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Good News

Op-Ed: A Police Point Of View

Police departments in Canada and U.S. have started to equip their officers with shirt-attached cameras that will record much of their work. With so many police brutality cases in the last twenty years we're left wondering why now?

With The Good Wife DVD, Julianna Margulies wins another big case Special

In The Good Wife (now on DVD), Margulies' character turns betrayal into triumph in order to become a better mother, wife and lawyer. Other discs out this week: Se7en, Letters To Juliet, GLEE, Big Bang Theory, Fringe, Two Tickets To Paradise & much more.

Chocolate is good for you says new study

If you are in need of an excuse to indulge in some chocolate then here it is. A new study from Sweden says that chocolate is good for you, in moderation, of course.

Op-Ed: The Good and Bad side of Jan 08 NBA games

The MVP of the day goes to Jerryd Bayless of Portland Trail Blazers. He started on the bench, played for 21 minutes and scored 21 points.

Op-Ed: The Good and the Bad side of Jan.6 NBA Games

Find out who dropped 44 points but could not help his team win the game. Also inside, the Pistons losing streak has been extended to 11 games.

Allergy Alert: So Good Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and SoyaWorld Inc. are warning people with allergies to milk proteins not to consume So Good brand Creamy Vanilla Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert described below.

Good Samaritan Returns $10,000 Found in Box of Crackers

Want to end 2008 with some good news? In the midst of bad news, it’s great to hear that some senior citizen has found honesty and kindness from a stranger when she needed it.

Woman Finds $97,000 in Restroom, Returns it to Owner

A Florida woman found $97,000 in a bag in the restroom of a restaurant. She found the owner of the lost bag, an elderly woman, and returned all the woman's money and belongings.

Some Good News For a Change

An ice sheet in Antarctica is stable at this time. The East Antarctica is not being effected by global warming as quickly as the west side or Greenland. The East Antarctica ice sheet would raise sea levels up 61 metres if it suddenly melted.

Study: Doing Good Makes You Feel Good

There's a new incentive to doing good things for others: It makes you happier, according to a new study.

Iraqi Bloggers OP/ED

I decided to seek out some Iraqi blogs to find out what is going on in the minds of an everyday citizen in Iraq.

Good News: CD Music Sales Down 20% from 2006

CD Music sales down 20% from 2006 but still dominates music market 85% to 15% for digital downloads

Marital support offsets ill-effects of job stress

People with stressful job have their blood pressure rise but it comes down if they have a good relationship with their spouse.

Have you had your Paczki yet?

Today is Paczki Day. Who has had a Paczki or two?

Deadbeat or dead broke?

Good parents pay support orders to help their children. You can help Ontario children and families by helping the Ministry of Community and Social Services find missing, irresponsible parents who have defaulted on the payments owed to their kids.

Good Samaritan Saves Woman From Burning Car - Amazing Video

Brandon Compton saves two strangers who were involved in a car accident, while the car was burning and badly damaged.

Loney, Dear - I am John (an interesting music colaboration)

Swedish popster's Loney, Dear have a new video for the Song "I am John" from their album Loney, Noir. The video was directed and created by Andres Nilson who's gotten a bit of attention lately for his work with The Knife. Those crazy swedes.

Sweet pea the sea horse finds a new home.

Sweet Pea is a juvenile seahorse female shown being introduced to her new home. And there's a bit of a surprise later on (wink, wink), lets just say that a few of them were a little busy with the lady.

The Brothers McLeod present A History of Rock

A History of Rock through the medium of animation, this is very clever and awesome. I wish I thought of doing something like this first.

Chin Up Chin Up " This Harness Can't Ride Anything"

A cool animated music video. This absalutely amazing.

"The Host", the next Godzilla?

Add one monster, some horror, a bit of comedy, and a whole bunch of asians running around screaming and you have the next possible Godzilla-type movie.

Dead Silence, from the producers of Saw

I was wondering when they were going to start making rip offs of the goosebump books.

Hostel part II

I diidn't even think it was worth making the first one to tell you the truth.

Coca Cola Grand theft Auto commercial

To don't make crime, fix it.

David Beckhams an ICON

David Beckham god luck

Look what washed up

A container ship was washed up on a beach in Southwest England, leaking diesel fuel and other toxic chemicals, after being damaged in a storm Thursday.

Ten bad things that are good for you!

Chocolate, beer, coffee - they're all considered not so good for you, right?

Electronic Arts bets iPod good for video games

iPod games becoming more popular?
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Julianna Margulies in  The Good Wife
Julianna Margulies in 'The Good Wife'
Christine Baranski  Matt Czuchry and Julianna Margulies in  The Good Wife
Christine Baranski, Matt Czuchry and Julianna Margulies in 'The Good Wife'

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