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Going green News

Vancouver says, 'No ifs, ands or butts'

Many smokers on our city streets usually get rid of their smelly cigarette butt the easiest way they know how, by dropping it on the sidewalk. But Vancouver, in its effort to become squeaky-clean by the year 2020 has come up with an innovative solution.

Cleanest and dirtiest cities in America: Portland and New Orleans Special

Portland - Time Magazine has recently released a list of the ten dirtiest cities in America, which hearkens to what citizens value in various regions of the country and what the culture decides takes critical importance in how money is spent as well.

Golf Goes Green

"Eco-friendly" is a term we hear a lot today, but eco-friendly golf balls the benefit more then just your game are the new way to be green in the world of golf.

Berlin Brothel Goes Green: Recycling, Bicycling and Sin

We all know about the importance of going green, but now red, as in “red light district” is joining the ecologically sound and politically correct rainbow.

Want to Live Green and Be Happy? Move to Costa Rica

In surveys of the most desirable place to live on earth, Costa Rica scores high. People are also happy living there more than in the United States. What makes Costa Rica desirable and what can other places learn about this country’s desirability?

Religiously Going Green

Combining science and religion is one thing. How about faith and food? Religious groups are doing that, declaring that eating right is part of helping themselves and filling God’s directive to be stewards of the earth.

Coconuts Make Car Parts, Give Ultimate Salute to Going Green

Now we have a new direction, a change, a way to solve our environmental problems. Some clever people are coming up with some very interesting ways of solving issues related to waste. How about car parts made from coconuts?

Is This The City Of The Future?

If this is the city of the future, it sounds good to me. Too bad I won't live long enough to move there ...

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Trees on park blocks represent the Oregon ideas of going green.
Trees on park blocks represent the Oregon ideas of going green.
With a little creativity and inspiration  a rooftop can be turned into a piece of the natural world.
With a little creativity and inspiration, a rooftop can be turned into a piece of the natural world.
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