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Gold nanoparticles used for unique energy storage

Scientists have devised a way to capture and store energy using gold nanoparticles. This is by using gold atoms at a level just below gold metal. The findings could help with future medical instruments.

Human poop may contain gold in it

Denver - A new study has revealed that human feces contain microscopic nuggets of gold, as well as silver and other rare metals such as palladium.

Husband ordered out of house by wife finds huge gold nugget

An Australian man who was ordered to "get out of the house" by his wife after becoming grumpy and stroppy has found a large nugget of gold hidden a few centimetres into the earth.

#thedress web sensation becomes powerful Salvation Army campaign

The furious Internet debate late last month around the perceived colour of a dress is now being used by charity the Salvation Army in a powerful new campaign about violence against women, saying "Why is it so hard to see black and blue?"

Custom gold-backed, diamond-adorned iPhone 6 costs $3.5 million

A custom-made iPhone 6 produced by Goldgenie is available to buy now for $3.5 million, finished in 24 carat gold or platinum and with other prestigious options available, just in case your iPhone wasn't flashy enough already.

Chinese farmer stumbles across 7.85kg of gold on ground

A farmer in a remote region of China has stumbled across a huge gold nugget on the ground on the land. The incredible find has an expected value of at least $250,000.

Olympian Mark Schultz: An exemplary athlete and American

Mark Schultz is a world champion in wrestling. He and his older brother, Dave, had won the gold medal in the 1984 Olympic Games.

Häagen-Dazs Japan releases gold and silver ice cream

Would you believe that Häagen-Dazs Japan's releases for December 9 include in their ingredients Ashirai silver foil, wine from Bordeaux, and specks of gold leaf?

Gold demand in Asia may rise with festival season

The festival season in India and demand in China are expected to push up sales of gold in Asia, till early 2015, reversing a weak year to date.

Gold prices rise with news of Ukraine ceasefire

After two and a half months of steadily declining prices, gold has recovered slightly after reports of a potential ceasefire in the Ukraine. A ceasefire could have a confusing, short term effect on the U.S. and Western European markets.

Dustin Lynch strikes gold with 'Where It's At'

The good news for country star Dustin Lynch keeps on coming. His latest single "Where It's At" has been certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Is gold nanotechnology the key to fighting Ebola?

As the World Health Organization holds crisis meetings to discuss ways to battle the Ebola outbreak, one scientist thinks that one solution for fighting the deadly virus is nanotechnology.

Joe Nichols strikes gold with chart-topping single 'Yeah'

Country star Joe Nichols' latest single "Yeah" has spent three weeks at No. 1 on country radio and it has been certified gold.

Dolly Parton scores gold certification for new 'Blue Smoke' album

London - Country music icon Dolly Parton has been on fire this year, thanks to the release of her latest studio album, "Blue Smoke."

Gold nanoparticles target breast cancer

Researchers have developed a way to detect and measure cancer levels in a living cell by using tiny gold particles with tails of synthetic DNA.

Gold found in Montana tap water

Whitehall - Some Montana residents turned on the tap to get a glass of gold flakes. After testing proved that the gold was genuine some residents are concerned about their drinking water quality.

Package containing 4 kgs of gold left on doorstep in Austria

Graz - A delivery from Graz in Austria to Pforzheim in Germany went awry. Containing four kilograms of gold, with an estimated value of 76,000 euros, the package was then returned to sender and simply left on a doorstep.

Lady Liberty coin to go on auction at San Francisco Old Mint Special

San Francisco - The Old Mint in San Francisco is getting ready to display and auction a gold coin, from a hoard of gold coins dating back to the 1800s. This upcoming exhibit and auction is part of the Saddle Ridge hoard

Are diamonds the new gold? Commissioned

Read how diamonds are attracting the eyes of investors and turning heads in both the business and tech markets as some key players dabble with creating man-made diamonds.

Chinese gold demand may rise 20% by 2017: industry body

London - China's annual demand for gold could jump around 20 percent by 2017 as more of its increasingly wealthy population seek new ways to make money, the World Gold Council predicted on Tuesday.

Goldcorp ups Osisko takeover bid to Can$3.6 bn

Montreal - Canadian mining giant Goldcorp upped its hostile takeover bid for rival Osisko Mining Corp. on Thursday to about Can$3.6 billion (US$3.3 billion).The new offer consists of Can$7.65 per share, the Vancouver-based company said.

