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Goldman Sachs News

Goldman Sachs — Trump tax cuts will have little effect on growth

New York City - The GOP's tax reform plan would only increase economic growth by about 0.1 to 0. percentage points over the next two years, according to a report issued by Goldman Sachs. And any savings would be spent on technology and not on hiring more employees.

Danish energy company turns the page on gas and oil

DONG Energy AS, Denmark's majority state-owned energy company, is selling off its last oil and natural-gas fields in a deal expected to close this month or next. Goldman Sachs has agreed to sell 7.5 million shares in the energy group to investors.

Op-Ed: Former CEO of Goldman Sachs gaining power in Trump administration

Washington - Wall Street winning out over populism as Trump makes Gary Cohn former CEO of Goldman Sachs from 2006 to 2017 more powerful within the Trump administration.

Goldman Sachs and Bill Gates invest in scientist social network

ResearchGate, the social media network for scientists, announced on Tuesday that it quietly raised $52.6 million (£42.3 million) from a cohort of big name investors in November 2015 to help it scale its business.

Libyan Investment Authority loses case against Goldman Sachs

London - A United Kingdom court has ruled in favor of Goldman Sachs in a $1.2 billion dollar case brought by the the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) regarding nine disputed equity derivatives trades, according to a spokesperson for Goldman Sachs.

Libya's sovereign fund sues Goldman Sachs for $1.2 billion

London - Lawyers for Libya's sovereign wealth fund claim that Goldman Sachs exploited inexperienced staff members to close inappropriate deals which cost the fund a humongous $1.2 billion.

Goldman Sachs sell New York Stock Exchange floor market

New York - Goldman Sachs are to sell their New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) floor market making unit. Goldman purchased Spear, Leeds & Kellogg, which owned this division, for $5.4 Billion dollars. The current rumored asking price is about $30 million dollars.

Twitter testing broad new profile design ahead of investor event

Ahead of its presentation at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference on Thursday, Twitter has begun rolling out an image oriented profile redesign.

Fugitive banker arrested on wire fraud charges

Brunswick - A fugitive banker wanted by the FBI for wire fraud and declared dead by a Florida judge last year was arrested on a routine traffic stop while driving on I-95 in Brunswick, Georgia last Tuesday.

Banks hoarded aluminum to hike prices, critics charge

Washington - The U.S. Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has subpoenaed both Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. as it investigates allegations of price-fixing in the aluminum market.

Gold price set to fall, according to Goldman Sachs

For quite some time, the value of gold has been declining and, according to Goldman Sachs, the price will continue to fall during the upcoming years.

Op-Ed: UK Uncut lose Goldman Sachs challenge, Amazon's paltry taxes

London - Two foreign companies who trade in the UK have been in the spotlight this week. The companies involved are Amazon and Goldman Sachs. So first the tale of Amazon and its corporation tax liabilities in the UK, or rather its lack of them.

Goldman Sachs may award £8.3b bonuses, schemes to exploit tax cut

London - Goldman Sachs in the UK has sparked media controversy following news that the bank is planning to delay bonuses of £8.3 billion awarded for 2010 and 2011 to take advantage of the five percent cut in tax rate for top earners to be introduced 6 April.

Op-Ed: The greatest failure of the DOJ

Four years have passed since we experienced the economic near-collapse of our economy, and for four years we have also witnessed complete and utter failure in the administration of justice.

No Double-Double for Goldman Sachs? Firm downgrades Tim Hortons

New York - Goldman Sachs may not be completely satisfied with Tim Hortons's Double-Double coffee. The investment firm downgraded the company's rating amid moderate same-store sales (SSS) and the decline in restaurant traffic.

Libya investigates $1.75 billion losses from Goldman Sachs/SocGen

Tripoli - Goldman Sachs is being investigated by the Libyan Sovereign Wealth Fund over huge losses Libya incurred when GS and Societe Generale managed funds on behalf of Muammar Gaddafi.

Moody's cuts credit ratings of 15 big banks

Some major banks will find funding more expensive as a result of their credit ratings being cut by Moody's Investors Services.

Op-Ed: Goldman Sachs – Is there a problem, or not? An answer is required

Sydney - Retiring Goldman Sachs exec Greg Smith hasn’t been too retiring about his former workplace culture. He’s had a lot to say, and the result has been a combination of denial, fury and genuine disgust.

Goldman Sachs exec resigns, says firm labels clients as 'muppets'

New York - Greg Smith, a Goldman Sachs executive director responsible for the U.S./Americas equity derivatives business in Europe, has resigned from the Wall Street titan. Smith, who published an op-ed piece, harshly criticized his former employer.

Condom exec Joe Nelson: one-size-fits-all condoms are bollocks Special

You wouldn’t wear a pair of shoes that were too tight, or a pair of pants that were two sizes too big. That’s why self-styled "Condom Revolutionary" Joe Nelson founded TheyFit, a company with a line of custom condoms that come in 95 unique sizes.

WikiLeaks releases 5M emails, ‘The Global Intelligence Files’

Washington - WikiLeaks has announced the release of more than 5 million emails, called “The Global Intelligence Files,” and includes communications from the American-based intelligence analyst group Stratfor and its “web of informers.”

Record bank bonuses of $156 billion expected for 2011

Yet again the banks are expected to announce record bonuses, estimated to be $156 billion for 2011. These bonuses are not confined to the U.S.

Op-Ed: Does Goldman Sachs really rule the world?

When the likes of Alex Jones and David Icke rant about bankers conspiring to rule the world, we can take it with a pinch of salt. When mainstream newspaper correspondents make the same claim, it's time to sit up and listen.

Op-Ed: The Goldman Sachs project — New world government?

By leading the world's economies into chaos, Goldman Sachs is creating a situation where they can replace key government leaders with their own people.

Op-Ed: David Duke's most unlikely supporter

Los Angeles - A black woman who spoke out against the “Zionist Jews” who control Wall Street and the Federal Reserve has found herself out of a job. Is this the hidden hand at work, or something else?

Goldman Sachs reports net loss of $393 million in third quarter

New York - For only the second time since it went public in 1999, Goldman Sachs has posted a loss in the third quarter. The financial Wall Street giant reported losses of $393 million amid sharp drops in the unstable markets.

Op-Ed: Confessions of a trader – Goldman Sachs rules the world

Alessio Rastani is handsome, intelligent, charismatic, extremely expensively dressed, and dreaming of a big stock market crash so he can make money off your misery.

Op-Ed: From Goldman Sachs to night club sex

A former broker for Goldman Sachs is on the run after being sentenced in absentia to six and a half years in gaol. Max Keiser will love this.

Goldman Sachs CEO hires prominent defense lawyer Reid Weingarten

New York - Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein hired prominent Washington criminal defense attorney Reid Weingarten. Although Blankfein has not been charged with a crime, Senator Carl Levin accused the Wall Street CEO of lying during last year's testimony.

Op-Ed: Once again speculation appears to be gouging gas consumers

It appeared obvious months ago when "experts" predicted $5 a gallon gas prices, that speculation was again manipulating the prices consumers pay at the pump. Now that all the speculator rhetoric has proved fallacious, it's all too clear.
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