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Review: This week’s releases are all about the ties that bind Special

This week’s releases include families pulling together to get through tough times; an effectively updated Western; the whole story regarding a nationwide news item; and a slightly confused animated feature.

Goats play mother to abandoned tapir in Nicaragua zoo

Managua - A baby tapir abandoned by its mother can thank female goats in Nicaragua's National Zoo for its survival, sucking at their teats for milk, the director said.

Tiger befriends goat after it was served to him as live food

Primorskiy - Last week, zookeepers presented Amur the Siberian tiger with a live goat. Instead of eating the goat, Amur befriended it.

Goat with human face born in Argentina

Centro - A family is facing public accusations of bestality after one of their goats gave birth to a stillborn goat with a 'human' face.

Herd of goats invades railway station in Terrassa, Spain (Video)

Terrassa - Commuters catching trains in Terrassa, Spain Tuesday got somewhat of a shock when a herd of 17 goats invaded the railway line, seemingly from nowhere. The poor animals were very disorientated and the passengers both shocked and amused.

Birth of rare 'geep' surprises petting zoo owner

Scottsdale - If you have never heard of a "geep", don't worry, neither did an Arizona woman, that is not until one of her ewes gave birth to one.

Goat shows up in court to face sexual abuser

A goat that was the victim of a sexual assault showed up in court to face her attacker, 28-year-old Katana Kitsao Gona, from Kenya.

Video: Belligerent billy goat terrorizes Brazilian townsfolk

Londrina - Recently-posted video footage of a belligerent Brazilian billy goat terrorizing residents of a southern city is sure to go viral.

South African beef products contain donkey, water buffalo & goat

Stellenbosch - As more and more tests are run following the recent horsemeat scandal in Europe, now a study in South Africa has found donkey, water buffalo, soya and goat content in minced meats, burger patties, sausages, deli and dried meats.

Video: Pig plays lifeguard to baby goat

He probably won't be cast in any Baywatch remakes, but a pig played the part of lifeguard when a baby goat got stuck in a pond at a petting zoo.

Animals compete for 'most beautiful goat' title

Over 170 animals are competing for the title of 'most beautiful goat' in Saudi Arabia to raise awareness of the Hijazi breed of goat.

Hiker killed by mountain goat in US national park

Port Angeles - A 63-year-old man who was hiking in a US national park died of injuries he suffered when he was attacked by a mountain goat.

Goat has horns ripped out and leg broken in attack at UK shelter

Middleton - A pet goat had to be put down after a vicious attack which left him with no horns and broken bones. An RSPCA inspector described the attack as being one of the worst cases of animal cruelty she had ever seen.

Chinese grandmother grows a 2.4 inch horn

Henan - A 101-year-old grandmother has stunned her fellow villagers and family and baffled doctors after growing a huge horn from the left side of her forehead. (Click at bottom to see photos)

Recap of holiday hijinks across Europe

Burning down a traditional Christmas decoration is often a cause for public outrage, but not in Gavle, Sweden. Police there say a 13-meter tall straw goat in the town square has once again been set on fire in something that has become a local sport.

Purple and gold painted goat sporting # 4 found tied in car trunk

A woman went to an automotive repair shop in Winona Minnesota last Friday morning, needing a belt replaced on her car. While getting the car logged in to the company's system, the woman casually remarked that she had a goat in her car trunk.

Choosing a goat to reign as King of Ireland

At the annual Puck Fair, a centuries-old Irish festival, a goat is crowned king of Ireland and reigns for three days. This year, celebrations are doubtful as the heir to the throne has been detained.

Frozen Meat and Poultry Products Recalled

Halal International Processing, a York, S.C., establishment, is recalling approximately 2,925 pounds of beef, chicken, goat, and lamb products that were mislabeled.

Nigerian police hold goat over attempted car theft

Police in Nigeria are holding a goat accused of attempting to steal a car. The animal was handed in to the police by a vigilante group claiming it was an armed car thief.

Condom, 'Olor' Will Allow Kenyan Herdsmen To Pass The Buck And Plan For The Droughts

Kenyan goat herders are taking on board some medical advice this week as droughts hit hard their cattle. The ancient old condoms called the "olor" won't allow the animals their fun and it will keep the numbers down before the rains come

Airline sacrifices goats to appease sky god

Officials at Nepal's state-run airline have sacrificed two goats to appease Akash Bhairab, the Hindu sky god, following technical problems with one of its Boeing 757 aircraft.

Man in Sudan forced to marry goat

A Sudanese man had to marry a goat after he was caught raping the animal.

Miracle of Birth: YouTube the Goat

The goats name really is youtube

Chuck Norris Deep Thoughts

Wise Words from the "Chuckinator"

Goat Fetus Considered a Delicacy

In southern India, cooked animal fetus called kutti pi is served up as a savory Sunday meal.

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Butterfly  the only geep known to exist in the U.S.
Butterfly, the only geep known to exist in the U.S.
Screen Capture
Make milk  not war
Make milk, not war
Twelve Chinese zodiac jade figurines. Capital Museum  Beijing  China.
Twelve Chinese zodiac jade figurines. Capital Museum, Beijing, China.
A mother sheep rests with her baby at Willows Farm
A mother sheep rests with her baby at Willows Farm
An eye-catching spotted goat.
An eye-catching spotted goat.
Hero pig and rescue goat climb out of the petting zoo pond.
Hero pig and rescue goat climb out of the petting zoo pond.
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YouTube screen grab
United States Fish and Wildlife Service
Goats offer a natural way for cities to cut down on overgrowth.
Goats offer a natural way for cities to cut down on overgrowth.
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