year-old rescued a terrified woman trapped inside her burning car.

TN now legalizes people to break into hot cars to save pets

As of July 1, 2015 Tennessee has become the first state in the nation to specifically allow good Samaritans to legally break a window in a hot car in order to save a pet.

Alberta man beaten into coma after coming to aid of a young boy

A man in Grand Prairie, Alberta was beaten unconscious and is in hospital after having his head stomped after coming to the aid of a young boy. John St. Jean was also left with a badly broken nose and broken facial bones.

Good Samaritan reunites Canadian family with photos, via Facebook

A Canadian family found their lost photos on Facebook 9-years after the undeveloped roll of film was stolen in a car break-in. It wasn't just luck that reunited the Victoria family with the photos, but rather a good Samaritan who put some effort into it.

Woman who reunited dog with owner threatened with lawsuit

San Bernardino - Going out of your way to help someone, especially someone you have never even met, is a trait most of us admire, however as one Good Samaritan has found out "no good deed goes unpunished."

Woman holding 'speed trap' sign gets arrested

Houston - A woman in Texas was arrested last week for trying to warn motorists with a self-made "speed trap" sign. She claims she was wrongfully arrested.

Two women repay good Samaritan by saving his life

Sara Berg and her cousin are credited with helping to save a man's life who had gone into cardiac arrest just minutes after he helped the two women change a blown tire along a Wisconsin highway.

Man who turned in $150,000 will be rewarded with new teeth

An unemployed carpenter in Illinois will receive a new set of teeth as a reward for being a good samaritan. This past summer, he turned in $150,000 to authorities after finding it in his garden.

Op-Ed: Good Samaritan Helps Senior who falls off Bicycle Special

Baker City - At approximately 10:45 on June 8, an elderly man, who appeared to be in his 70's, fell off his bicycle while riding with a small group of people on an isolated section of the Leo Adler Memorial Trail.

Girl attacked Saturday fought off the attacker

Toronto - Toronto Police are looking for a Good Samaritan that followed a suspect in a foiled sexual assault attack this weekend on a teen girl.

NYC Good Samaritan killed in subway accident

A man is being hailed a fallen hero after he jumped onto the subway tracks in order to save the life of a woman who tried to retrieve her coat.

Good Samaritan and Children's Joy Reveal Meaning of Christmas Special

The Pope is attacked at the Vatican. Folks are wounded and killed in a fall in Toronto. Family stress is reported to increase at Christmas. But there's good news today after all, as Portland, Oregon shows in its stories and pictures of giving and love.

Hero knifed in Vancouver for intervening to save a woman

A 19-year-old hero who intervened to save a woman who was being publicly assaulted by a man in downtown Vancouver on Saturday night was stabbed multiple times by the suspect. Police said his injuries are not life-threatening and he should be okay.

No Good Samaritan: Man Left to Die on Sidewalk as People Watch

CNN reported early morning Monday on television about another incident reflecting the callousness of some people who left a man to die on a sidewalk in Washington DC and did nothing.

Good Samaritan Can Be Sued. Bad Judgment?

Someone is stuck in a car at risk for explosion or plunged into a river where the occupant is in danger. If you decide to play a Good Samaritan and rescue someone, you could be sued for doing it according to the decision of the California Supreme Court.

Op-Ed: Dallas QB Tony Romo To The Rescue for Stranded Cowboys Fans

After many motorists passed by Bill and Sharon White, who were stranded with a flat tire early Monday morning, the two Dallas residents and rabid Cowboys fans got the surprise of their lives when Dallas QB Tony Romo stopped by to help them out. Bravo!

Woman Sued For Good Samaritan Act

A California woman who pulled her friend out of her wrecked car "like a rag doll" is now being sued for rendering her a paraplegic.

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Aram Harutyunyan pulling semi-conscious man from burning car
Aram Harutyunyan pulling semi-conscious man from burning car
Screen capture from Leo Pekker's YouTube video