Osisko Mining foils Goldcorp bid with Yamana hookup

Montreal - Canada's Osisko Mining announced a partnership Wednesday with Yamana Gold and two pension funds in an apparent effort to thwart a hostile takeover bid by rival Goldcorp Inc.The deal is valued at Can$1.67 billion (US$1.51 billion).

Brantley Gilbert strikes gold with new single 'Bottoms Up'

Country singer and songwriter Brantley Gilbert has struck gold for the fourth time in his career, thanks to the success of "Bottoms Up."

Gold nanoparticles slow down cancer spread

A new technology that uses “nano-flares" is a process has the potential to catch tumor cells early on and to stop them spreading throughout the body.

Five banks sued for manipulating gold price

New York - Five banks at the center of London's gold trade have been sued in New York for manipulating prices, in the latest accusation of fraudulent collusion in the global finance hub.A class-action suit was filed by US gold futures and options trader Kevin Mah...

London gold-fix banks accused of manipulation in U.S. lawsuit

The five banks involved in setting the London benchmark gold price have been accused in a lawsuit of price manipulation, a filing with a U.S. federal court in New York showed. In the filing with the U.S.

Questions raised over California treasure trove

Los Angeles - A dealer handling a $10 million treasure trove found by a US couple dismissed Tuesday a report that the horde may have been stolen and therefore have to be given back.The California couple uncovered eight cans filled with more than 1,400 coins on their...

Questions raised over California treasure trove

Los Angeles - A US couple who unearthed gold coins worth more than $10 million might have to return them as they may have been stolen, a report said.The California couple uncovered eight cans filled with more than 1,400 coins on their property, in what is believed t...

California couple strike gold with treasure trove find

Los Angeles - A California couple out walking their dog struck it rich by unearthing a horde of buried gold coins, worth more than $10 million according to experts.The so-called Saddle Ridge find is believed to be the most valuable treasure trove ever discovered in ...

Canada win women's gold medal

Canada won their fourth consecutive Olympic women's ice hockey gold medal with a 3-2 overtime win over the United States at the Sochi Games on Thursday.
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The Great Work of the Metal Lover artwork
The Great Work of the Metal Lover artwork
Adam Brown
Embarrassed about throwing Johnny Longbottoms overboard  Captain pretends he doesn t see Crothers  a...
Embarrassed about throwing Johnny Longbottoms overboard, Captain pretends he doesn't see Crothers, and Crothers pretends he can't see Captain.
Precious Metals
Precious Metals
Video screen capture of biggest gold coin
Video screen capture of biggest gold coin
BBC video
Precious metals
Precious metals
Precious metals
Precious metals
$10 000 has been buried in one of the five borroughs of New York City  can you be the first to find ...
$10,000 has been buried in one of the five borroughs of New York City, can you be the first to find it and claim it as your own.
Precious Metals
Precious Metals
The Salvation Army used the viral internet sensation #thedress to create a powerful campaign against...
The Salvation Army used the viral internet sensation #thedress to create a powerful campaign against the abuse of women
The Salvation Army
Mulligan celebrates what he thinks is a fine knife throw  by riverdancing.
Mulligan celebrates what he thinks is a fine knife throw, by riverdancing.
Gold discs from the Gold Museum in Bogotá  Colombia
Gold discs from the Gold Museum in Bogotá, Colombia
Flickr user Nick Leonard
A 1963 split window C2 Corvette at a Corvette show in Forest City  NC.
A 1963 split window C2 Corvette at a Corvette show in Forest City, NC.
Goldgenie s premium gold-plated iPhone 6
Goldgenie's premium gold-plated iPhone 6
Daily Star
Precious metals
Precious metals
Sometimes I needs a hot cup o  milk in the middle o  the night.  I also likes to stab me mates.   Bo...
Sometimes I needs a hot cup o' milk in the middle o' the night. I also likes to stab me mates. Both put me right ta sleep. - Captain
Precious metals
Precious metals
Gold bars
Gold bars
Video screengrab
Precious metals
Precious metals
Side view of the Emperor s Gold Crown encased in glass; it bears a dragon  a magical creature only e...
Side view of the Emperor's Gold Crown encased in glass; it bears a dragon, a magical creature only emperors could wear